Selling..Made simpler by Quikr !

E-Commerce in India has grown exponentially & so has the service providers be it from Flipkart to lenskart to Quikr , with respect to their positioning, engagement, consumer preferences.

Similar is with Quikr, one of the largest, online classified platform, who in recent times has introduced some good features to make the whole process of buying & selling all the more easy & convenient & yes ,it has worked hard on making it a success.

One such new feature introduced from their end is “Quikr Nxt”, a superb “Chat platform”, which allows the prospective buyer & seller to discuss their interests & details using the mobile app or on website, without making any calls ,Isn’t that interesting?

I’ll let you know why is it important for me ,the major negative factor for people like me ,specially girls & females is when few unwanted calls would land up, just for mock, without any serious business interests ,when we used to post the ad along with mobile no. Since buying & selling platforms have grown manifolds, sharing the mail ID/Phone no. ,had become all the more difficult ,as with 90 genuine calls ,10 calls in pipeline definitely irritate you & act as a demotivating factor.

This factor has been completely ruled out now by the launch of Quikr Nxt ,as one can list their ad ,keeping the mobile no. or mail ID private . Hence, your listing would be there, but without sharing your personal details & you can be available via chat to the prospective buyers.

Further, convenience matters! Initially ,you had to pick up the calls always the with point of missing out the buyer whether you are driving /attending a feast /in grooming session or Office meeting ,but most of the time the calls landed unanswered due to any of these reasons. Not just the calls at that time might distract you, but you could also lose a good buyer, with opportunity loss of not being available at certain times. Chat on Quikr Nxt definitely poses a convenience ,to discuss at a favorable time ,to not just chat but also click the pics of the utility to be sold off in all possible ways immediately , as desired by the buyer in case one needs to be sure of the product being bought. Also, with it, there is no need to maintain the database (as details of prospective buyer, prices quoted, and any specific desire by the party) ,as chat history can be retrieved any moment.

Some 6 months back I’ve learnt car driving& was using my dad’s old Maruti 800 for hands on, before I pounce on my new one. And, it’s the time, I’m about to upgrade to my new Hyundai I20 & intend to sell my old Maruti 800 on Quikr only.

It is very interesting & simple with Quikr , following simple 3 steps mentioned below .

  1. Copy the URL & click on “Post Free Ad”
  2. Select the Category & Sub category : Cars
  3. Fill up the Car details, seller information & do tick the check box “maintain my privacy”, as that will enable buyers to contact you by Quikr Chat & then post the advertisement.


So here goes your posting .Isn’t it easy ?Enjoy hassle free times ahead ,as you are bound to receive multiple queries & you can respond & chat using Quikr Nxt. Forget answering calls ,as this feature has definitely made life simpler for both the parties. Once you figure out the buyer, mobile numbers can then be exchanged for closing the deal.

I’ve tried Quikr Nxt recently & found it very impressive, ready-to go utility. Really feeling proud of this scaled up service from Quikr.

Although, this blog has been written for Quikr in association with Indiblogger, but to be very true, I have used this service before & encourage this feature over the phone .All the things remain same, same big platform with ample ads ,superb listings ,quick sell off anytime ,but just with added security & convenience.

So the saying goes unbiased.NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR (by Quikr) .Check out more details at

Quick ..Quick..Quick …Go for Quikr !!

Well, being a professional, I’m always on a Job hunt with preferences to certain locations as Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad . Exploring new cities, their Art, culture, hidden authentic flavors of food have always excited me and any option of shifting to Bangalore will be a thumbs Up for me.

One such interview was lined up 2 months back & as destiny would’ve wanted I was asked to relocate to Bangalore in next 15 days. But shifting from Delhi to Bangalore in just next 15 days ,a city definitely on my top list to explore ,but the duration was not enough. Even after requesting & demanding for some more time ,I couldn’t get through & nervousness clouded me. Rushing to my savior “Google”,I frequented searches for Bangalore & I halted at one stop destination ,

Well, to my utter surprise ,I found everything I wanted , starting with zeroing out on few options of  2BHK apartment (which I could finalize in a day once I reached Bangalore) . This was just the beginning, Since I had to shift with my Husband , it was not just finding an apartment ,but settling up my house with all the furniture( for which we did not have any intention to purchase) ,Antiques for decoration .Again Quikr served the purpose ,posing multiple options of Designer Furniture for our home.

Since ,it was for the first time we were planning to move Bangalore ,completely unaware of the basic but necessary services as Medical facilities ,travel cum ticketing options, Housekeeping services ,Plumbers ,for one from the day one of landing ,guidance on all these basic amenities was again showered upon by Quikr.

So it was not just about finding & exploring all options in a completely unknown city with no references ,but yes it also proved to be a great seller for my stuffs therein Delhi. Relocating with all second handed stuffs as Almirah ,Sofa’s ,Wardrobes would have put a dent on my pocket ,but we planned that instead of shifting them along ,we would love to sell them off in Delhi/Suburbs ,as we had finalized new ones which we would’ve opted for in at Bangalore. Putting an advertisement for Almirah’s ,Sofas ,Wardrobes ,our Scooty on Quikr,generated lot of queries & made us sell our stuff without any hassles & that too at the prices determined by us! Really felt that how much digitization has happened, all we need is a camera in mobile to click ,a laptop or Mobile or tab to upload the pic ,& yo ,here goes your stuff & here comes in your hard earned money 🙂 

Finally when we arrived at Bangalore, it was so easy to connect with the city, get a new apartment from the ones zeroed upon on Quikr & have all basic facilities. Would advice all either going in for Relocation or planning to buy/sell good stuff ,to land on the page of Quikr ,be it their Furniture or Electronics or Mobile or Car or 2 –Wheeler ,Explore as many possibilities you can & get all solutions under one Roof. Quikr ,a one stop solution for all classified advertisements to buy or sell rocks & rocked for me personally!

It feels so great to know about these services of Quikr & to avail their services spanning 940 cities across India with near about 170 Sub-categories.

{This blog has been written for Indiblogger Happy hour in association with Quikr. “Bangalore-ans” or “To be Bangaloreans”,do catch up the page of for all kinds of buy/sell requisites for Product or services }