London this new year!

Planning to travel London on Christmas or New Year? Viewing firecracker show on the New Year besides River Thames/ Westminster Bridge will definitely win your hearts, & certainly for wildlife lover like me, exploring the fauna of London stands as a reason to just pack up the bags & book British Airways Flight directly to London!

Let me quote some 5 famous places to experience land & aquatic life :

  1. London Zoo: With over 750 amazing species to explore across the zoo, with some live shows, feeding interactions , London Zoo stands as an attraction “Not to miss”. From the Jungle of King – Majestic Asiatic Lion (the new in 2016) & tigers, to cherishing the African Gorilla’s to the adorable penguins & lemurs, to the gigantic lazy Hippos & to the tiniest of “Spiders territory & Butterfly kingdom” ,you can find all the adventure to explore in this amazing zoo.

Not just viewing but it also offer you the chance to get very close to the animals &  meet them or have an exciting overnight stay at the “Gir Lion Lodge” to have a roaring experience.

Visit the site: & let the adrenaline rush through.

  1. London Aquarium: It can be a perfect “Selfie with Sealife” moment for you! Underwater life has always been fascinating & this aquarium offer larger than life’s experience for these aquatic animals in an environment very close to the natural one. This one will definitely gonna amuse you..With activities as “Shark walk” (walking on a glass window to praise these majestic creatures swimming right beneath you), or even feeding the sharks ..It just gives you a sense of “aww” as you see huge Green sea turtles sliding over your head in the glass tunnels:). Those floating jelly fishes, Ray Lagoon’s, Blue stripe Snapper are a wonder to watch. Also you can get hands on, on Starfish & sea anemones to learn more about them. And is your kid looking out for Nemo? Yes be happy you gonna meet Clownfish & Lionfish as well apart from the lovely sea horses (only male creatures to give birth) and much more to it.
  1. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo – One of the interesting watches out place for Birds & Meerkats! One can even adore the beautiful chrysanthemums & some amazing gardens. Birds as Herons, Cormorants,  Grebes ,waterfowls will draw a big smile for sure🙂

Apart from these you could be lucky enough to spot Foxes, Bats, Squirrels climbing the trees;Beetles crossing over, spotting them can actually be a fun!

Visit the site: for details.

  1. Greenwich peninsula Ecology Park – Projected as a wetland, situated long River Thames, this park is actually a habitat protecting numerous species in its lap. It has many man-made water habitats, enhancing the bio diversity of many amphibians as Frogs, fishes & insects. Apart from the views, this park conducts many outdoor activities in spring & other seasons as well which can be rejoiced by kids, a complete day’s plan can be really worthy.
  1. London Wetland Center, Barnes – An award winning natural reserve, it show cases a perfect biodiversity reserve, sort of rural habitat for the wildlife. It just isn’t the place for wildlife ,even a gentle walk around the gardens & lakes suddenly bumping into nesting kingfishers or some lovely bird species basis the season can be joyful. Just be patient & keep on exploring the amazing insects, even butterflies sucking on the nectar:)

Winters can be lovelier to have a glimpse of pretty ducks as Pintail & Teal or goose or swans.Also they have special guests – Short clawed Otters which can be joy seeing them playing & running.

That’s not all , it also has Kid’s outdoor zone as they foray into the Adventure playground while traversing the climbing wall or enter into the Discovery Zone gaining knowledge via seeing & experiencing!

One can also watch some city farms as Hackney City farm having farm animals as Pigs, Goats, sheep’s, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits. These farms also conduct regular workshops for learning, caring of animals.

And then there’s lot to rock@ London during New year, London gets lit up like no other place giving you unique experience to view the fireworks along with colorful display of some amazing pyrotechnics above the River Thames. London New year eve & the parties are a jazzy affair, one can just rock there!

So are the British airways, the most reliable brand of Britain with great quality of food & service booked? Pack the bags & here we shoot the rocket for you!

Right Property Investments After Demonetization

As the short-term effects of demonetization continue to play out, investors across India have begun contemplating which long-term moves may be the most beneficial to them. A disruptive event is often a great opportunity to rethink fundamentals, and this case is no different. The present moment is an apt time to evaluate and re calibrate one’s portfolio, especially in terms of property ownership.

It is widely expected that banks, newly flush with enormous deposits of rupees, will lower interest rates—which will in turn increase asset prices, including that of real estate. However, not all property markets are created equal. Neither, for that matter, are all property transactions. A solid grasp of the dynamics in play, including the effects of lower interest rates and reduced black money on the different types of property, will enable the savvy investor to profit from demonetization.

In India’s new-economy urban centers, which see a sturdy trend of white-collar, salaried employees purchasing property with cheques and bank loans, the sudden disappearance of 500- and 1000-rupee notes is unlikely to have a huge impact on real estate practices. In Bangalore, for example, it is estimated that only 5% of transactions for apartments in the mid-range segment of the market involve cash dealings. This is at enormous variance to more traditional cities (such as Mumbai and Delhi) or in the higher end segment of the market (properties exceeding one crore), where cash has passed from one hand to another far more freely. The implication for investors is that cities with a higher rate of new economy jobs are more stable and attractive, especially in the case of mid-range properties. Bangalore, with its size-able proportion of salaried professionals and mortgage-purchased properties, is the strongest example of such a city, followed by Pune and, to a lesser extent, Chennai. For assets with these favorable locations and price points, investors need not fret about demonetization softening demand—rather, they can expect reduced interest rates to boost demand.

With land transactions, the dynamics are somewhat different. There are scenarios in which land prices will rise and others in which they will fall. Vast parcels of land in and around major urban areas are typically purchased either by developers or by individuals with the deepest of pockets. For buyers accustomed to institutional financing—primarily the more reputable developers—the effect should be minimal; however, other parties, such as individuals with deep pockets who used to deploy cash, will be adversely affected and may temporarily have to sit on the sidelines. Thus, the demonetization is likely to benefit large developers vis-à-vis individual investors or smaller developers. In tier 2 or smaller cities, where there are few purchasers with access to institutional financing, demonetization could reduce property prices since all purchasers are likely to be affected.

Increased taxes and anchoring will add to the dynamic mix of factors affecting real estate after demonetization. The reduction in black money is, in effect, equivalent to an increase in the tax rates since the “tax-free” portion of transactions could diminish. As with any other industry, an increase in tax will work to increase the final price to the end user because sellers are anchored in the after-tax realization that they want. This increase in costs will be passed on to the final buyer in the form of higher property prices, particularly in the markets where demand is not affected by the demonetization.

The consequences of demonetization will create winners and losers in the real estate sector, depending on the property type, location, and price point. Investors should ideally park their money in mid-priced properties in the urban centers of India with the highest percentage of white-collar and new economy buyers. Conversely, investors should avoid properties that may not fare as well: properties in tier 2 cities, assets with high prices, and properties in the more traditional urban centers.

As demonetization creates a new normal in India, those who focus their property investments toward new-economy professionals can expect to come out as winners.


Magical Essence: 24 Hrs in “Roma”!!

Little did I know that this city is actually a power-house, as it swathes a grandeur history, embarks with the fantasy of origin / culture, cheers up the spirit with the bustling markets and amuse with the knack of craftsmanship. It’ll heave you yearn for it, It’ll get you nutty, it’ll cast a spell on you for sure.

So let’s enter this witty city & explore as I move along line by line J

So rightly said that “Rome was not built in a day”, this place leaves you adorning it as many days as you sprinkle from your shelf.

Greek lovers can definitely counter the Roman art, since it originated from the Greek Culture. On one hand its seems that Rome is rife with the ruins, some staggered & some well managed, but on the other hand it entails the love of the great artists as “Michelangelo, Raphael, Gian Lorenzo, Giovanni Battista” .They have etched Rome with some magnificent Renaissance frescoes, lasting mosaics, Human sculptures with intricate work, embellished museums, which have turned this city into a “Jewel”.

Beauty ,Art, History, Deep meaning!! All in a pic:)
Beauty ,Art, History, Deep meaning!! All in a pic:)

What you need to do is just walk around the city and every minute you’ll see yourself embracing the Majestic Churches or artistic Pantheons or the Frescos & if not this, then definitely some amazing fountains.

Although it demands plentiful days to scratch the tip of most of the parts, let me here guide my fellow observers to cover the major fraction in 24 hours & believe on me, it definitely is a herculean task in itself.

Transport: An easy public transport, you may get easy travel by 7Euro pass for 24 hours for Metro/Subway/Bus

So guys let me pen down my book’s- “not to miss masterpieces in a Rome’s day”:

Highlights not to miss!!
                                Highlights not to miss!!


  1. Vatican Museums:
    9:00am – 12:00pm

    Oh what to quote for this massive place full of the finest of the art, culture, history laden with stacks of praises on the amazing works of great Italian painters.

    One needs to be thoughtful on what to cover & what not to, with the complete museums & gallery stretched along 7 Kms, so one needs to be highly selective to preserve the energy for the last of the magnificent stretch opening into “Sistine Chapel”

    The best way to cover it selectively in a limited span of app. 3 hours & comprehend its history & culture is, to book the Vatican Museum tour with the audio guide. If not one could be bound in the long stretches of queues & grapple with the energy to eulogize the museum J

    The greatest art collections range from Modern paintings to Egyptian mummies & Etruscan bronzes, all time great sculptures & busts.

    Amongst the complete lot, not to miss are the magnificent “Sistine chapel” – Painted by Michelangelo” & “Pio-Clementine”museum – rooms frescoed by Raphael, having amazing collection of animal statues & mosaics.

    Sistine Chapel, with decorated ceiling from the scenes of Old Testament, witnesses one of the eminent scenes in the form of “Creation of Adam”.

    The antique galleries presents some stupendous works in the form of “Resurrection of Christ – in tapestry Gallery”, ceiling of the gallery of maps is worth big applaud.

    It is a serious no miss (at least it owes minimum 2-3 hours to get you fall in love with Rome & it’s great artists)!

    Metro/Subway: Cipro(A)/ Ottaviano(A)


    Tips: Do buy online tickets (skip the line) & audio guides for the Vatican tour!

    2.Piazza San Pietro & St.Peter’s Basilica : 12:00pm -1:00pm

    Broad view of St. Peters Square

    It stands to define one the most exhilarating renaissance architecture ,collectively designed for more than a 100 years by Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo, Carlo & Donato with the badge of “One of the largest churches in the world”. St. Basilica is bordered by Piazza San Pietro (St. Peter’s Square), which was created in 17th century by Lorenzo.

    It’s all the more symbolic as this was the site wherein 1st pope – St.Peter was buried way back in 64 AD.

    This Roman Catholic Church, with 452 Ft high & covering 50k Sqft (spacious enough for 60k gathering at a time), holds in itself some remarkable sculptures, some marvelous treasures in marble & bronze, Baroque architecture of the Christian era.

    And so was the square built across the Basilica, bordered on both the sides as semi circular arcade (symbolizing the stretched arm of Church embracing the wold) & close to 140 statues were sculpted on the top of the pillars depicting religious figures as Pope/Martyrs ,all crafted by the Great Bernini.

    Metro/Subway – Ottaviano San Peitro (closest to Vatican City)

    Overview from Ponte Sant’Angelo

    Plan a lunch break & relax sunbathing by then & start back the journey !

    3. Piazza Di Spagna – Spanish Steps :3pm-4pm

    Close to Trevi Fountain, a small walk will lead you to highly lit pleasing square. This triangular square is connected to the French church located atop the hill by the elongated yet elegant stairs, known as “Spanish Steps“. It is a big touristy place & the steps get crowded, so in case you wish to catch a calm glimpse visit this also when the night falls (although the Spanish steps would be closed but the complete square with numerous gelato shops are to yourself).

    Just in front of the steps is a lovely fountain in the center of a flooded boat, designed by Lorenzo Bernini & was inspired basis an original incident whereby a boat which got stranded at this location when River Tiber flooded.On top of the steps is a beautiful French church, from which one can have a good view of the city.

    Metro/Subway – Spagna

    4. Piazza Navona : 4:30pm-5pm

    One of the most happening squares of Rome, featuring three gorgeous fountains, the central & the largest deciphered as “Fountain of four rivers”, figures portraying 4 rivers all originating from different continents. A highlight of this Piazza is also the Church of Sant’ Agnese

    Bus : Bus no.87 (from Colosseo) /no.492 /no.70 (from termini)

    5. Colosseum :5pm-6:30pm

                                        Magical Charm

    Probably the most famous & admired edifice across the globe is an Amphitheater, Colosseum. Although part of it has converted into debris, but still it poses as a magnificent site.The original elliptical building was a magnificent marble clad with 160 massive statues hovering over 159-160 ft. It could amass close to 55k spectators with 4 floor seating space.

    It was basically home to entertainment for the public, displays of exotic animals, game fights between animals & gladiators which were either slaves or criminals or prisoners.

    Just outside this magical structure, the long lane post the Forum is occupied with the painters & artists projecting & designing Colosseum in the backdrop of shades of nature live in front of you. A 15 minutes look at the imagination would urge you to buy one of those or compel you to shower some cents for the sake of art!

    Metro/Subway: Colosseo(B)

    Do enjoy some break by having some pasta/gelato!

    6. Piazza Venezia – Roman Forum :7:30pm- 9:00pm

    A chaotic spot, with lots of traffic plying the roads, but it is a worth visit as it embarks the beginning of historic monuments as Colosseum & the Roman Forum.It is located at the foot of Capitoline hill & its name has been derived from “Palazzo Venezia” which was the Embassy of republic of Venice & encapsulates museum as of now.

    Roman Forum:

    It swanks lot of arches, Temples, Basilicas, buildings in the ancient time, most of which has been reduced to rubble as of now. But had you thought that a look at these ruins could also be interesting enough?

    Well yes, & this has been made possible by the appealing Light show we saw. Completely unaware of it, night had fallen by the time we passed by it & were simply amused at the imaginative larger than life show!

    It leads you through the usually inaccessible archaeological site full of ruins. One can also simply sit beside the road to see the dazzling figures appearing from the lights illuminating on the ruins.
    They draw various arts; showcase the ancient Roman life & really many more attention grabbing story telling images! A must watch from my side J

    Special Tip: I did visit in August but have heard that it opens only for certain months a year. Timings/entry amount of the show can be checked at –

    Subway: Colosseo(B)

    Bus no.40 – Stop – Piazza Venezia

    Illuminated Piazza Venezia

    Ruins worth appreciating!

    7. Trevi Fountain :9:30pm

    The first glimpse of this spectacular fountain is gonna cast its magical charm on you, irrespective of the humongous mob.

    It definitely is the most beautiful fountain I’ve ever seen, & it certainly is a perfect example of Monumental Baroque. The way it explains the disposition of the water/sea is just lovely..As the central figure carved is “Neptune” the Sea God riding the chariot which is pulled by 2 sea horses, one depicts the calmness, the other reflects restive sense.Water flows into the large basin from the well crafted rocks representing the sea.Tossing the coin there is a “custom” promising your return to “Rome”.

    Metro/Subway – Barberini

    Special Tip : Visit it once post sunset , you’ll admire the beauty with the sparkling lights & never wish to come back for sure J

Rome for History & Culture admirers

Must visit places for them are:

Colosseum, Roman Forum, Piazza San Pietro & St.Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums – All as quoted. For these set of admirers I must say additional 2 places to cover as:

     Pantheon: (Take out some time when you are close to Colosseum)

Close to Piazza Navona, stands the grand Pantheon, this was built more than 1800 years ago as a Temple for all Gods.Of the building, its Dome creates an instant fondness to the tourists which is more than 43 mt high. The converging point of the dome has an opening which is the only source of light & looks beautiful when the sun rays fall into it.

Lately this temple was converted into Church & it now has tombs of famous artists & kings. The marble flooring has certain geometrical patterns which makes it praiseworthy.

 No direct metro: It is a small walk from Piazza Navona, well signposted on      every route.Time: 8:30am -7:30pm

Castle Sant’Angelo: (Take out some time when you are close to St. Basilica & St.Peters Square)

Overlooking the Vatican City, located on the banks of River Tiber, is “Castle for Holy Angel”, having an interesting history.

Originally built in 123 AD as a mausoleum, it was later converted into fort, wherein the popes took shelter during the times of turmoil/peril, then it functioned as military prison & finally right now it is a museum! It also had a secret corridor which was used by the pope for refuge during army attacks.It gets connected to the city on the river’s side by the photogenic bridge –Ponte Sant’Angelo.

It houses in beautiful apartments with frescoes & the top of the fortress is a huge marble statue of an angel, which also has a tale behind it. It is said that this archangel appeared on the top of fortress & ended a plague across the city in 590 AD & hence it was named Castle Sant’Angelo. Just wander across the path on the bridge & feel the calmness in the air. A stroll along the castle will lead to a small market on the pavements where you can go in for shopping souvenirs at cheap rates of 1-5 Euros.

Subway/Metro : Lepanto(A) or Bus no.40 /

Time : During Summers ( April –Sep): 9am -7pm ; (Winters )October –March: 9am -2pm ,closed on public holidays

In a precis, let me quote the complete plan for my rush hush buddies as:

Start early mornings with Vatican tours & St. Peter’s Basilica & then have the rest of the day for Colosseum & Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Di Spagna – Spanish Steps,Piazza Navona .

Nights in Rome are exquisite & charming, roam around with the gelato even in late night to explore its beauty, unconquered!

L’emme not forget to miss out some tips for foodies like meJ, so a brief for Cuisine & aroma lovers-

As much has Rome to offer the best in Art history & culture, it has an equal blend for the traditional & all time evolving cuisines.

You ought to get satiating meal in the form of Pasta Alla Carbonara, Neapolitan style pizza & desserts as “Crostata Di Ricotta (cheesecake tart in Roman version), Gelato (pick any flavor of your choice & you are bound to rejoice). Even Roman pastries are delectable & one can try out at “Regoli”.& yes, even you want to break free from Italian food, throng out at some delicious Indian restaurants as: Indian Affairs / Gandhi / Namaste India. I bet guys, even the simplest of Daal tadka-Rice with Papad will bring you in the highest of the spirits J

I read that ” Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city ” – Anatole Broyard, so rightly has it been quoted ,when one feel s so poetic in this city leaving you overwhelmed at all the junctures with all your senses !

That’s the start of a trip!

Benvenuti a ROMA!!

Open a new chapter in life!!!

Just Vatican !Simply amazing:)
Just Vatican !Simply amazing:)

New version of Deodorant: Cinthol Deo Stick!

L’emme go a little swanky via this post, post using the newly introduced “Revolutionary Cinthol Deo stick for Women”.

I just passed by my nearest retail shop nearly a month & half before & had a look at the shelf saying “Deo Sacrifice” which did entice me to have a look, use the product & pen it down. The best part which instantly hit me was the tagged price of just Rs69, which got it space into my purse directly.

Curious enough the first thing I did was going Online, searching of Cinthol Deo stick for Women & took the glance of the ad film modelled by Creativeland Asia. Just as curious the Retail Shoppe made me, so did the ad film made me somewhat amused…By breaking the barriers of Spray based deodorant, Cinthol “Sacrificed” highlighting the newspaper’s first pageJ . And the reason was, to become “Messiah” & cater to the needs of masses… Yes it is innovative indeed- the deo stick !

Now coming to the actual product:

It is a cream based deodorant, which simply asks one to squeeze modest amount of cream out of the tube & spread it across the body…its use after bath made its effect stronger & the fragrance remained thrice more than rest of the deodorants. It has a much better & long lasting fragrance compared and the best part, no stain on clothes; it is also gentle on skin & yes a small stick easily fitting in the pocket, so just carry & enjoy the fragrance.

One can also opt from the available fragrance choices -3 for Women & 3 for Men!

Have a look at one of the variants available:

Clean Life, Perfect life: Godrej Protekt hand wash soap!

Cleanliness, the biggest drive close to my heart & since becoming a mommy, it has gained all the more importance in day to day life. Bringing up the little one, in the “not so pure environment” of Metro, it’s gone that cleanliness is portrayed from clothes. For me, it’s the purity we get from within while maintaining it during daily chores.

From the new life of playschool to the all new love for colours & ever growing craziness for the garden & friends, my kid is learning to be more social & here plays all the more importance of maintaining his cleanliness drive.

For me, Godrej Masterblaster played a perfect role in ensuring that my kid’s & family’s hands remain spotless throughout the day.

Godrej Masterblaster is a naturally derived and chemical free liquid soap hand wash that effectively kills germs. This awesome smelling liquid hand soap is gentle on the hands and available in refill pack.

It comes embedded with Glycerin, perfect in maintaining the skin texture & other essential oils as well. The best part is that it is devoid of “Triclosan”,a major ingredient in most of the hand washes available ,which do more harm than good to our hands. While Godrej hand wash soap has replaced it with saner actives good on hands.

It’s not just tender, it also is environment friendly, promoting the “Green Karma”, by ensuring 100% recyclable & reusable tags on this product.

With easy availability it can be bought online or offline. So guys go for it,in the best hand wash category. It removes the germs out in single wash , retain the delicacy of your hand & you get to adore its soothing fragrance. Isn’t it a three-in –one combo product.

Do check out the site & their products!




C’est la Vie!!

Dear Zindagi,

Hasne gaane ke liye hai pal do pal…Isse khona nahi, kho ke rona nahi !!

How beautiful these lines seems to be , a beautiful angel in the hands of her mother ,full of warmth & love ,full of promises to shower a sparkling life . This life is as delicate as rose petals promising a bouquet of freshness, fragrance & beauty, along with the fear of tearing apart from the flower & even main stem under strained/triggered circumstances.

Hey life , you’ve ensured merry -go -rounds at every step & that’s what I love you the most for , you are perfect in making me innovate & tickle up my grey matter every time you throw challenges. You know you are way smarter, in making me feel like a fresh flower with every fine day I win over clearing the rocky path you got me across!

From being an apple of eye for Ma -Papa, I really adore you for bringing me out from the womb of a person ,who is a synonym of “Lighthouse” ,standing high against all the odds ,guiding from all the darkness towards a place full of bright sunlight & happiness.

For safely putting me in the hands of dad , who was like a strong rock amidst the ocean who held me high all through the tides, who took all the pain by himself to make my life worth a “Million dollar Smile” ,who ensured I remain unacknowledged with the words called “HURT ,PAIN ,SACRIFICE” ,who just knew of one thing ..A SMILE For me! Hey Zindagi you simply Rock!

Zindagi hans ke bitayenge…haal –e-dil gaa ke sunayenge ….

Those foggy mornings hugs, lazily getting up to get tied up in bundles of pullovers & gloves , riding on mom’s pillion, holding tight to get her warmth , looking out for her in the campus, hiding face somehow when the troop got caught in mischief … the naughty sorry in eyes when the ranks slipped & glitter when it was at top ,running away from the yoga camp amidst the crowd meditating , & running to call dad with the onset of “Study time”.. It was all so much fun !

You were amazing, full of Innocence & light!

Zindagi kaisi hai paheli haaye…kabhi toh hasaye, kabhi ye rulaye!

Adolescence made the mark & you suddenly made the ride get tough! Strange & sad did I feel then, you made my heart break, you made me long for career of my choice, you tussled with me ,took me for all hard runs, & as I look back now almost after reaching average of the mid-life span , I feel you had to be so ,isn’t it ? Those were the moments which made me sturdy, sensible, mature! You slowly made me learn what it means to fail, not to brawl & crib over, rather work intelligently to gain back the position!

You’ve made me more realistic now sidelining the highly poignant side!

Zindagi ka safar hai ye aisa safar..koi samjha nahi ,koi jaana nahi!

You never turned back from then, made me win nearly most of the combats, got me accolades in academics & sports, you ensured that I remain creative enough & brought across the options of sketching & writing, got me married to my love, gave the most prized possession of becoming mother”!

With the passage of time you’ve ensured that I did not just find myself but I’m in the process of creating myself ,every day & night to touch others hearts!

Isn’t life the conglomeration of these words?


From morning rising sun, serene skies ,chirping of birds ,smiling sunflowers, blossoming buds, strong trees, butterflies sucking nectar, tranquil sea, to the evening calls of sun-setting, rough patchy sea, birds returning back to their homes, dark night falling with glittering sky, it all unfolds the beauty in such a magnificent manner..What more could have I asked for…Hey Vida!

Every moment of this nature has ample to be taught & learnt , it holds the key to our aesthetic & cognitive contentment ,it gives rise to our intellect once again & brings across a new & spiritual “You”

You are not all about counting on days , but you are all about counting on those little moments crafting a “cheerful you”.

You do not put one into quandary, but you put one into the reality..

You are indeed a crazy ride, worth loving full of surprising blows,

You are a song..Let me sing ..

You are music ..Let me rejoice the melody..

You are a dream..let me aspire ..

You are an experience..Let me live by it ..

You are an adventure..Let me take you to the cliff!

Hey Vida, eres impresionante!!

Narrating a song with link, for which I’m in love with from some years..

Life is beautiful Spongebob Squarepants

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.