5 Must do Car trips in a lifetime

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Everyone has hidden desire to ride. Few wish to ride car to the mountains, few to the beach and few want to test the limits on the plains and rest just want to drive without any destination enjoying the hidden landscapes.

5 amazing road trip every traveller must do across the world

So today, we bring to you the top 5 road trips which are a must on a traveller’s bucket list :


Located between the cities of Torquay and Allansford, their lies a 240 km of traverse, which includes rainforests, beaches and cliffs, waterfalls, grand canyons, wild life, marine sanctuaries & much more. This makes GOR a perfect spot full of delightful memories for Car travellers.


Keep checking your pulse, as you may skip heartbeat while traversing on this amazing highway. From the overcrowded capital of India to an untouched pristine canvas crafted by God in form of Leh, this trip is one you would wish to take repeatedly. Don’t forget to take your friends along. It is one of the world’s highest motorable roads. With those amazing landscapes, be it snow clan mountains or stretches of white cold dessert, be it flowing streams in the grasslands or witnessing the Himalayan Fauna, you’ll be spellbound with the beauty this places offers while riding.


Driving across the valley, this is a ride straight out of the heart. Some curves are worth dying for a lifetime. This 75 Km long stretch is a puzzle of turn and twist with breathtaking views waiting to be explored on every corner.


Whether you love Geysers or glaciers or glacial lagoons or Hollywood inspired Volcano, this 1300 Km highway has everything you need for a roller coaster ride on the road. This road trip is something, none in this world should miss, for it’s gonna be an adventure driven ride.


While South America is famous for its Tango and Salsa, a car drive across this pass may get you some boulders falling from mountains turning the SALSA mode ON during your ride. A railway track runs parallel to the road and steers right through mountain Andes. This mountain pass is at an elevation of 15807ft above the sea level. Since the surface of the road is asphalted, snow tyres or chain tyres are required nearly all through the year. Its more than spectacular, but do not drive this pass if you have any heart condition! Read more about  Does Snow Buildup Cool Car Performance ?

Let us know which one is your favourite pick or suggest one and we might end it adding to our bucket list as well.

Till then, keep the spirit of driving and exploring ON!