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Beauty lies in the lap of Nature! so many wonders in this world which needs deep understanding & ample appreciation.. Amongst all these, one of them is “Gravity Defying Limestone formations at “Ao Phang Nga National Park” of Thailand, close to the most crowded Phuket.. One of the most amazing bays of Thailand ,it has many wonders hidden in its girth..Apart from these limestone rocks, it also has some hidden lakes, really small beaches, caves.. it actually is a great collection of Islands & fun to explore with sea canoes . You’ll be amazed at the pristine waters which seem dotted with these rocks and those gorgeous misty mountains in the backdrop..God’s sake its a postcard perfect place for the “selfie” & photograph lovers!

How to reach : There are numerous online travel operators who organise a day tour to some group of islands including Phang Nga Bay involving a trip to “James bond island” &” Koh Panyee” the most famous of the two bays of Phang Nga.

Boat trip from northern end of Phuket is the best way of exploration.

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Pursuit of Happiness!!

Happiness is a single word which pleases &creates an aura of positivity in the surroundings. Few people go in search of big things to get happy, but the fact is, if we try to live & enjoy very small things in life, we are bound to be happy every day .Happiness comes in small packets rather than big bags, & it is these special moments of life daily which helps building a happy man 🙂

Similar is the case with me & in my life wherein multiple things ranging from satisfaction at workplace ,to being a great cook ,to loving& serving my family members & finally being a mother gives me immense happiness & satisfaction towards the life ,but there are few points worth mentioning & elaborating which means the most to me & my life.

  1. My Time with my 8 month Old kid: Being a mother is the most beautiful essence of life, the most beautiful moment which brings immense happiness every day, rather every hour & every minute. To see the smiles on the face of my budding young man ,to have a glimpse of his reactions ,to listen to his shouts ,to see the ups & downs ,rock and roll ,are actually so pleasant ,so lovely ,that there is a consistent smile on my face when he is with me. As of now, my kid is the biggest moment of happiness & joy for me.
  2. Sketching: Painting, since the days I was young, in school, has always fascinated me. Although not an avid lover of Modern art, but the nature & human sketches had always fascinated me. This love transformed me when I found my happiness in sketching portraits, human emotions on the big canvas. Whenever I’m sad or depressed or have ample time for myself, giving an hour or two for sketching brings an immense joy in my life & brings my life back on the same pace. I have a collection of some 200 sketches done by me in the past 5 years, having a look at them ushers a new hope in me always.
  3. Travelling: Being an adventure junkie, a travel lover, exploring new places, doing rounds of challenging activities have always been on my hit list. Be it from tier-3 river rafting ,Cliff jump ,Parasailing ,Under water walk ,Submarine rides ,Walking with lions ,Banana Rides ,Mountaineering ,have all given me immense happiness & a great sense of satisfaction. There is still a big list waiting to challenge me, few of which are Sky diving, crossing the English Channel which I’m bound to complete in coming years very soon. Thrill, courage, contentment, ecstatic is all what I feel when I’m indulged in travel & adventure trips.
  4. Blogging : Since kid ,I used to pen down my daily dairy be it my tasks ,or some attractive scene captured or some different human behaviour or be it my life & this activity has transformed into Blogging recently .Blogging on various topics be it Travel or Motherhood or writing down my emotions has compelled me to write more and more & has given me immense happiness. So here goes my list which brings maximum happiness out of me, which brings a sense of accomplishment & achievement in my life.

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