Smart App!!

The world is full of Apps. My mobile is full of Apps. We all have switched to “App world” & why not, when they make things so much easier for us! Easy to download & install & then so easy to manage our lives. That’s the life of Smart person with the Smartphone.

So ,here comes again an interesting app ,to keep our life mobile i.e. “My Airtel App “ ,an all in one App to manage mobile payments to DTH ,buy Airtel products ,or hear out new songs & many more. This is an exhaustive app, with a shaky feature to get Exclusive offers as Full talk time or Free Data or even multiple Cash Back offers!

Well, to quote, there are many features of this app, but there are 3 main points, best suited for me & my lifestyle –

  1. In the hustle bustle of life, it has become so difficult to memorize all things & implement them. Nothing could be better if my Phone becomes by “Storage Bank”, which is possible by this app”. I want to – Recharge Mum’s account, get this new pack subscribed for my DTH, Order new interesting games for my little bro at a go & all this can be saved on Home screen as a shortcut icon. Isn’t that brilliant?
  2. Further, once the bell rings for the above requirements, it’s so easy to recharge my Mom’s account & to keep informing my dad of his “Uncontrolled Data usage” ;).Yes ,I’ll never forget that my DTH or Phone balance is low ,it’s such a sweet gesture for this app , to remind that I’m running low on balance & immediate recharge is required . Also , ”One touch Internet” of this app is so easy & quick to understand for new users of Internet. Earlier, all small queries had to be answered by me on the use of Internet by my mom, but now, she has this app to support & answer all her queries! Thanks Airtel.                                                                                                                                                                        Further, for a music lover like my dad, who always has a list of some 10-20 songs (old is gold) ready, which have to be browsed & downloaded from various multiple sites. This only creates confusion of download, mobile becomes more prone to virus attack & there may be memory constraints due to size of songs. This apps Wynk’ing’ has altogether made life simpler. A click on the icon & search the desired song & download & enjoy.All hassles are out of life now.
  3.  Last but not the least, my family is a loyal customer of Airtel, & any innovative offers for us are always welcome. So, a surprise of discount at CCD & E-commerce sites will be the most loved ones by me. Simply a recharge, post which shake it, can offer you a Coffee treat or you could bang on your shopping spree.

Guys doesn’t this app provides a bouquet of services & interesting features on the go? So, to know more & download this app ,click on the link – , Recharge your account & sip your coffee at Coffee Café Day! I’m rushing to grab my seat at Coffee Café Day!