Aunty Reeta, Uncle SAM & their TV Plight!!

TV.. Remote..Fight..This has been the sequence in my life since I was a little Kid ,then was the time to have fights with Bro ,gradually me being constant ,opposite party kept changing from brother to mom & now to Husband (yes sometime’s Mother-in –law & Mum too when I visit them;)) . So just rejuvenating the past reminiscences, rather Grand fight memories , beginning this topic with few of the amazing ,all time favourite entertainment /drama series one should have in their busy schedule (How ?I’ll for sure share with you soon..)

Guys, don’t think that it’s me who is a pugilist, rather post you get hold of my all time favourite shows, you’ll be on my side to view them without a missJ

  1. Game of Thrones –A MissionJ

Majority of its viewers must be wondering like me why the show was not named as “Winter Is Coming “,as every character keeps chanting this phrase across season just the way Gabbar made ” KAB HA HOLI ?? ” famous.

GOT is based on Book series namely “A Song of Ice and Fire “written by George RR Martin and takes its name from the first book in the series. Story revolves in the fictional land of Westeros where a number of individuals and noble houses vie for control of the “Iron Throne” which rules over the realm. The series broadcasted on HBO has won 26 Emmy Awards and had completed 5 seasons till date. It has set path-breaking records in terms of viewership and has billions of active international Fans. Won’t you gonna check on it?

2. I shouldn’t be alive – Frenzied Thrill J

Yes, generally every married couple ask this question to themselves every second day wondering how they are still alive on this earth ;). Jokes Apart, this show is nowhere close to Husband – Wife tussle but re-enactments of stories in form of extraordinary tales of human survival against the savage elements, adverse climates and physical hazards. Broadcasted on Discovery Channel, this show is a dramatic version of how people in such adverse situations, fell into the hands of “Yam” & how their struggle got them back to life ,to lead the life they wished to . In simple words how common man turned into “Bear Grylls”;). I sincerely wish no one ever gets stuck in such situations but the series is definitely a must watch ,it’ll definitely thump your heart ,arouse your sensations & will urge you to join hands to see the ones enacting get out of the snag. It makes you learn the extreme of humans desire to survive and learn skills in such situations.

3. Big Boss – Eventual DRAMAJ

  • Love ,Hate ,Jealousy , Witty ,tricks ,hook or crook ,is all what you get to see on this entertainment show..Anything true will also seem false to us;) Yes, that’s how this Reality show is .With many stars volunteering to be in the Big Boss house without the basic necessities (Mobile ,TV, no venturing out of the house ,Work hard to earn food that too in a very limited edition & many more things),sometimes this show will make you laugh to its extremes & sometimes you’ll be running after to shut your TV ,that’s how it goesJ .With Salman Khan hosting this show on Colors ,it has attained consistently high viewership (except the last season)

    It is an Indian version of Big Brother first developed in Netherlands & it 8 seasons have already got rolled out, 9th season coming soon!

    4.Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma – Critical FunJ

    Crooky nooks, cranky smiles, hate for Brother-in-law, love for neighbours (wifey; -Jetha -Babita)),kid’s hungama ,this is an ultimate hilarious show getting featured on Sony Sab.

    It is bound to leave you in pangs, hold your stomach laughing & along with that every day there is an ultimate message for all of us to learn & act in our lives. Don’t expect something happening or of highly influential lifestyle from this show, but this show completely revolves around main 7 families living in “Gokuldham” Society, their daily struggles (enacted & presented in an ultimate fashion), the learning’s. On Air since 2008, this show has high TRP & is loved by millions of viewers.

    5.Tom & Jerry – The ULTIMATE FUN J

    “Dil toh Baccha Hai Ji” ,no matter my age ,I’am & will always be an enthusiast of “Tom & Jerry” ,just to re-live those early innocent days ,to overlook & put all chaos of daily life behind & see the Tom Cat –Jerry Mouse exquisite fights & comedic races;) An American animated series created in 1940’s ,but still can beat many such series created recently ,numerous spin offs have been made & aired on Television every year on one or the other channel. Just as husband can never catch is wife ;), same goes with Tom, always being after Jerry but never able to catch, due to the alertness, cleverness, shrewd & wily abilities (actually a perfect comparison of husband-wife). So, do kindle up your lives, enliven it up by must watching this amazing series.

Well ,there could be few more on my list as “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa ,Indian Idol (Junior) ,The Voice India ,all the more great reality shows ,but ..but…but a smart player to catch hold of all these.

From Fantasy to Reality to humour to life threatening adventure. Isn’t a complete serving on the plate? Don’t drop your jaws …Just grab these shows …Worried of the similar fights of TV & remote? So harmonious, so peaceful would’ve this life been with these amazing entertainments all around..But I guess most of you are worried just in the same manner our dear Aunty Reeta & her family is..Catch up the interesting read right hereJ

Is it a Kahani Ghar Ghar ki of an old Traditional Indian Family…? Every family with Uncle SAM, Aunty Reeta & their Kids, Bunty & Babli..Who are still living in the world of viewing their favourite serials on the TV channel’s at the specific times & they all end up creating a havoc daily..

Aunty Reeta, not to spare her “Sasural Simar ka & Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma” to Uncle SAM, who cannot resist cricket matches being a big buff & close watcher of mind-blowing political debates 😉

So, the curse begins daily as soon as the evening sets in, from remote grabbing to switching channels amidst advertisements, to finding reasons to send either of them out of the TV room..All hooks & crooks 😉 & to worsen up comes the entry of Bunty, who wants to glue to his favourite Cartoon channels, as a dossier recommended by Mom, post finishing homework timely 😉 LOL…Seems the house is on fire!! A big fire & none to pity poor TV, with a feel of urgent availability of multiple remotes of one TV!

Well, summarized is the case, to which all of us can easily connect to J

Laughing..Naughty..Smiling from the core of heart??? Remembering your many similar days too but getting anxious as well how to swoop my “Ready –Must –watch shows “list?

This chaos, daily blowing battle of TV & its remote has to come an end to, with an Intelligent consultant (Like me ;)). To let this debacle come to an end to, here goes my suggestion to Uncle SAM & Aunty Reeta & to all of you Gals & guys … It’s the TATA Sky Transfer..

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Load lena ka nahi..Dena ka..let Tata sky transfer ,transfer the Recorded content (even HD),Stream on tablet or mobile (it works on Google Play or even iOS),View the recorded content anytime anywhere ,or transfer the shows to your Hard disc & view anytime you wish to..While travelling or waiting for train /flight/or during relaxed moments. Just carry your favourite shows in your hand & transform the world of Television..Courtsey..Tata Sky+ Transfer!

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