Truth Prevails… Truth:: An Aura of Positivity!

Yes , very truly said that truth, it is the ultimate path to have a happy soul ,a soul without the guilt & burden.

Most of us may have faced various situations wherein we must’v thought of applying a shortcut to life ,to save our self or the close ones & come out of the tricky situation aroused , but telling lies or keeping Mum . Since ,we live in modern professional world ,one needs to be a perfect diplomat in life ,& I’v myself come across one such situation some 3-4 years back which has been narrated below :

Me being in a Marketing organization Working with a Telecom Operator I was closely associated with the customer service ,had encountered a very basic flaw on our team’s part, rather my part coz I was the one leading the team . We had to perform some action on the redundant customer connections ,to make few good nos. available in the market ,which required basic hygiene to be performed ,before initiating deactivation of those nos. by the customer service department. Although briefed upon the sanity checks required for the same ,one of my colleague missed out the very basic check( & sorry on my part as even I did not re-check the same being the lead) & we shared the list with other department as the final one(although that department also does a vanity check & gets a go ahead with audit team ,but as fate would have it ,none of the teams did the same accurately ,as we were given a very short span of time to perform the activity ,which was highly crucial& decisive),which required the deletion of those mobile nos. in the form of redundant ,non active ones.

This activity was performed rapidly & a day after such a huge chaos was created, when we came to know that more than half of the actioned nos. were actually live ,very live with the customers using it. That was not just the guilt factor but I just got laden with it when one of my management went out & narrated that one user was coming out of the hospital ward,with the empty glucose bottle& medication list & trying to connect with one of his relatives over call to arrange for the medication of his father which he did not get@ hospital premises & to his utter shock ,in such a critical time ,his mobile was responding as to “No. not available”.

I knew that being a very friendly organization for which customer’s comes first  ,this was one of the biggest ruckus created & this could even lead to loss of job for me. Management just came ahead & asked as to which team was at fault ,but We mentioned it as system error which was held due to malfunction of some software although we know the real reason was 100% human . But , ,this instance continuously haunted me & I just walked a day after upto my management cabin & admitted that it was my ,my team’s mistake(although all the three teams were at fault) .If, my team had done the proper sanity check @ our level ,even though rest 2 teams did not check assuming that the actionable would be correct(due to shortage of time ,as we had to complete the activity within a very short span & under huge pressure) ,no one would have faced this condition & a guilt of panic & iniquitous behavior would not have  troubled me.

Great was my management that they acknowledged that I had the guts to admit it ,I was not even yelled at or rebuked off,& was just insisted to get it corrected soon.

So when I cached  this TVC of Kinley , where a Kido confess to her father and rise above her fear to tell the truth   ,this incident got refreshed in my mind and i decided to write and share my moment too with a hope to inspire others . Do watch the TVC  provided below :