Problem Solver for Kids!

The journey to Motherhood is awesome ,simply an incredible experience to have the little live in the womb ,bring him/her in this world & ensure that the little life turns out to be a Gem for all!

Well it’s not just a simple journey but a challenge on every part of parents /mother to mould the raw life into gem. From ensuring the proper development, physical, mental & emotional, there comes across a huge sense of responsibility into the parents lap.

It’s been close to 2 years of entering into this amazing part of life ,when I see more experienced mothers during evening walk or even family dinners , hover around the discussions of “What & how to make the kid eat/drink” . While most complain for kids not getting lured to drinking milk, many complain of their love for Pastas & Maggie & their loss of interest towards things providing nutritional values. Nearly 8 out of 10 mothers remain concerned always, trying to garner tricks & tips from other experienced mothers to help them enable their kids attain proper growth by having decent proportions of nutritional & wholesome meals.

This has been even true with me, from past 6 months wherein my kid completely stopped the intake of Milk, the major source of calcium for our body, so very important for growing kids, for the strength of their bones & much more. It’s always a cat & mouse game being played upon to even put some 5-6 spoons in his mouth.

For me, growth once lost can never be re-gained. Child attains maximum mental & physical strength during the initial formative 2-8 years in natural manner. These growth parameters have impact on every facet from the activities to studies. Hence for me the growth once lost is difficult to regain back, so there has to be a continuous focus from the beginning.

Looking at such desperate mothers, market is being bombarded every now & then with the supplements ensuring proper vitamin/calcium/protein supply into kids. But my question to all is, Should we introduce our kids to such supplements from so young? To all these, there comes an alternate “Horlicks Growth+, which has been specially designed by experts & yes loved by kids in milk. Although it is recommended for kids lagging in their height & weight, I would recommend it to all mums since it enables a sustained growth .It has superior quality “Whey protein”, an important nutrient which promotes muscle development & boosts immune system. Growing children need this protein according to their body weight (half a gram whey protein per pound of body weight).

It caters well to kids who:

  • Have nutritional deficiencies
  • Don’t eat well & balanced diet
  • Belong to vegetarian families ,as minerals & proteins are less in vegan dishes to be supplemented daily
  • Are highly active ,to help their active muscles

Apart from this Horlicks growth+ also contains nutrients as Calcium, Iron (for proper blood formation), various vitamins as Vitamin A ,D,C,Zinc which all are very important for growth & immunity.

Do check out the details at & try out your kid with some nutritional taste .This will surely reduce the parents burden related to child growth & help parents of kids with low growth compared to their age.

Those 72 hours…

It was the first thought that came to her as she woke up. He was gone. And, soon, this bedroom, the house in whose eastern corner it sat, and the tiny garden outside with its gnarled old red hibiscus and the half grown mango tree they had planted together ,all those would be gone as well. It was the strangest feeling ever.

She saw her father scolding a 10 year old Amreen as she wanted to mark her name in golden. She saw him leave her all alone; she couldn’t stop believing the plantations she sowed were going far away from her. She was all alone, with none around.

Furious over the thought, she couldn’t stop tears flowing .Unable to lift her feet buried deep within the snow boundaries, her throat became dry. She managed to drink & eat less but all the bottles in the back pack were nearly finished; Hardly one or two sip. Frantically she moved her hands all through, her mind frozen with the lack of thoughts. She seemed to be insane. A snow ball fell on her hands, but she felt nothing. She lost sensations on her hands & legs. Situation worsened as she was not able to sleep in the wet conditions, she just lay nearly numb in a small snow hole & tried counting days on her finger.

Yes the ailment was baffling, her heart thumped louder than ever, she had bouts of hallucinations, went full of fatigue. Yes, she had an attack of HACE, a cerebral edema on high altitude, as her brain vessels severely lacked oxygen & her brain attained a swollen state.

To worsen the situation, her toes & leg muscles went close to numb ,it all felt waxy ,as if these parts would break away from the body soon..Blood filled purplish blisters were turning scary. She shivered of the chemical changes..It all took a toll on her! The Great Himalayan Avalanche!

It had been more than 60 hours; Amreen was buried in the snow at a height of 26,600ft mountain range – Nanga Parbat II.

It was a happy day, when Amreen 20 year old teenager, a mountaineer by passion, obsessive thrill lover decided to conquer Nanga Parbat II, along with 2 other women mountaineers. Nanga Parbat is highly isolated range surrounded by River Indus, a peak in the Himalayan range, which was never conquered by any Indian due to its rough terrain & highly treacherous weather & rather even being termed as a “Killer Range”. Having dominated close to 22 peaks, she was amongst top mountaineers & held a special position amidst the lady troops. Full of zeal, her mind was made to make her dad feel proud, by being the first Indian to battle on this peak.

With ample advice, sufficient acclimatization & backups, they began their 6 days journey .Amazing were first 3 days when they almost reached the peak & communicated to the base stations of their well being.

Climbing is no kids play, it involves high mental & physical strength, a great self management, it involves dealing with a continuous anxiety to sustain the confidence to reach the goal, despite of the un-predictive dangers with every step ahead. It’s a quest of high adrenaline rush & great patience.”

She had indeed triumphed over the odds of the harsh weather & made her flag deeply buried on the summit. It was such a spectacular view, she wished to cherish every moment of her victory .Down in the city, every channel and every paper quoted the overpowering saga of this brave Indian girl & her team.                                                                               

But he was different, an ex-army man, her dad had no emotions, no smile for the deed Amreen had done. She conquered the summit but failed to make her dad love her once again.

But destiny had something else in his plate. Next few hours, weather all of a sudden became turbulent, avalanche broke down, and it started snowing heavily which triggered rock slides. Amreen did sense it but before she could gauge & open up her shelter while climbing down, a boulder close to 1000 pounds fell on her right hand & slashed down, which threw her close to 2000 ft down & made it impossible for her to go up or down. Not just her, she saw one of her team mates fall deep down in the adjacent valley & death was certain. She panicked & frantically looked for 2nd member Anaya, who was some 5-10 feet down her but with the boulder on top of her. Amreen could meagrely see her legs, mountain shoes & right palm. Scared & shocked, she shouted for Anaya to speak & try to move, but all vain.

Heavily sweating with her heart thumping loudly, for next 15-20 minutes she was swinging all alone via rope & ice screws. She had to find a solution for herself & check on Anaya. Even though she had broken her arm, she was strong enough to prepare herself a cover dug, a snow hole with her gadgets. She had lost communication with base station due to the terrible winds & heavy snow. Once dug, she managed to move closer to Anaya crawling, she tried breaking the boulder out with Ice axe, but she realized the life was lost! A sad end in her life had struck her hard.

She yelled, shouted, deep in pain. She freaked, every moment she saw parts of Anaya down & projected if such painful death awaited her?

Somehow she managed on her food & water supply for next 10-12 hours but she had broken her arms of 2 places & had torn ligaments. Instead of resting, avalanche continued to get harsh for next 48 hours & there began her terror story.

Slowly she nearly lost self control & her memory was weakening, she hallucinated every hour. She shivered, narrowed herself down more as she illusioned of her mom shouting to save her life amidst the killer ocean, Amreen cried for help but she just saw her mother fading slowly & slowly & there were clear waves & nothing else..She was gone! She panicked losing her dad, her home, her little teddy, small beautiful sapling which was growing into a big strong tree just like her. She saw herself a loser. False impressions were torturing her all the more!! Amreen picked up the snowballs & ate them one after another; she was losing herself to the “Deceitful Himalayas”.

By then, down the border her dad along with teams had begun the rescue mission. He was inconsolable, with clock ticking, every second seemed to be imperative, as helicopter rescue had so far been out of sight due to the bad weather conditions. Teams below & Sherpa guides knew that if alive, Amreen & team would be on the verge of depleting oxygen & food supplies. Every moment they tried to contact them but failed with no signals.

Amreen had lost her consciousness. Her heart rate slowed down to dangerous levels. Mountain rescue teams had begun climbing but twice the hunt was suspended. Now the wait was just for the weather to improve to commence helicopter & rescue team search.

He had lost his wife while surfing due to sheer negligence. Inspite of her being close to a professional surfer, she entered in the water without life jacket (due to little 4 year old Amreen not allowing it to go ,as it pleased her, as she wore on top of her frock) . Winds were high that day but she was all smiles & full of positiveness. She moved away from the shore & slowly was amidst the ocean, closer to the tides. Amreen’s dad did try a word of caution but she was just enjoying & never thought that her love for water could deceit her. It was hardly 2 minutes, when a huge tide splashed her off the surfing board. Amreen & her dad shouted for the help but they could just see her fading away.”

She lost the love of both mother & father. Post this trauma, he remained indifferent to her. Her chirpy nature frustrated her dad. She loved him & wanted him to respond but in vain. Since then she desired to make a mark in this world, to make her dad proud of her ever day, every moment. Her step towards Naga Parbat II was one more towards looking her dad smile & hug her. Today Amreen didn’t knew if her mission would be successful but, silently, tears of joy did dance on her dad’s face. For him the world fell apart, his only daughter was missing, he didn’t even knew if she was alive or he had already lost her. For the very first time in past 16 years, did he long for Amreen, he wanted to hug her, he wanted to play with her, he wanted to take her back to swings & hear the chirpy words .He promised to love her more than anyone in this world.

By then announcements were loud enough, Sherpa guides rushed to prepare their team. Police officers &rescue teams strategized with the acknowledgement that avalanche had slowed & in next 6-8 hours would completely end. With improvement in the weather conditions, the base station got connected back to Amreen & team, but they could not hear responses for next 5-10 minutes. This made all to guess that the so called “killer range” had once again proved itself. By then helicopter had begun its rescue operation with consistent try to hear response from the team.

“Hello, I’m here…Papa I don’t want to lose you. A vanishing shriek was heard suddenly! Mountain rescue team bounced back with energy.

Amreen, which side are you, how much down…try to send some signal…Pull your hand or flag out. For next 2-3 hours teams kept on shouting. But they could just hear faint voices time & again…Papa I’m here, dying..Papa, I love you…”

With the understanding of signal being received the team moderated the distance & direction where they could find her. Every minute turned crucial, but they were near, very near to her. God signalled, with a snow ball dropping from her hole, indicating rescue teams of the presence of the trapped girl. Yes she was there, they saw her. Their mission turned successful, they took along a lifeless & a girl close to getting back in life!

                Hope of 72 hours & beyond!!

It has been close to 5 months Amreen is recovering , having lost tips of 5 fingers to frostbite ,a broken arm ,It was not the same girl ,but a thankful soul who made her dad lover her again! For her it was not “Killer Range” but a range which ushered her life with parent love once again, the emotion she lost 16 years ago.

ZOOOOOOM to Delhi!!

Well Mumbai to Delhi ,from one metro to another mostly seems like a biz task ,but let’s take a break & freak out in lovely Delhi (AAP ki Delhi) enjoying some of the best cuisines & wandering like a Delhite:) So let me be the virtual guide & help you guys plan a perfect trip .

  1. Spoilt for choices ,rewards embarks the beginning of journey ,book flight on according your convenience ,with close to 248 weekly flights from Mumbai to Delhi ,it has options for all ,morning goers as early as 6:25AM & for late night owls at even 9:30PM. Not just normal bookings ,I’m their regular user & have generated good discounts /cash backs on most of the trips (I believe this adds a bonus & marks the happy beginning )
  2. Spice up your Taste buds: Delhi is heaven for Foodies, the inherent fragrance of Spices make them desirable more than anything else. From amazing BIryani’s to chaat’s to some more than 20-30 variety of Parantha’s ,Kulcha’s ,Jalebi ,Kulfi’s & what not ,I can’t even mention the names. Every Old Delhi lane has something delicious to offer you .With numerous restraunts, one can get taste of all cuisines available in this world, name it & you get it somewhere in Delhi..Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Mexican & of course India J. Guess the planning has started!!
  3. Love ART & Architecture : The high “Qutub Minar”(dated as old as AD1192) ,some amazing artwork’s from Mughal Era – Jama Masjid ,Humayun’s Tomb ,Red Fort ,India Gate ,Lotus Temple ,Akshardhaam ,they all instil a sense of Indian History. Many ruins of monuments can be seen scattered across .Old Delhi itself seems to be a Must visit area” ,full of hustle bustle ,congested bazaars ,road side vendors selling some amazing gol gappas & Chaat ,along with highly bargained utilities. New Delhi, with parts of South Delhi seems to be in sync with modernization with sprawling hyped markets. “Delhi Haat” is a lovely place to go to ,with numerous art & crafts ,emporium stalls ,many days of the month bear some amazing festivals there which compliment to the wide variety of food from all states of India.
  4. Shopping & Women..Inseparable: Girls you got-a catchy deal!! Well, lot many options, from road side cheap shops of Lajpat, Sarojini ,Karol Bazaar to mediocre “GK M block” market to numerous Malls & brands. From clothing to jewellery …just name anything & you get there, all trendy & yes traditional too.
  5. Cafes & Coffee: Planning in “Dilli ki sardi” Just sip amazing coffees & get that winter out..Planning in summers/Rains ,Cold coffee makes you sizzle:)
  6. Events & fests: Every weekend usually there are events organized in Delhi, from Cultural to Handicrafts to Decors, to Kids fests to yummilicious food fests. There is always something on the plate ready to be served with varied choice.

I guess by now, the bags would’ve gone into “Packing mode” ,just visit Mumbai to Delhi flights right now ,get onto your deal & fly off!

Warm Delhi will welcome you & ensure you have a splendid exploration!

REady to go

When first it was showcased conceptually in 2014 Auto expo ,it felt something crazy is soon to hit Indian roads & yes it going to be true soon in just few days more. Yes guys it’s about All new “Datsun Redi –Go,(associated with Nissan).

I haven’t been lucky to take it out for a ride, but I’ve been following it up with respect to its expected prices, features, comparison with similar segment cars as Kwid & Alto.

Look for the city beginners is bound to drive you crazy ,it is a perfect combination of “Compact Crossover & Urban hatchback” ,as quoted by Datsun ,and why not ,this car from the Japanese brand maker is actually a “Ready -to-go car for the first timers or budget people .

Many reviews are already quote at various sites but I would love to feature down few points why it is a CAR of My interest:

  1. Ambitious styling : Crossover like body , Lovely character lines running on the sides ,stylish day time running lights ,”D-cut grille” with perfect honeycomb pattern framing the Datsun badge gives an extra edge .

Scintillating fresh Lime green colour with perfect hues gives a sense of freshness. Although it is believed that it will be available in other colours as Ruby Red ,White ,Silver & Grey but this lime colour does gives a sense of freshness.


  1. Spacious Interior: It gives a comfortable 5 seater space with luggage space (much better than Alto) .The dashboard is actually something to boast about! An unconventional dashboard, digital tachometer gives a fresh sense again.

Light shades of grey in the interiors give a calm feel.


  1. High Fuel Efficiency: With a claimed 25.17kmpl, the 799CC engine gives a great fuel economy. It’s so simple just pull out the car & enjoy the long ride without any worries


Not just these 3 distinguishing features, it also has a very small turning radius, very apt for city people & even for crowded metros like Delhi. With a full turn of just 4.7m turning radius, it’s certain to emerge us out of the narrow lanes in Delhi. It will certainly drive us out of city blues!

It does have driver seat Air bag for safety as well and the best of all, it is expected to be priced between 2.5lacs -4lacs bracket.

Isn’t it a game for “Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback “

For me with these great efficacies, I would definitely love to test in on Delhi roads for Mileage & for never letting me in a fix on the narrow lanes.

Do check the detailed feature study @ ,for Datsun Redi-GO to be launched probably on 7th June’2016.

Odd takes all of Laundry!!

Well that’s a heart –rending 20th century, when everybody is trying out their hands on some amazing gadgets from a 2 year kid to 80 year old, with some incredible innovation going across, it still answers as “yes” to the question if Laundry /household chores are the tasks of women? Well that’s the ugliness of mind-set in lovely Indians even today. I do acknowledge the fact that I was born in a typical family with a “gender equality” outlook ,where I did see my dad & uncle working in kitchen to clean the dishes ,leave Laundry ,which seemed to be their favourite time pass twice a week;) ,but the surroundings differed drastically from our family . I could always see aunties in neighbourhood brushing thoroughly kids dresses, ironing them, polishing their shoes, cleaning the house.

What we wish to achieve is Gender Equality; Men can do the laundry, they can even cook, they can stay at home & nurture the babies, who say’s they can’t? Women can pay for their bills, they can propose a boy, they can be CEO of a company, they can go all in Olympics & be what a man can be…It’s just a matter & game of mind-set & willingness to opt for feminine role & excel in it :) .Women are not born working their house hold chores but they are trained, so can men get trained, if their parents wish to make them master of all instead of feeding them till throat & asking them to relax & gain kilos ;)!

Well for me, my man has been a boon in life. Looking at my tight schedule ,juggling between house sold chores to managing 1.5year kid to working out everything on my job ,I’ve always found him besides me. Yes ,he has shared an “Odd-Even calendar” when it comes to laundry ,not regularly but whenever we feel it is comfortable or on weekends. All thanks to Ariel Matic in this direction who are not only promoting Men to do the laundry & share the load but even a scoop of this detergent makes you happy & boast of good deed . It’s been so rare of me doing the laundry now a days, just close to once a month. Men are great managers, when left completely to them, they manage things beautifully & same has been my case. Instead of sorting by “n” categories (formal /casuals/bed-sheets/white clothes/Kids clothes) & making laundry a painful task, my better half made his own segregation definition. I see machine running twice a week & there remains no pile of dirty clothes, all come out shining with their original colours. No harshness & all freshness! Yes that’s the new Laundry regime in our house! Guys believe on me, that gives a women ample support to develop the skills she had lost due to house hold chores burdened heavily on her. It gives her ample space to nurturing her thoughts ,to re-live the moments she wish to & the most important ,some time when she can relax & be just herself! Family support ensures equal division of work, more of quality time amongst all which will always strengthen the bond of the family ,double up the love in life time relationships! That’s the importance of #SharingTheLoad.


So guys, isn’t it a perfect time to break upon all the deeply rooted stereotypes in our minds? If women can multitask & excel in all fields why can’t these gentlemen prove & have a sense of sharing the load? Leave the older generation who won’t agree & arrest all our thoughts of seeing their boys work, but don’t leave them in blind fold with these “labels”. It’s our moral responsibility to inculcate these values in our kids minds right from the beginning.

Kids learn & do what they see, so be a role model to them, give them the right values of “Gender Equality” ,make them hands on to do laundry when you are occupied, let your boys clean their dishes only , let them tidy their rooms ,make them a responsible citizen of a growing nation. Let them not take the bun , sit & relax but ask them to share the pie.

I’m damn sure we all have watched the below mentioned Ariel video on TV as well as on you tube multiple times ,a lovely video which makes us realize of our responsibility!


I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’





Jihad for Love!!

Syed & Gayatri didn’t mean to fall in love. But love happens when you least expect it .It creeps up suddenly. When someone needs attention, care, conversation, laughter and maybe even intimacy .Love doesn’t look at logic or at backgrounds and least of all, religion.

Gayatri was from a very conservative South Indian family that went to a temple every Saturday. Syed bought goats for his family every Eid. That said it all. Their paths would never have crossed if it hadn’t been for that fateful day. That day when he walked into the coffee shop. Gayatri wondered if destiny chose our loved ones for us. Did we have any role to play at all?

She looked at her watch. Syed was late. They met every Thursday at five pm to catch up. Their conversations lasted for hours. Sometimes at the cafe, sometimes in his car, sometimes in places that she could never tell her friends about as they would never understand. And yet Syed made her happy.

Suddenly her phone beeped. He had sent a message.”On my way. Have something important to tell you.”

Gayatri stared at it and she realized she had knots in her stomach. Thoughts flooded her mind. What did he want to tell her?

Was there some mishap? Did his parents come across their relationship? Was his funding by VC rejected? She put a full stop to her curious mind &bounced back in the lanes of that fateful day, the day she met Syed. Was it fateful or an eventful day? That day had changed her vision towards life & Humanity. Yes, the clashes between Hindu & Muslim’s had started raging. To grab up the seats these political leaders had raged up a sort of war again in context of “Ayodhya”. Its heat had made the presence felt in many sensitive towns & slowly even the pockets of Hyderabad went on fire that day. It was Gayatri’s cousin’s marriage a week later & only this weekend was left to cover up the final shopping .Hence her family had already stepped out in a joyous mood unaware of the small fire which was turning out to an Inferno & was on the path of holocaust.

To tap the movements & prevent spread of hate & communalism, police had rolled out immediate curfew under IPC 144 in Hyderabad. Immediate orders were passed to force shops to shut down. Gayatri could see lathi charge on a segment of mob shouting slogans in front of her eyes as soon as she entered those lanes. Scene was gory, 2 people lay bleeding amongst the crowd. People were pelting stones & some had sticks in their hands. Her heart started thumping loudly. Heavily panicked, her family hid behind the wall watching these bloodthirsty humans. Her mother & younger sister started wailing as soon as they saw the battle growing fiercer. Unaware of the situation, she could not even connect to her father, as telecom services had been banned for next 3 hours. Just then a man pushed the family inside an adjacent coffee shop & he also quickly run into it to save life. As soon as they entered the shutters were closed & they breathed in calm. But that was not a happy ending, the very next moment her family was in trauma .Yes, they were lone Hindu refugee in that coffee shop which was co-owned by Rehman & Syed.

Anxiety rode heavily on their faces as 2 people agitated to throw out the family of the shop. Syed intervened “Kaka, the agenda has been overdriven by the political outfits to drive of their personal motives. We people sitting here are literate enough to understand these points, how can you ask these ladies to go out & face the agitation”? We “The INDIANS” have to be humanitarian above all religions, any religion which teaches hate needs to be changed..Does Allah send any hate message? Has Lord Shiva ever said to hate Muslims? All religions preach unity & harmony in the world, it’s just that the lanes are different but all these lanes lead to one single memo, a note of “Love”. I request all the refugees to please stay calm, use their minds before any action & pledge to not influence these anger fires any more”. Yes, Syed was not trying to be hero, but he was aware why these issues had cropped up. His family was hard core follower of Allah, but he walked daily with his Hindu friends. His thoughts were never biased towards any religion, rather for him “Humanity” was the best religion to adapt to.

Things were calm in the Cafe compared to the burnings going on outside & in every lane. For next 6-8 hours no one could step out or open up their shops .Gayatri & her family had no way to walk out but just to sit & sip at the coffee which Syed softly put across all the tables. It was 9pm, 4 hours had passed, and Gayatri was highly stressed about her dad. No means to communicate for next 2 hours, no news of wellness could be exchanged. She had to be strong; she had to convince not just herself but yes to her mom & sibling as well. Yes time passed & Syed helped her family slip out from the lanes & ensured they reached safely to their home past midnight.

Nearly a year had passed on this incident & their passion for each other grew exponentially. Gayatri was a bubbly B.Tech student, with an aim to rejoice life to its fullest. While Syed was an entrepreneur, not coz he co-owned the Cafe, but he was targeting high on his entrepreneurial skills aiming to seek VC funding. Both had a bright future in front of them. Their chats varied from Social stigmas to belief’s, from religious stings to Politico moves of the country & yes, even their careers. They both were sharp & intellectual & adored each other for the qualities they had. Neither did their religion nor did their lifestyles ever put them into dilemma. Rather, they would respect their festivals & try to be a part of each other during the festivities. It was a perfect harmonious relationship. They did acknowledge the fact that their families would not easily approve of their affiliation but they did not want to heart break their present looking at the future. They we Happy –Go –Lucky couple high on admiration, obsession & possessiveness for one another.

Thud, a loud bang suddenly got her to present world & what she saw was unbelievable. Syed ran quickly into the cafe urging his friend & Gayatri to hide him .Unable to understand the heat of situation, before they could react, 2 cops had already entered the cafe & forced Syed to come out. Gayatri begged the policemen & questioned. “What has he done? How can you grab such a noble soul? There would be some misunderstanding or some framing of Syed, pls I plead, tell me the reason.”Her appeal was not enough as the only answer she heard was “pls move aside, we can’t tell anything now”. It’s a matter of National security”. Looking Gayatri beseeching them Syed came in full front, promising her to come back soon & went with the cops. She wailed, sat on her knees, unable to accept that Syed would be behind bars & what not could have happened to him .She cried her heart out on the vagueness & her vulnerability to not let Syed to go along the cops. Suddenly she realized that she had started hating law .Once she admired & respected the Police but now she was booming with hatred. She wanted to burst out her suffering & bring Syed back from their ruthless clutches. But the fact was, she was unaided, not by arms but with the reason & to justify that.

Empathizing &holding her was Shirin, her best friend who was called to the cafe .She somehow got Gayatri back to her senses .By then television was booming with the “Hot fresh news”..A probable ISIS terrorist nabbed by cops, seemed he had planned to explode the innocent city & spread abhorrence. Police had tracked the Computer IP from which Emails were sent which were spreading the hate messages & warning the police. His name was being flashed…His back was visible with tied fists…yes this man was wearing the same dress. White polo tee, Syed’s favourite & blue jeans..What the hell..Was he Syed? Gayatri’s Syed? To her utter dismay, she couldn’t believe how much an innocent man could have been framed up. But this was not the time to shatter & be vulnerable, she had to be strong & bring Syed out clean chit.

Along with Shirin, she planned a proper script to come out on street in support of Syed .Seeking backing from his friends, she had planned something big. But destiny wanted her to fight more..Yes Syed’s very own friends refrained from extending her support. Silly reason, they could also be targeted at? Is today’s youth that desolate? Is the voice to bring out the truth that biased? This was the day when much held high “friendship” had crashed..But she was not ready to quit, she sampled up facts & this time took support from her friends & college colleagues. She prepared video demanding the proof of dictating Syed a “Terrorist” & questioned the law makers. It hardly took her 24 hours to publish the video on you tube & let her voice set the stage for next action. In next 8-10 hours her video was doing rounds, on whats app, on you tube, on every laptop screen, yes it had gone viral. There was no need for Syed’s friends, but groups of students came out on roads with slogans & candles .3 days had passed & judiciary had no documents to prove him a terrorist, what an agony! The voice to free Syed was roaring; there were thunders all around. Suddenly, it stimulated the Crime Branch to deep dive in the matter .Politicians were seen assuring committee formation for this case. Every paper, every bulletin, every news just twisted the tale of Innocent Syed, a man who believed in Humanity.

Youth has the power, Social media has the craziness & Love has the true sentiment to win!

Crime Branch came out with the observations that there were several emails close to 8-10 & all of them were from different IP. One of them was from Syed’s Wi-Fi Zone Cafe..But why will Syed mail from his own Wi-Fi’s IP zone? Highly foolish..Close tracking of connected laptop stated that there was no role of Syed into it. It was a terrorist outfit (with no linkages of Syed) which had done series of mailers to aggravate hatred on the grounds of religion. Yes that outfit had acknowledged. Poor Syed, 5 days into prison, a tag of anti –national!

There was a gung ho atmosphere outside the prison premises that day. After all Syed was being released after a week of harassment. Nearly 100 youths waited to welcome Syed & amongst them stood Gayatri. “Syed bhai bahar aao ,hamari police haay haay” ,such was the aura that cops had to request the agitators to protest but with ease ,they tried avoiding scuffles & fight .First glimpse of Syed couldn’t hold Gayatri & she ran & hugged him..Cried, they both cried their hearts out; their every emotion was so much in sync.

2 months passed on to this incident, by then Syed had gone back to his work; he had got VC approved for his start up “A blogging app based on Love & emotions”. Love Jihad held onto him forever. Yes Jihad..Jihad for the betterment of society, Jihad to get your love, & jihad for Humanity! Forget all religion, there is one God as the old saying goes! One God & different paths, but the motive is common..Love all, Hate None! For Syed it was a Jihad towards Compassion, truth & yes his love Gayatri! They were 2 people but with one Soul.

Story crafted by me out of a small passage shared by “Madhuri Banerjee”!!

Those Amazing 262 days!!

The wonderful quotation made me re-live amazing memories of close to 2-2.5 years back, yes those 9 months, the most special ones, when for the 1st time I established the fact that there was a life bubbling up in me!

Well, so different was that day, amidst the hush of life, when the purple line in the test suddenly got me in qualm..Dilemma on how my professional life would move ahead? Serious skepticism on how will I raise up a life? Was I competent enough to have a perfect blend of raising up a kid with ample ecstasies along with the smart work of my professional life? With so many If’s & buts on my left logical side, the right side of brain was enjoying the moment..Hilarious, It was sensing something beautiful, something striking a chord with my life. Yes it overtook all the pessimism of left side with a lovely aura of spending the upcoming 9 months with full zeal & zest, blissfully counting on the days to hold a delicate tender darling.

With ample questions every day, wrt developments every week rather every day, how the nutrition needs to be tied up irrespective of anything, what all precautions one need to carry along..Registration to baby centre became my handy guide. Yes, numerous directions flew every day from both the Mom’s, which actually gave me a sense of great feeling..I was suddenly on the “prime list” of every family member.

Wanna eat Ice cream & Jalebi at 11 in the night? Eat, don’t control. Wanna rush to a lush garden & have a leisure time, come let’s go. No dinner mood..Leave it, ample choices to be spoilt for. Why drive, cabs are there to help! Oh God ,those superb 9 months ,full of tantrums & excitement ,those were the moments which made my family re-pamper me to the heights & I actually lived my sweet old days .

The routine was more or less the same, being a working woman, It was great to go to office & try to be the same person for close to 5 months.. Any cravings, any discussions with close friends were not allowed to be over heard to other colleagues ( Out of sheer shyness & strict instructions from in-laws to not leak out the good news) .The biggest difficulty was when I moved in 2nd & 3rd trimester & had to somehow hide the baby bump;) Well, thanks to the little one inside who did not allow me to put on much & was able to work out till the last days. Thanks to him that he allowed me to keep on my pace while working. There were amazing sentiments, while talking to your boss, you get a high kick from inside & you just stammer upon, unable to utter or laugh (& then later on you see yourself giggling ;)). I got so lovely colleagues who asked me to slow down & not to lose the appetite completely.. It was a great time to hear from people that your kid will be a super active kid (I certainly had no doubts on it looking at the life I led;)) , & the most precious comment from a close colleague when I told him that “I won’t come from tomorrow.. Hey why are you quitting the organization?” Ha Ha I was stunned but upon telling him with the fact, stunned him all the more.. 8.5 months sitting beside me & unaware of this reality..It felt as WOW..People didn’t even realize that I was expecting!! Incredible journey by me😉

Initially there were days of upset-ness in first 3 months which I usually felt during evenings post returning from work. But being blessed with an amazing partner, those moments were always lightened..Sometimes “Doughnut guy” was ringing the bell & other times, my loved starters would!! We would sit & play “Scrabble to Ludo to Carom & to utterly kiddish “Guess who ;)”..We would be madly dancing & roaming around in the lanes for night walk. There were daily “Rasgulla’s” in the fridge & Coconut water, soya chips & what all not; all these were a daily part of my bag. God, it was extreme coddling. My better half was all the time on his toes to get me all what I even thought off J Every months there were surprises hidden (Don’t know if they were for me or the little upcoming champ) .

There were days when the visits to hospital made my heart beat go up, sonography’s longed me to see the face of little one (But I wasn’t lucky ,he was so shy to face the camera;)) , switching & increasing of the medicines putrefied my face ..Any comment by the gynecologist suddenly made me all the more cautious…There were wonderful counseling session in the last trimester to make a new mom understand the new life..

There were numerous changes going on in my body every day every minute ,sometimes eating became difficult ,sometimes travel & other times even breathing.. But it all perished when “we” used to chat & smile; When he used to kick & revolve all around inside (as if surveying the upcoming world) ,when the hearts used to beat in sync with one another ..It was the most beautiful feeling to which only I had the access & that was the feeling of “Being a Mom”. Those were the moments when the emotional bond had already been developed, we already knew each other & the only word which existed between us was of “Love, Love & Love”. We were far away from the reality of this world & were lost amongst each other.

& then there was the day ,when he was there in my arms ,so close to me ,I could feel his every breath ,I longed for him close to 9 months & yes the best gift of God was there holding me !

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Wireless charging! Move ahead!

Hey guys, tired of your smart phones getting discharged anywhere in the middle & you unable to respond to your friends on Whats app? Getting cranky over depleting battery? Yes, you all must by now have had a soft corner & bought the esteemed so called “Battery banks”.

Although heavy, an additional accessory occupying space in your bag/pocket but still a mandate for us to carry coz we don’t have an alternate.. But have you heard of “spec invent”, , a start-up coming with an innovative thought of wireless charging. The best part is they have clubbed safety of your phone with ease of charging together..SO how about a charging case? Yes that’s what they’ve got to present to us with pre-bookings starting from 12th May.

Browse down their site or read the complete post to get an idea of their innovative concept & quickly “Be in charge” ,that’s what they call – SPEC Be In Charge J

So the 4 products: Zeus , Herc ,Iris & Bolt have a speciality in itself:

  1. Zeus :

Zeus wireless charging sleeve: An elegant and sleek protective leather sleeve that doubles as a wireless charger for your Qi Enabled smartphone.


  1. Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone on or inside the sleeve to initiate charging
  2. A perfect travelling companion or desktop accessory
  3. 4800 mAh Li-Polymer battery power
  4. Delivers 2 full charges for iPhone 6/6s, 1.5 charges for the Galaxy S6 /edge and 14 full charge for the Moto 360.
  5. Multiple protection system to ensure device safety
  6. Smart LEDs to display power on/off status and the remaining of battery power.
  7. Dual Charging (Wireless Charging and USB)
  8. Available in Black, Tan, Burnt Red and Navy Blue

2. Herc:

You get bundle of amazing features in IPhone, but this innovation of “Wireless charging” isn’t built.

Herc is a designed product that let’s iPhone user’s power up using any wireless charger in style. The case has two components: a minimal, Snap-On protective case and a larger one that enables wireless charging. The case is intended to be a relatively permanent safety measure, its slim leather covered plastic frame guarding the corners of your Cupertino-crafted device during drops without overly bulking it up. When you need to top up your iPhone’s charge, drop the case on or inside Zeus or any wireless charger.

Available in all 4 colours stated above.

3. Iris : A perfect companion for Samsung Galaxy Phones

A beautiful glass finished galaxy S needs a lot better handling so why not own Iris? Benefits:

  1. Constructed out of high strength polycarbonate and genuine leather
  2. Has precise cut-outs for access to all original ports
  3. Slim leather covered plastic frame guards the corners of your galaxy device during drops without overly bulking it up
  4. Iris series cases will be available in Black, Tan, Burnt Red and Navy Blue

    4. Bolt : Wireless Charging for any smartphone/tablet

    Simply plug the qi receiver to your phone, place it on your chosen charging station surface, and you’ll be fully charged in no time


    1. easy to use
    2. works with Apple iPhone products, and all cell phones with a Micro-USB port
    3. works with any Qi compatible charging pad
    4. available in Black and White currently

What are you waiting for? Reach out for these amazing products at & Book on the page

Zeus (INR 4599/-) Herc (INR 2299/- to 2399/-), Iris (INR 1199/-) and Bolt (INR 1999/-) will be available for Pre-Order Starting 12th May 2016.

Shades of Love!!

The town was buzzing with love ,glamour ,every lane seemed to be flirtatious & one could playfully watch young swarms full of Romance ,& why not ,after all it was Valentine’s Day ,a day to express & solicit Love for one another !

Lanes leading to Lover’s Paradise at Vizag was full of delicate fragrance; it shimmered with the beauty of couples, smiled with the chuckles of their enchantment, & romanced with the passionate hugs! With the lovers flocking for a gala event, RJ Sumeet had begun chatting round charming all. When asked where their heart was beating they all pointed towards their partners! What meant love to them made the frantic crowd roar their partner’s name with all whistles! Between this exquisite fanatical world stood Rhea, to whom these answers were almost whimsical. This crowd seemed comic & insane to her, although she passed from those lanes but her answers were quite different.

“My heart beats for my heart”, she yelled out with tears of pain & ran away from the spot. Keeping her agony buried deep inside she managed to smile, but in next moment she was enfolded by many,w4ho wanted to understand what she meant, who thought to sympathize her for her break up & give her a hope of love, but Rhea was lost in some other world..Unaware of the compassionate eyes, she chose to walk away undeterred.

Suddenly, she heard a loud thud..Hey 2 hearts…She turned back to see a young guy on wheel chair waving, his eyes full of shine & face gleaming with smile .Something clung onto Reyansh & he kept on following her till she was quite away from those passionate people .Sluggishly Reyansh pointed out that he too was one of the onlookers at Lover’s Paradise & came to her as something knocked his heart .Rhea’s words had ignited some thoughts hence he followed her .Rhea was quite pleased to see the radiance on his face ,despite his disability, the optimistic aura around him had made her immediately attracted towards him! No, that was not the inception of “Love at first sight” but the beginning of friendship, closeness of two people, quite different from this world but destiny made them believe in common desires.

Rhea was quite introvert when it came to expressing herself; hence it took Reyansh longer than usual to decode her mystery. That evening, CCD in the next lane saw two remarkable people exchanging their naive thoughts.

“Hey Rhea ,I was 2 years when I was detected with Muscular Dystrophy ,with regular deterioration of muscles I’ve been with my Wheel chair from past 16 years .Bet on ,none can be a better valentine & he chuckled..Rhea grinned, completely enveloped in “sympathy” ,the word she hated sometimes back .Well ,so you see, she takes me for a morning walk ,she has made me roam around quite some lovely places ,I have ample space to let my friends sit besides on my chair & feel the pleasure of it! I eat & drink on it, what more do I need? I love writing & that’s my table as well! True Reyansh, it is actually your soul mate, just as my hearts are soul mates rather made for one another”; she buzzed out her anguish with the same charm which Reyansh had! Yes Rhea was born with 2 heart’s pumping throughout day & night, a syndrome unheard of naturally in the scientific world .Science had progressed leaps & bounds but for them it stood still. Digging more into the researches provoked them all the more to acknowledge that they had to live with it. Having a double heart beat of closer to 120bpm, much higher than normal blood flow made her step back in many opportunities in life .Her heart used to thump so loudly that she would often end up crying out of sheer pain .She had short breath & numerous epileptic fits which hindered her peaceful nights, she often woke up stressed out in the dark nights & even became unconscious multiple times!

She had almost lost all her dreams, be it a Rock Dancer or Singer; yes she was a normal persona but yet unique in many reasons which none perceived! She was really unique, she was one in billions.

Rhea returned home late that day, quite gloomy & deeply in some fight with her thoughts, but this time her heart was breaking for Reyansh, she was in woe & in ardent desire to help him out. Thinking all this she rang the doorbell & walked straight to her room without greeting her mom.

Ms.Rita had been a caring mother & she had often seen Rhea losing hopes to catch her dreams ,& this time looking at her misery ,she questioned again ,Rhea ,its time you make a decision out of your life .Let’s just take an appointment & permit doctors to operate upon & unplug an extra heart out of you, stop torturing yourself Rhea!

Ma, this is the last time, I’m reverting back to you with a big “No” ,Let me live on my conditions ,let me live just as I am..

Are you sure, Rhea? Asks my mother.

‘Of course I’m. Survival of the fittest, mother. I’m not going against Darwin. Also I don’t want unnecessary scars on my body.’

It’s a known fact that we are all born to die. And frankly, I don’t understand why it has to be made into such a big deal. If it were not for my mother I would have said that to the bunch of people outside my house, some of them with young kids, shouting slogans, waving placards, literally wanting me to cut one of my beating hearts out. “Save A Life. Donate!” they shout.

For someone who is one in billions, 7.125 billion to be exact, I expect to be treated better. Scientists are still befuddled regarding my condition that gave me two hearts in my mother’s womb. But years of research and sticking needles into me have led them nowhere, and they have labelled me as a freak mutation. It’s so rare – literally one in all humankind – that they didn’t even name the anomaly (as they call it, I will call it awesomeness). I wanted to name the condition myself, something on the lines of Rhea’s Heartsawesome but the doctors aren’t thrilled with the suggestion. Instead they want to cut one of them out and save a life. Huh?

An IQ of 180, increased concentration, exceptional athleticism and a phenomenal metabolism rate – are just the few boring benefits of an increased blood circulation. Why would I ever give that up?

Ma ,do you know at least I can walk ,I can run ,although I have reasons why it is hindered ,I met someone today ,who doesn’t have the richness to walk..I felt afflicted for the first time not because of my condition but to see his .I felt powerless today understanding the trust he still had in life, I felt laidback to still capture his affirmative thought towards people & his dreams . It’s today that I have made certain promises & this is the time for me to keep them up!

Deep silence…Her mom had nothing to argue but just to join hands & pray to the almighty to bestow world’s goodness in her daughters lap.

Deeply pondering over the day’s conversations, looking at the stars twinkling in the dark sky, she hoped to have a similar silver lining in her life .She stretched out her blanket & dozed off to a peaceful sound sleep, a sleep with almost no impediments that night.

A positive start had already inked in her. Reyansh & Rhea started meeting, with just a good feel for one another. They wanted to welcome the sun in open that day & Rhea sat along Reyansh’s chair & they made their way to the shore, along the coastline of Vizag. It was such a gorgeous day, with their heads held high; they could see the struggle of sun peeping out of the cloudy sky.”Ha ha see these notorious clouds, not allowing the sun to come out & proliferate its warmth on us”...Reyansh spoke up & then it was a joint voice.But look at the persistent efforts, sun wants to peep out, it vanishes, struggles & comes out for a while & then again vanishes”Their words spoke up of their togetherness & they hugged each other tightly for the very first time only to see that the peek –a –boo had ended .Mother earth was beaming with joy, birds had emerged out of the adjoining trees, Green trees shone all along. Yes Sun had finally emerged &made its presence over the world. “Look at the ecstasy among all, be it humans, greens, animals or birds, from a silent world it has become a “chirpier world”, narrated Rhea.

Rhea you know my Dad was National Swimming champion ;when I was small ,he wanted me to be an International Swimmer ,but look at the destiny .My dream has not yet shattered ,I’ll not allow his dreams to go in vain .He sowed the seed when I was very young ,we have not spoken a word on this from the day I’m on wheel chair ,his daily efforts to see me standing have crippled ,but his dreams are still mine“. Rhea couldn’t question but her mind baffled with Reyansh’s thoughts, can he be an unsung hero? Can he ever stand up to fulfil his dad’s dreams? So many questions pondered to which she wanted an answer, but she had to wait for the destiny to answer.

During those days ,there was frequent news of Delhi hosting Asian Games ,with regular chats between Rhea & Reyansh about it .With the excitement ,they planned a trip to Delhi & watch Jack Bean ,5 times consequent winner in relay race .That was a great day ,humungous crowd ,crazy fans assembled at the Games Stadium to hoot their ideals & Rhea could silently see Reyansh’s excitement for the event which was followed by the Swimming championship that afternoon. Sitting somewhat in a different line from the watch ground, they both saw some amazing swimmers, their steady strokes, it was all fascinating for them .Suddenly, Rhea discovered tears in Reyansh’s eyes…Astonished, she wished to flee away from that place but Reyansh cried & clapped openly, he couldn’t stop re-instilling his father’s dream to watch him go miles in this sport. Somehow, he managed to regain his charming senses &they both enjoyed the day, eating famous Chaat & Parantha’s of Delhi, but there was something consistently knocking Rhea’s heart…

That was a night with thoughts running across Rhea’s mind, she was restless, frequently switching sides on the bed. Suddenly she sat, switched on night lamp & questioned to her soul…What’s my reason to live? It was always to share delighted moments & create a sense of bliss in one’s life! Reyansh is in front of me, shattered yet with strong will, let his dreams be mine.Let me not care of what others think, let me ignore their laughs & handshake with the fact with what I have..A lovely soul besides me! Without a second thought, she had embarked her journey now.

They both had to return in next two days & Rhea took an opportunity to counsel a famous AIIMS doctor, well that was not a sign of readiness as per Rhea’s mom but it was an altogether different counselling, a promising one which had further inspired her to give her last night thought a fly with the help of medications & certain exercises.

They returned back, Rhea with her strong will power contacted the Swimming academy .Due to her short breaths, she couldn’t breathe in water & even became unconscious, but she was determined, highly stimulated for the love of her life! It took her nearly a week to face water, she panicked, she couldn’t enter the pool. Freaking, she yelled out, begged her soul for the strength, asked her hearts to provide her vigour & made up her mind to fulfil her promise! Yes, that day, the month of August, got her for the first time in the pool & there was no turning back for her…Just a month & she could take short swim sessions. But that was not her dream; she had something else in her mind. Confident enough of herself, 20th September was encircled in her calendar, for she had to have the strength &will power of Goddess Durga to accomplish her mission.

The next day saw waves gushing on full swing hitting hard on the rocks. Rains splashed the city early morning, winds blew from east, it felt as if some avalanche was on its way.

Rhea pulled her bag & along with Reyansh, they made their way to the pool of swimming academy .Rhea was consistently instilling something in Reyansh’s mind ,he looked in terror for the first time ,his core alarmed of something wrong ,he was completely bemused, should he have faith in Rhea’s golden words or to believe self? He felt like leaving Rhea’s hand & to run away, he was just too panicked from his usual self. Sensing this dilemma, Rhea couldn’t stop herself from hugging him & whispering …”Have faith in me? Can you trust my words? Can I assure you of our special love? If yes hold on to me, I’m there with you in your every breath, cling onto me & feel the hope. We are moving a step ahead to see “OUR” dream come true”. Yes, Reyansh could not let Rhea fail, he had to surrender…

With muscles crippled just below his knees, Rhea made him drag with her support & push in the water .With his weight on Rhea’s body, he made his efforts & kept himself afloat using only his upper body .He panicked but struggled to move his arms wildly & in perfect harmony, as he worked his way cutting the turbulent water. He tried to kick; failed, again jerked his body but his arms on Rhea became the superman. Above the water, he looked just like a normal swimmer, pushing himself off the diving board with his body weight & lifting out of the water using his arms..Yes that was the day when city was inundated with the joy of conquering disability; Rhea broke down into tears of Joy & couldn’t resist saluting him! They both had beaten the odds, yes, Rhea had won Reyansh’s dream, with his every stroke, it was Rhea who was swimming, it was she who was seeing his dream breaking through the harsh water & winning…She exclaimed with Joy, yelled & shouted! She had conquered her battle, she had made Reyansh swim for the first time, and that was a win towards her Heartsawesome syndrome.

For Reyansh that was just the beginning!

Sometimes it’s another person who lives your dream…That’s the feeling of Love, a true love of the souls.

Written for TOI Write India campaign “This Story is personally drafted out of a small passage by Durjoy Dutta(highlighted in blue)”