Social Media Influencers..

Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Tapping potential followers, Social media..All this has become so interlinked & a part of our lives that we are regularly engrossed to keep ourselves at the top on all platforms ,to ensure that our followers are active & they get what they need on the plate, to identify the hot content ,major influencers & so much more.

With increase in the number of users, many such sites are cropping which poses a reason to know which ones are the best & how they can help us..

Here comes a brief description:

  1. Blogmint: Perfect for bloggers to have their values perceived & do the campaigns of their choice. Within a small tenure they have got many clients on board as AskMe .com, Honda, Coke, Airtel & many more which has created a broad scope for Bloggers of all categories..From tech to Travel, they have got ample of campaigns coming up. Well active on twitter as well, bloggers rankings are based on Alexa & is quite visible on their platform. Top Bloggers are displayed & the best part is you can decide upon your fees to write for a campaign/put a video as required & if selected & approved, you will get monetized accordingly.
  2. Klout :An App & also a site which uses Social Media analytics wrt FB,Google ,Instagram,LinkedIn,Twitter,Flicker,Blogger,Wordpress,You tube ,wiki data & provides the “klout Score” from the scale of 1-100 ,higher the ranking ,better is the a person/Brands Social Influence wrt to followers or content. Higher score definitely comes from the quality & not from the quantity, which directly means that any post should have decent responses & viewership to enhance these scores. Also, higher the Klout score more are the back links to the user’s site or blog. It is also said that it has more than 450Mn users.
  3. Kred: Kred again, a Social ranking tool which picks data from FB & Twitter & ranks individual on a scale of 1-1000 . An interesting thing, it also has a separate scoring on 1-10 scale on “Outreach level, which basically relates how much one engages, responds & spread the message, re-tweets. Further, scoring system & analytics involved in Kred’s ranking are much better & transparent enough. One can very easily understand & relate their scores going up or down wrt tweets, re tweets, FB comments, likes, responses which is must for Social media Professionals /Bloggers to ascertain. Kred scores are in the form of badges with 2 nos. , higher on the scale being Influencer & lower below it being outreach score.
  4. Traackr : Again a similar tool ,to discover the influencers ,connect with them ,& rank your site basis the outreach level ,measuring the actual impact of all engagements you have done & sharing their reports. Best part is even unaware of, one can easily use the tools of Traackr & identify the possible influencers & engage with them.
  5. BuzzSumo : The best part of BuzzSumo is that it shares the most shared or followed content & even shares the best influencers of a certain field. An example, if one wants to search something on solar energy & search on BuzzSumo, it will reflect the most shared content last day/week /month or even 6 months .

    One can even re order the search results basis the social network & filter the videos or articles or info graphics. Not just identification, one can also engage in an analysis of the most shared content & similarly incorporate in your own site, the best identified analysis, as visuals adding on to the increase in sharing or so on.