Dil Se re…!!!

Valentine, Crush ,Love ,Romance ,Rosy feeling, Happiness. … Wow! This defines a fantasy world in everyone’s life which is sure to sparkle our eyes & create a sense of ecstasy in our lives.

SO, the word Love entered in my life some years ago,a slow migration from tuition mates to friendship to love. It all started with great sense of admiration wrt studies, solving those mind boggling Physics questionnaires & those Organic chemistry equations .Very slowly these equations started weaving in my life , me considering “My to be love” as a “Fire Brigadier” to all dilemmas of my life be it Personal & professional ,counting on him for all small mature suggestions in every sphere of my life .Living in different cities never played an evil sport & the cupid started playing the “clever game” ,the more we played ,the closer we got —As mentioned by Closeup J .

Some 2 years passed by posing the relation as of Friend but somewhere at the bottom, special feelings had started crawling ,finding moments by hook or crook, to spend some precious time together ,laughing on silly jokes , rejoicing counter choices ,huge impressive shopping sprees .But ,the brick had to crack one day ,those feelings highly nurtured had to be spoken of one day! But that was pretty uncertain if the same rhythmical feeling had been propped up on the other side, or was it just friendship or nothing , but just infatuation??

Being a management graduate ,I have more beliefs in graphs & PPT’s ,pulling me into a Love –friendship analysis ,a Multiple choice questionnaire of some 20 problems & me trying to answer them from 2 different angles ,one as a friend & one as a lover!! & the analysis is perfect & more happier..Cupid is playing games on both sides.. yes ,it seems love is flourishing ,& both of us are just waiting for a perfect moment to relay those precious ,valuable emotions to one another. But, how could that be a simple exchange of few words? This had to be special, something that would be memorable for life time, and something that would just express the quantum of Love which was flowing throughout me!

SO the creative mind began its work …sitting on knees to propose the guy ? Create a podcast proposal & upload in the mobile? Prepare a hamper of goodies with a sticky note of “I love U” in it? Call up for a Romantic dinner & propose by note in champagne bottle?? No,No ,No ,none of these struck my chords with the same zeal which I felt inside on having his first look. Something more creative had to be worked upon!

So, here comes the planning, a complete day,a proposal plan on the V-Day , since morning to evening, a 24 hr plan to relay my feelings ,to make him feel special & show the intensity of my love!

The morning will witness something very different, the rays of sun will bring sunshine in our life, The morning green tea will have a Red rose & a card stating “Thanks for being in my life” !! That’s definitely gonna create a buzz & expectation of more surprises J

I’m gonna Steal his Digi camera & head straight to his favorite spot “Majestic Fort” carrying the posters of several words as “Do you Love me? Will you be the special angel of my life” ,A video of them holding each one in different pose with just my hand & those posters to be filmed by my friend & the keep it back in his laptop bag ..SO that would amuse him all the more…God, would love to capture his expressions, No. .It has to be a surprise, I’ll not be close to himJ

Then would be a hand -made sheet letter ,a letter stating his significance in my life ,why he means so much to me ,why I wish him to be my part in every corner of my life ,why I just want HIM!! A letter placed in his Amirah, which would be bound to be opened by noon;)

The next on plate ,In the eve something fascinating ,Turn off the lights of his apartment & the path leading to it ,lightening it with the trail of candles forming the boundary of something special baked by me ,A chocolate strawberry cake with the wafer quoting ,DO you love me?& heart shaped cookies, mentioning my love  for him! That would be scintillating, won’t it be? Every moment he would be wishing for the next round of sweet surprise, expecting a never ending day ,I guess so;)

Well , shouldn’t a small Invitation card be attached inviting him for the special gala dinner party hosted by me @ one of his favorite cafe? Yeah, that would work  ,so while penning down ,I wish to make a small invitation card with “ Meet you My Love @ Hotel ,would love to wait & get your glimpse at 8:00Pm”

Butterflies in my stomach, feeling myself super-duper excited, thrilled to propose him face to face ,energized to give him my best look. .Amongst, this entire clock will hit 8PM & yes I’ll be well ahead of time.

Hopefully ,No nervousness would cloud ,the round table with silver white chairs ,decorated with red roses ,red & pink rose bouquet awaiting Someone special ,His arrival to be marked by hotel staff receiving him ,presenting him with a ”Collage & a small pictorial representation” , reflecting the highlights from the time jab we met ,the first glimpse of a serious studious guy ,to the mentor ,to the problem solver ,to the most amazing friend ,& now Love of my life ,& I would be there behind him ,enjoying every moment he looks at the video & for the first time in day to smell him ,to smell his feelings ,his love! Can’t I pre-pone V-day? I’m high on my tunes, on my plan 😉

So the end of video will embark me bending on the knees & offering him a rose & propose him & hear a YES to get his warm hug!!

Plans disclosed till now, Post that, my experience will be shared later 😉

{Although these plans were kindling up me from some time, this blog has been written for Indiblogger in association with Closeup for the Happy Hour  -Cupid Games 2015J }

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