Perfect Social Manager!!

Facebook ,Twitter ,LinkedIn ,Blogger ,Pinterest ,Instagram ,You Tube & What not.. So many social media accounts, so many friends, followers …Hush hush…Checking every moment, switching between all these social networking sites..Well this is a daily part of most of us now, but along with day to day operations  demanding lot more time in Profession or at Home ,the update/check frequency dips many times ! How to keep track of followers on my Blog regularly, what are the analytics reflecting my gaining or declining popularity level? Who all connect with me the most? Our Brain cannot store there stats daily, hence here comes the requirement of this social media manager, the so called “ThoughtBuzz” !

So to start with, just link your social accounts & get panorama of features as:

    1. Get in touch with Real time trending of Instagram or YouTube or Twitter either globally or wrt any specific country or City.Isn’t that cool to find all trend on the same screen & can even be compared city by city & yes they ensure no relevant data is missed from our eyesight 😉download
    2. Hashtag’s have become an inseparable part of our lives ,whose tracking is very easy using this app. Along with this ,one can also do social media tracking like trending keywords ,which could be used to keep our social status updated. This can be very well used by bloggers to help them engross people across the world.
    3. An Impressive all –in –one inbox from various social sources to have a streamlined view of conversations .It’s easy todownload (1)
    4. Not just managing of a single Inbox ,it also empowers one to import active & highly interactive followers ,to maintain major information & prepare a database which can be of great use for business profiles or to interact with your active fan pages & deliver them what is actually required by them to ensure your (2)
    5. Various social media management tools as Customization of your feed of various social accounts in a single window, you can add /delete feeds, check out existing feeds, view the posted updates & even schedule the updates on all or specific accounts …That’s pretty interesting feature & even hassle free, also scheduling will keep your profile live & active even when sometimes you might not have time to engage in social (3)
    6. Wrong post updated…Nah…Now just prepare drafts, view & post the perfect one.. NO hassle of editing or deleting later on. Further view regular notifications reflecting actionable items for you to act upon quickly.
    7. Further, not analytical person in nature, unaware of tools required? But, interested in your social media analytics? Then this is the best platform ,which will summarize & share with you stats on comments ,tweets ,shares ,engagement of blog posts.Not just your stats ,you can also get to know the insights wrt main keywords played around ,comparison of any specific corporate brand or your brand with competitors ,volumes received ,major trend required to be on top.

      download (4)

      Guys do drop by their site & all social geeks & business seekers should once try out & understand the panoramic options available ..