10 Moments you’ll not miss if you’re smooth

Biggest concern ….now what to do..Gosh had an outing …Had a party invite!

Concern getting addressed: Courtesy “Braun Epilators”, you can be silky smooth at a moment’s notice for as long as 4weeks (without in between worries)& then you go:)

It’s the worst! A last minute opportunity to have fun…an invite from friends, a fun party, a smoothie with your crush…but you have to ponder how to make it out because you’re, not at your smoothest! Really hate those in-between days when stubble means you can’t wear your favourite outfit, or you just feel you have to say no to that exciting invitation. Let’s celebrate 10 moments you won’t have to miss out on if your skin is always smooth. 

  1. Pool Parties :

We’ll winters in North are the best time to visit beaches (Goa/Puri/South/Diu), perfect party destination or even jump in to the West Rajasthan in some amazing resorts & why not try out some scintillating Pool parties?

New Pool wear..lovely shades..outright friends..Smooth Skin! Yes lady gorgeous ,you’re ready to dive in & have gala time.

2. Eye Catchy dress RIGHT NOW:

It’s the one you’ve had your eye on for ages. The one that will catch your crush’s eye, and make you feel FAB-U-LOUS! But what an epic fail if stubble stops you in your tracks. You can’t possibly wear it until you are super smooth. No need to worry, Braun epilators can remove hairs as small as a grain of sand. Get that new dress on, and cause a sensation GIRL!

3. Dancing & Enjoying with arms in Air :

Fun at the party. Favourite tune comes on. We’re flinging our arms in the air and dancing freely, but why do you plan to restrict yourself?  Smooth skin helps you take a smooth path to the smooth moves. GO NOW!

4. Park/Outdoor Visits:

Sunny days are coming soon! Wearing your shorts to the park on a warm sunny day at the end of the summer is one of life’s little wins. But only if your skin is silky smooth so you can be hot enough on that hot day!

 5. Rollercoaster time with absolute wowiee Pics:

What’s more exhilarating than flinging your arms in the air and shouting ‘whhheeeeeee’ from the top of the largest rollercoaster ride. Make sure you’re picture-perfect with super smooth pits.

6. Leg day at GYM:

It’s the perfect opportunity to impress your crush…but not if it’s an in-between day! Play it smooth. Braun epilators catch hairs 4x shorter than waxing, so you’ll never get caught out & have a legging day 🙂

7.Rocking your favourite short-sleeved Tee:

It’s the old favourite. The trusty tee that instantly makes you feel super confident. But only if your silky smooth skin plays a supporting role, then it’s a smooth path to a small boost! GO & WEAR your CONFIDENCE ON!

8.Those “Legfies”:

Sun? Having fun? Smooth legs? Legfie taken! Shared & yo…100 odd likes & comments..Whooo!

9. Sudden “Beach Invite”:

Gosh!It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your crush has FINALLY asked you to the beach. But, hold on, how can you rock your cut-offs with stubble? Get your skin smooth for the win!

10. That’s an Entry to the “Most awaited GIG”:

Your favourite band’s in town, and you’ve managed to get your hands on tickets FINALLY. YES! Worries? How to look LEG-endary? Wearing your favourite Skirt/Dress of course! And you’re ready to rock the look with super smooth legs. You’ve marked many there!

Believe on ,epilation is better than other traditional method of Hair Removal  like waxing , depilation cream, throw the tradition out & opt for the convenience, long lasting smoothness, pain-free life, from Braun , a subsidiary of P&G.

For more information/ordering on the Braun Beauty portfolio, please visit: http://amzn.to/2hhVJIJ

Visit Phuket -Phang Nga Bay


Beauty lies in the lap of Nature! so many wonders in this world which needs deep understanding & ample appreciation.. Amongst all these, one of them is “Gravity Defying Limestone formations at “Ao Phang Nga National Park” of Thailand, close to the most crowded Phuket.. One of the most amazing bays of Thailand ,it has many wonders hidden in its girth..Apart from these limestone rocks, it also has some hidden lakes, really small beaches, caves.. it actually is a great collection of Islands & fun to explore with sea canoes . You’ll be amazed at the pristine waters which seem dotted with these rocks and those gorgeous misty mountains in the backdrop..God’s sake its a postcard perfect place for the “selfie” & photograph lovers!

How to reach : There are numerous online travel operators who organise a day tour to some group of islands including Phang Nga Bay involving a trip to “James bond island” &” Koh Panyee” the most famous of the two bays of Phang Nga.

Boat trip from northern end of Phuket is the best way of exploration.

Read & get more detail of these islands around Phuket at Phuket.com 

Enjoy Travelling!





Grab “LikeMinded Friends” via Affimity.com

What comes to your mind in this age of Social media? Download FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp & start conversing with your real friends/known list. But that craze suddenly dies post few months as the interactions on these mediums as FB/Twitter just decreases & gets restricted to the likes only. The reason is simple enough.. Since one is there in the friend list you ought to “Like” the post/feed most of the times without even reading or looking at the post !

The Dark Truth.. Our community is simply not a community of “Like minded people”, our posts/ feeds doesn’t generate a spark in their lives .

Desires are increasing , we all want hits & traffic , enhance the followers ,develop viewership, let our content freely flow & get appreciated by all, but then how to target among such huge crowd available on social media? With close to 2.5 billion Social network users across the globe, one cannot afford to let the community just GO!

And for this there has been an organic increase in the Specialised Social Networking sites ,who are focusing on very aptly merging of the business & personal space with the people of same interests. Why to connect to the world when there is so much content available on what you want to read & that too not by browsing but by simply catching onto the “Affinity social networking sites as “ affimity.com” . Here the word itself describes it : Affinity + Amity = Affimity! You just need to love the people with like-mindedness, who have interests as you, who look forward to sharing their stories which can help you , who post questions on your forums & you can resolve their queries.

There’s so much of personalisation & connect ,that too without knowing each other, with simple reason – “Similar Interest”, Discover the lovely people out there just like you!

In past few years there has been lots of similar “Affinity networking apps” as LinkedIn ,which has focused mainly on career networking. Others as “Kulzy” is purely a platform for advertising & few others have some here & there with respect to the number of interest’s attached.

Affimity, here rather generates more interests due to wide variety of “Channels (basis interests)” available in their kitty ranging from Travel, Tech, Food, parenting, Sports, Beauty, Fitness wellness, Yoga & many more ..These channels keep coming from the funders basis the research & feedback of the addicts & social geeks out here. One just need to opt for the channel his/her interest lies in & there you go.. You have whole community to share your small blogs/ write-ups, you can always read the affimity’s curated content, follow others & read their content ,have discussions over the forum!

Isn’t that enticing enough? Forget the worries of liking the whole lot of pics/contents & just stick to what you want to be:)

Sharing some screenshots of the humongous available channels,See the no. of exciting channels, all masala at one stop!



Me a travel enthusiast & a new Mommy , love to be a part of its 2 channels the most.. ya you got it right:) Its Travel & Parenting!

Connect with me @ my affimity profile : Jhilmil, Enthralling ventures life is all about, stay connected many new reads on the way:)


Its so exciting to read so much of content across the globe, all at the same time & believe on me ,its truly addicting, so be ready to join this interesting community.

Melodious Sunset!


Can the nature be Melodious? Thinking I’m crazy !!

But let me know who says that “Nature” cannot drive us crazy? Well yes it has done so..with me getting more & more glued to the amazing colours & the majesty if fold in itself.

This image was captured during an hour long watching of the gorgeous sunset over the city of Florence from “Piazza Michelangelo” on the banks of River Arno..With the beautiful city full of tunnels getting close to darkness, as the mountains in the backdrop blurred, there was a sharp light as the sun spread its orange-red hues all across amidst the skies:)

Astounding sun has so much to say & sing along as the city sleeps when its goes down & the birds fly all over chirping when sun wakes up:) .It reflects the cycle embedded even in our daily lives !

Top 7 uses of Talcum Powder

Not much talked about , but this is the backbone rather an essential ingredient (full of lively fragrance) in the washroom/wardrobe of every women & even Men. Being a science student ,I still remember how enthusiastic I was when I chemically derived this non-water soluble material called “Talc”, a mineral made of hydrated Magnesium silicate .

Ya, I’m writing about the commonly used “Talcum powder” in our lives.


Here goes Top 7 interesting uses of Talcum Powder :

  1. Forget the sweating & get that cooling experience :

Morning gym session, aerobics, facing the scorching, sun all experiences can get pleasant by the use of Talc, which has moisture absorbent properties in its composition. Experience will be better with more of its application in the areas where skin rubs against skin & high sweat areas which are prone to fungal infection. A decent layer of talc can reduce that friction & sweat & one can enjoy an odour free life:)

2. Even forget a Dry hot summer night :

All you need is to sprinkle up the talc on bed sheet/pillows before going to bed & just pounce on the cool sleep you’ll get for the whole night!

3.Great for females as beauty agent :

1. Apply talc before waxing/exfoliating any part, as talc will absorb excess oil on the skin’s surface which in turns help in better and easy hair removal .

2.Wanna get those fuller eyelashes? Just dust your lashes with the talcum powder & then apply mascara to it. You’ll be pleased to see your natural eye lashes looking gorgeous

3. It can also be used to set the Makeup ,which will help it last for a longer duration & absorb all the oil being generated on the skin!

4.A wonderful DRY Shampoo:

It’s a perfect agent to help you maintain your flawless, non-greasy hair. Sprinkle some talc on the inner layer of your hair from the roots (incase you have Blonde hair)/ apply some talc on comb & evenly spread it across from the roots so that extra oil/grease from the oil glands gets absorbed by the talc & you can get fragrant non oily lustrous hair!

One can even get your pet cleaned from this dry shampoo.

5.Want to get rid of those stinky shoes/shoe racks?

Its so simple, just sprinkle some talc inside the shoes or inside the shoe rack & leave it for some 8-10 hours, dust off the extra talcum powder & enjoy the fragrant walk .

6.Why just shoes, its apt to freshen up the wardrobe & clothes, all the more during rains. Its use can make you forget that musty smell encountered & liven up your wardrobe.

7. Absorbs Grease :

Don’t worry if you dribbled grease on your favourite tee, as sprinkling up the greased location with talcum powder helps in absorbing the oil & even livens up the fabric.

So now you’re glad on the immense use of your talc..

Choose amongst the Cinthol cool talc popular ranges of the best talcum powder for men and women (Cinthol) varying from Cooling Deo talc to Refreshing Lime talc to Germ protection Talc to even lowering that complexion (complexion talc) , get that relaxing feel with multiple benefits to stay healthy & cool! 

Product review :: Braun Epilator

Here comes a product review for a leader in bringing out epilators to the masses with all age old worries abandoned deep inside with new technologies to beautify yourself at the go:)

Yes gals, its all about “Braun Epilator”, Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble founded in Germany in 1921, which manufactures a wide variety of small domestic appliances with lovely designs along with technology embedded.

So let’s just get to know 12 reasons why Braun Epilators are the best over traditional methods, quick ,easy & effective:)

1. No doubt, this Epilator is Addictive

Yes, really. It unveils soft, smooth skin – all at the press of a button. And once you start, you’ll find yourself scheduling regular dates in your diary to keep it feeling super smooth around the clock! No harshness of small hair, use & vouch yourself, the very next reason!

2. One time use & you are done !

Yup, that’s true , It catches even the teeny weeny hairs, even as small as 0.5mm to be precise. That’s 4 x shorter than waxing – and don’t worry of the quick regrowth or marking the next schedule in your mobile calendar, as its all at home now:)

3. Long lasting effect

That coveted extra smooth feeling genuinely lasts, seriously.

Cue gasps of shock from your girlfriends when they have a feel of your smooth skin 4 weeks1 on, and you reply with the name of your beloved epilator – Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa2 – in lieu of your monthly salon appointment when they ask your secret.

4. Get the comfort sitting at home instantly!

There are no cons, only fuss free, quick and easy hair removal . And the best as being claimed, you can expect lighter and less noticeable hair regrowth with continued use. So the worry is solved:)

5. You’ve saved waxing budget now

All the money you’ve saved from cancelling regular waxing appointments can be spent for rest of your choices!

The story is cost of 1epilator means you need 0 salon waxing appointments = more money saved every month without compromising on smoothness or convenience, that’s a win-win situation!

6. Your wardrobe forecast is smooth now

The elements are the only thing informing your outfit choice and not your grooming!

7. Forget the pain, epilation really isn’t any agony

In fact, Braun Silk-épil epilators have a massage attachment for gentler epilation, one can epilate even during bathing! Warm water = relaxed and soothed skin = less discomfort. Epilation is nearly equivalent to painless .

8. It’s Multi-tasker

So It’s a hard working multi tasker device that every woman needs in her grooming arsenal. It can also be used on arms, face, underarms.

9. Epilator is suitable for all women and all skin types

With two speed modes available, it’s been crafted for women to select :

Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation,

Speed 2 for extra efficient epilation.

Simply switch on, hold at a 90 degree angle to the body part you’re epilating, slowly glide against the direction of the hair growth and its done, Isn’t that easy & instant!

10. It appeals to the woman inside each of us

The company guarantees thorough hair removal and ensures that it prevents pesky ingrown hairs, all due to its sophisticated design.

11. It’s a hair removal device + confidence booster in one.

You’re able to have beautifully smooth, silky skin at the press of a button – with long lasting results and importantly, when it suits you.

12. It’s Jessica Alba’s chosen method of hair removal

.. and hey, you’re right (code for you’ve read an amazing beauty interview with her and know she’s pro-epilation). If it’s good enough for Jessica’s pins, then it’s good enough for you!

For more information on the Braun Beauty portfolio, please visit: http://amzn.to/2hhVJIJ

London this new year!

Planning to travel London on Christmas or New Year? Viewing firecracker show on the New Year besides River Thames/ Westminster Bridge will definitely win your hearts, & certainly for wildlife lover like me, exploring the fauna of London stands as a reason to just pack up the bags & book British Airways Flight directly to London!

Let me quote some 5 famous places to experience land & aquatic life :

  1. London Zoo: With over 750 amazing species to explore across the zoo, with some live shows, feeding interactions , London Zoo stands as an attraction “Not to miss”. From the Jungle of King – Majestic Asiatic Lion (the new in 2016) & tigers, to cherishing the African Gorilla’s to the adorable penguins & lemurs, to the gigantic lazy Hippos & to the tiniest of “Spiders territory & Butterfly kingdom” ,you can find all the adventure to explore in this amazing zoo.

Not just viewing but it also offer you the chance to get very close to the animals &  meet them or have an exciting overnight stay at the “Gir Lion Lodge” to have a roaring experience.

Visit the site: https://www.zsl.org/zsl-london-zoo/exhibits & let the adrenaline rush through.

  1. London Aquarium: It can be a perfect “Selfie with Sealife” moment for you! Underwater life has always been fascinating & this aquarium offer larger than life’s experience for these aquatic animals in an environment very close to the natural one. This one will definitely gonna amuse you..With activities as “Shark walk” (walking on a glass window to praise these majestic creatures swimming right beneath you), or even feeding the sharks ..It just gives you a sense of “aww” as you see huge Green sea turtles sliding over your head in the glass tunnels:). Those floating jelly fishes, Ray Lagoon’s, Blue stripe Snapper are a wonder to watch. Also you can get hands on, on Starfish & sea anemones to learn more about them. And is your kid looking out for Nemo? Yes be happy you gonna meet Clownfish & Lionfish as well apart from the lovely sea horses (only male creatures to give birth) and much more to it.
  1. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo – One of the interesting watches out place for Birds & Meerkats! One can even adore the beautiful chrysanthemums & some amazing gardens. Birds as Herons, Cormorants,  Grebes ,waterfowls will draw a big smile for sure 🙂

Apart from these you could be lucky enough to spot Foxes, Bats, Squirrels climbing the trees;Beetles crossing over, spotting them can actually be a fun!

Visit the site: https://batterseapark.org/ for details.

  1. Greenwich peninsula Ecology Park – Projected as a wetland, situated long River Thames, this park is actually a habitat protecting numerous species in its lap. It has many man-made water habitats, enhancing the bio diversity of many amphibians as Frogs, fishes & insects. Apart from the views, this park conducts many outdoor activities in spring & other seasons as well which can be rejoiced by kids, a complete day’s plan can be really worthy.
  1. London Wetland Center, Barnes – An award winning natural reserve, it show cases a perfect biodiversity reserve, sort of rural habitat for the wildlife. It just isn’t the place for wildlife ,even a gentle walk around the gardens & lakes suddenly bumping into nesting kingfishers or some lovely bird species basis the season can be joyful. Just be patient & keep on exploring the amazing insects, even butterflies sucking on the nectar:)

Winters can be lovelier to have a glimpse of pretty ducks as Pintail & Teal or goose or swans.Also they have special guests – Short clawed Otters which can be joy seeing them playing & running.

That’s not all , it also has Kid’s outdoor zone as they foray into the Adventure playground while traversing the climbing wall or enter into the Discovery Zone gaining knowledge via seeing & experiencing!

One can also watch some city farms as Hackney City farm having farm animals as Pigs, Goats, sheep’s, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits. These farms also conduct regular workshops for learning, caring of animals.

And then there’s lot to rock@ London during New year, London gets lit up like no other place giving you unique experience to view the fireworks along with colorful display of some amazing pyrotechnics above the River Thames. London New year eve & the parties are a jazzy affair, one can just rock there!

So are the British airways, the most reliable brand of Britain with great quality of food & service booked? Pack the bags & here we shoot the rocket for you!