Established Biggies vs JIO

Coming to Indian Telecom :

Bands comparison : Airtel now has 4G-spectrum (i.e. 1800MHz or 2300MHz) in all 22 circles, and both 1800/2300 frequencies in 13 circles while Jio has 2300Mhz across 22 circles ,additionally it has 1800Mhz+800Mhz combination in 20 circles . Reliance Jio also commented that it plans to provide seamless 4G services using LTE in 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands through an integrated ecosystem. This combined spectrum footprint across frequency bands provides significant network capacity and deep coverage.

Fact1 : 1800 Mhz is a more popular one ,with existing device ecosystem ,as 44% global 4G networks run on 1800Mhz.

Fact2 : 1800 Mhz requires 30% fewer towers than 2300Mhz ,hence cost effective as well.

Important facts for RJIO:

  1. Smart Phone supporting 4G : Yes that’s the mandate ,but since 4G runs on multiple frequencies ,hence for a full 4G experience one needs to buy a future ready 4G handset capable of working great on major frequencies & even on VoLTE (very few phones are VoLTE Enabled as of now ,hence JIO brought LYF into existence)
  2. Consumers can easily make Voice calls with VoLTE :
    1. Only VoLTE to VoLTE enabled handsets support VoLTE calls , calls made to Non VoLTE smartphones or to Circuit switch mode ,will not be VoLTE & will be Non HD.
    2. Free Voice calling is via VoLTE & non VoLTE Voice calls will be via JioJoin app(required only if the handset is Non-VoLTE Enabled) .If Call is made by whats app/Skype ,normal Data balance will be deducted.
    3. It is not at all mandate that to run the voice calls , mobile data have to be kept ON! Switch off the data & still you will be able to generate normal calls.
    4. Anyone can call JIO no., even a Non VoLTE enabled consumer can call, it’s just they won’t be HD calls but normal calls.
    5. It has been read that IR (International Roaming) is not feasible right now on JIO network ,it yet needs to have Roaming Tie-ups in place
  3. Jio has the largest optic fibre network in India , they have laid more than 250,000 kms of Optical Fiber Cable across India, also they have installed more than 90,000 4G LTE towers (few are ‘ Eco-Friendly’ towers)
  4. Jio is also planning to offer Ultra High speed broadband connections having speed as high as 1Gbps (But that’s yet awaited)
  5. Digitization : Yes ushering the dream of Late Dhirubhai Ambani , it has laid focus on “Digital verification & activation as well” ,although current issue lies with SIM issuance & activation which is getting prolonged to as high as 15-20 days , but actually they have e-KYC (Adhaar)based process with biometric scanners which can help in getting activated SIM cards in 5-10 minutes.

We all would have been cursing right now to stand in queues for SIM & might have had worst experience to see the activation delayed ,but ,this seems to “improper understanding of the demand of Indian consumers ,Indians are still swayed by “FREE –FREE OFFERS” .All their stores should have had 6months SIM stock supply ,so that none could run dry!

Although JIO has PAN India 4G network, but it yet needs to improve lot on the connectivity, since it does not have fallback option of 2G/3G, customers could have a bad experience in zones of no 4G coverage.

I believe JIO SIM yet has to be “Secondary” until great connectivity is established in next few months.

Plans & Pricing: What was said & what actually is on the plate : Rs50 -1GB astonished !!

Prepaid Plans comparison – Delhi circle

Delhi RJIO Airtel Vodafone Idea(3G) Tata –CDMA(3X)
300MB Rs149, 28Days Rs136, 28Days(extra 300MB Data at night)
500MB NA Rs148,28days Rs147,28days Rs169,28days Rs95 ,30days
750MB Rs 129 ,7 days NA
1GB NA Rs259,28days Rs255,28days Rs126,30days
2GB Rs299 ,21 days Rs575,60days Rs359,28days Rs352,28days Rs256,30days
4GB Rs499 ,28 days Rs559,28days Rs559,28days
10GB Rs999 ,28 days Rs999 ,28 days Rs999 ,28 days Rs992 ,28 days
20GB Rs1499 ,28 days Rs1999 ,28 days Rs1999 ,28 days Rs1999 ,90 days
35GB Rs2499 ,28 days NA NA NA
60GB Rs3999 ,28 days NA NA NA
75GB Rs4999 ,28 days NA NA NA

Source :Ireff & Individual websites

  • All JIO packs have Unlimited Data usage from 2am -5am (Guess who would get up for those 3 hours just to use Free Data? Nearly zero audiences for this time frame,  hence benefit~0 )
  • Above JIO packs valid only on LTE Compatible handset

So nowhere does RJIO offer Data as cheap as Rs50 for 1GB for a layman with complete night sleep & no JIO hotspot nearby ;).

Also beware: In case you use Data post exhausting free Data, you will end up paying a 5p/Kb ,which is yet lower than other operators Data rates for “Pay as you go” surfing (which means for an avg.100MB ,you end up paying Rs50)

Yes you can reap complete benefit & have just Rs50 for a GB, if you utilize the extra Night Data as well as JIO wifi Hot spot data benefit! So run ,find a hot spot, grab a table & bang on !

What you refer:

  • If you Data consumption is low with just 300MB , opt for JIO 149 pack with FREE Voice , if around 1GB Pack ,go for Airtel/Voda .
  • Close to 2GB for a month , Vodafone has the best option ,JIO has only 21 days benefit ,you will end up paying 47Rs for 28 extra for JIO
  • 10GB(all Airtel ,voda & JIo has same MRP) any operator
  • Thumbs up for high Data users with JIO plans of 4GB, & >=20GB ,JIO plans are competitive enough & oust competition easily.

Personally ,I use Tata Indicom service in Delhi (CDMA) ,needs to be said their Mobile internet 3X speed is fine ,close to 2mbps at my place (obviously not at par with 4G ,but have a look at their plans & rates for a medium data user it’s great enough!)

Handsets: A bouquet to choose from, close to 20-25 handsets ranging from as low as Rs2999 to as high as Rs20k, was it a great business plan to launch such a range? Yes, it stood as one more business opportunity for them , but why LTE at that dirt cheap price ? They had procured refurbished handsets, lots of unsold 4G handsets from China in small lots & bundled it up with their brilliant “FREE Preview Offer”.

Simply brilliant, one’s which doesn’t sells in China , people are dying to opt them for Free Voice & Data !! This is a big money spell for Ambani !

Jio Apps : That’s the big Cat !! Free usage = Addiction = Paid subscriptions in 2018

Although the subscription is free for now, but pls be aware that any data used during these apps will be deducted from your regular data pack applicable at the time. This also includes video calls from Skype/any other app. Also, these Jio apps won’t work on non-Jio Networks, and one has to be on Reliance Jio 4G to access them.Check out few of the compelling content:

General public is not much glued to the apps as Money, TV , Newspaper, Cinema, Beats, Play ,On demand …No worries! They have complete range for you & that to FREE subscriptions!

    • My JIO account : Necessary to retrieve one hand info on Stores ,Hotspots, usage details ,raise service requests & get resolutions :Cool for JIO User
    • JioCinema: For Bollywood , Hollywood,regional movie buffs ,it’s all here ! With more than 1lac+hours of HD content, nearly zero buffering just watch your favorite movies with some (homemade pop –corns & coffee): Ready to beat Spuul /Netflix/Voot?
    • JioTV : Pause & Play Live TV channels ,watch your favorite past 7 days programs (perfect for mommies who miss out on their saas –bahu’s during dinner events;) ,Best part it is available in 10 languages – Ready to beat YuppTV/myplex Live TV/Hotstar ?
    • JioMags : “Book” in your hand, Offline read ,with huge library of e-books available ,Ready to beat Kindle /Kobo?
    • JioDrive: For storage of photos, movies, music , documents securely over cloud.
    • JioNewspaper: With more than 500 newspaper editions, (uncles no longer need to block the loos now)..Find the articles you are looking for ,go for a break & resume back! Gotcha ready to beat many Newspapers sites (The Hindu/Firstpost/NDTV/many more)
    • Well there seems to be “Magic Masala” for all ,with these apps in its bucket ,Jio can easily become the largest OTT player in India !

So the conclusion drives me is that :

It has already created turbulence in the so “stagnant Telecom industry”, consumers are gonna enjoy all, be it raining offers from Airtel or Voda to counter JIO (try a port out & you’ll see the interesting offers from Airtel & Voda ,much better than what Jio has in its kitty) or have a wonderful Data experience in towns with good connectivity from JIO.

Lot needs to be worked upon by JIO wrt their network which is highly fluctuating from 5 bars to just no bar at all , lot more on speed optimizations as the traffic becomes more & more congested ,more cheap plans in the offerings & yes a fallback option for voice calls!

SO win – win situation for Indian consumers ,Happy LTE!!

DO inbox me this article’s feedback’s /any points readers wish to share/improve upon!


Top 10 innovative digital companies in India!

The words –Social, Digital have started occupying a huge momentum in India in past 2-3 years & most of the businesses, established one’s or Start up’s are buzzing out  ,spending high on Digital Media to Get back on the right foot ,capture a high share in their sphere ,turn out to more segmented & focussed customer’s ,enhance the Brand growth & also to retain their Loyal customers.

With India going in a complete “tech-way”, Digital Media Marketing companies are on an all time high, competing along to provide the best solutions, at the cheapest rate, to garner & secure the database.

Few noteworthy Points for Start up’s or layman, as to why has there been a sudden boom in this segment? The Answer lies:

  1. Want an Enhanced Brand presence? Yes, ATL activities matter to ensure sighting of the Brand, to make sure that your products or services are easily accessible to your target audiences.
  2. Want an Enhanced Brand Loyalty? Yes, why will a customer stick to you when there is so much competition in every industry around? Here comes the role of Digital media companies, which create an impact via improved social media interactions, more significance in digital channels.
  3. Effective SEO & rankings? Yes, any brand would want to be highlighted in top searches in the search engines, which would again need, decent traffic, viewership, which would again with the help of these digital companies, will boost up your rankings & clicks.
  4. Cost efficient Manner? Yes, most of these agencies have very phenomenal packages for the type of campaigns you wish to choose.

Well, from Acquisition to Retention, if all solutions can be given by “Digitization” ,why would any business not opt for ..These are major reasons of the boom phase of Digital Media firms who are on a continuous innovative & exhaustive mode to provide a complete frame to their clients.

That’s the basic; let’s have a glimpse of few well known firms in this industry –

1.  Bcwebwise : Constantly ranked in India’s Top 10 Digital Agencies ,it has also been awarded for Excellence in customer experiences .With few noteworthy Client’s as Hero ,ITC,Microsoft,HUL ,sunsilk ,IPSA ,this firm provides robust platform for all Internet media solutions  ,media Planning ,Web development ,advertising ,Promotional campaigns & services ,SEM & many other services are offered. This agency is a must try to create an effective Brand presence.

In India, it is based in Mumbai

2.  Sapient Nitro: Compared to other agencies, Sapient Nitro has a rich platform with well defined solutions from Brand building to brand experience via digital, social,e-commerce ,retail   ,all modes at a go. It has the complete ecosystem to help brands create an impact in the eyes & lives of end user. Starting from Consumer understanding wrt Brand positioning ,SEM      ,Emerging media ,product planning ,Endorsements, Email marketing ,Cross selling & up selling ,OOH,Print media ,& creating experience across Web,Mobile,Print,Outdoor,Broadcast ,it    has all in its lap.

3.  Webchutney : One of the most promising firm of 2015 ,& with many heavy weight client’s as Airtel ,Marico,P&G,Microsoft ,Unilever & also few awards in its basket ,it has been dealing with brands to connect ,engage & continuously build relationships for better loyalty with the huge online customer segment. Engaged in Web designing, Advertising, social media campaigns, mobile marketing, again this is a must firm to be explored.

In India it has offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore as well.

4. IBM Digital: A big Brand in the world of digital media, which allows firms to create customized digital experiences in the most innovative manner to help in the highest engagement with customers, business partners across the world. As they quote “They maximize your digital experience platform deployments and drive rapid ROI and real business results, while minimizing risk and disruption” ,it certainly goes for a pragmatic approach to reach out to IBM Digital for a world class solution &with highly effective  Digital media engagement .

5. Wipro Digital: A digital transformation firm, believing in 4I’s –Insights, resulting in numerous Interactions, which result in ample Integrations & give birth to many Innovations to help transform the businesses. A heavy weight in technology as cognitive computing, cloud, smart devices, IoT, when combined with the strength of designing, strategy, Marketing, Engagement leads to the disruptive solutions in this digital world.

6. Accenture Digital: A mammoth to deal with, in terms of services around Customers, Channel, Market, & the Digital segment encompassing complete Interactive & analytical solutions .With a wide ecosystem, they ensure digital transformation of your business/brand.

7. TO THE NEW Digital: One of the best companies to work with, TO THE NEW Digital is a premium digital services company that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. They are a team of over 600 people which includes technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. TO THE NEW Digital is also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB .

Ranging from Web designing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Re-Marketing, Mobile apps, video creation, social media creative, influencer seeding, they have the right platform to provide end to end Online Digital & Social media management to create a unique Brand equity in the market. With an expertise into niche technologies, they bridge the gaps & support the essential rather critical applications for web ,mobile ,as mentioned above using technologies as Grails(Web app using Groovy Programming language helping to solve many developmental puzzles), AMC, AWS(Not just to manage & analyze data but also has library of data sets) and MEAN Development.

In India they have offices @Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai & few in other countries as well.

8. Interactive Avenues: A complete digital service firm catering to every digital aspect as Media, SEO ,Goole analytics ,ORM ,Creative ,complete bouquet to meet business goals. It is  a part of IPG Mediabrands family ,which invests some 36Bn $ in Global Digital media & having operations in 127 countries.

In India they have offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore & have prestigious clients as Tanishq ,AmEx,Intel  & many more.

9.BuzzValve : A content Marketing firm ,with clientele as Honda ,Unicef,Fortis ,J&J ,it could be the right choice for Mid-sized & Start up firms to design creative solutions ,digital experiences ,social/mobile apps,penetrate in social communities & many more great value added services offered .

In India, they have their base in Bangalore along with many others worldwide.

10. Pinstorm : One of the highly focussed firm ,with clientele as CCD ,ICICI Bank ,HSBC ,Yahoo ,it focuses on integrated digital marketing providing services like Campaigns ,Social Media Campaigns & their Marketing ,Search Marketing ,all to enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns & to improve the visibility ,directly related to enhanced acquisitions.

With offices located in many countries, they have their regional offices in India @ Bangalore ,Gurgaon & Mumbai as well.

This is not an exhaustive list ,lot many digital media firms are into news every day ,depending upon your Brand/Business requirement ,engaging with any of these agencies certainly helps one ahead of the competitors  .If still now ,you have not engaged ,quickly interact ,appoint & work & see the quick turnover & a niche that get created for a sustained healthy business. To establish you Brand name, catching hold of the actual potential customer, spreading word of mouth, enhancing traffic can all be done via Social & Digital media marketing. So be the “TO THE NEW Digital” & stand apart amongst the crowd.

Lightening Up your Life Ji :) – Courtesy: Micromax Canvas Tab P666

NO more… is unresponsive 🙂

My profession calls for me being gadget savy, specifically for Smart Phones & tabs & this in turn has grown into a big passion for me to keep a check on the upcoming flow of smart handsets & tabs, mostly with nearly the same features & engaging in just the price war.  A plethora of handsets calls for no distinguishing feature, but just highlighting on apps, increasing their sale graphs. With all focusing on Camera /Screen Size, Android Latest versions, it came as a wonderful “Bolt from the blue” Micromax canvas Tab P666 focusing on their Processor, Intel Atom.

Well ,it’s no longer just the looks that matter ,it’s the fastest Finger first that has attained the prime importance due to the power of social apps as Skype ,HD Videos on Youtube ,downloading of movies ,Books & blah much more.“Hanging problems ,sudden stopping of smart apps, pose as the major crankiness in many android handsets ,but yes this Tab calls for a thumbs up & is up to be adopted by the “Faster World”.

It is this processor which will make my HD videos effortlessly, help me downloading & reading books (I’ m a huge bookworm ,reading atleast 2-3 e-books a month ,apart from managing my profession & experiencing Motherhood J ) ,help me sail smoothly between super responsive apps.

Since I’ve recently entered into the amazing avatar of “Motherhood” & due to my professional responsibilities ,I’m a bit far from my family .But in this Tech –world & with the help of Canvas P666,I don’t think any distance matters ,In India or Out of India ,it’s the same. Nana –Nani ,Dada-Dadi ,with their 4 month old grandson are always in complaint mode towards me for being lethargic & not being swift in updating his actions ,it seems have also gone Tech savy .So ,this New year it’s a definite resolution from my side to them ,ensuring no lag in getting them see their grandson🙂 .Getting crazier to see his smile ,his new activities ,this device would certainly light up their lives ,with me sharing his day to day activity videos ,his chat videos(not yet de-coded what he speaks) in a speedy manner , chat on Skype & that too in a flawless manner. Few videos a day will bring smile on their faces & P666 will ensure their ecstasies!

 It’s not just the speed; ruling out the dilemma of Power Optimization also holds a key importance with Intel Atom processor & 4400MaH Battery .Entry into motherhood had exited me from the “Movie world” but yes post P666 ,it would be  a re-entry for sure! No cinema’s but yes I’ll do own this tab &it’ll for sure turn on the movie keeda in 2015 in me.

Well, that’s not fair if the readership is not taken to next levels. Being a Book worm from studying books while graduating to Novels & Adventure Magazines post that, my tabs come as handy to explore more of my interest & again the credit will go to Micromax in association with Intel to facilitate a faster switch among the work & my hobby. A book junkie, I usually download approx 4-5 books a month & my recent read through has been “Playing It My Way (Sachin Tendulkar)” ,”Common Sense” ,Pitch Dark ,The Bankster” ,So that calls for a definitive look on this tab ,to swiftly read aside my work ,with larger single screen !

Who needs laptops with Intel Pentium now? Guys, go out & get Micromax Canvas Tab P666 & light up your lives.

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{This blog has been written for Indiblogger Happy hour in association with Micromax for “Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside™”}