5 Must do Car trips in a lifetime

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Everyone has hidden desire to ride. Few wish to ride car to the mountains, few to the beach and few want to test the limits on the plains and rest just want to drive without any destination enjoying the hidden landscapes.

5 amazing road trip every traveller must do across the world

So today, we bring to you the top 5 road trips which are a must on a traveller’s bucket list :


Located between the cities of Torquay and Allansford, their lies a 240 km of traverse, which includes rainforests, beaches and cliffs, waterfalls, grand canyons, wild life, marine sanctuaries & much more. This makes GOR a perfect spot full of delightful memories for Car travellers.


Keep checking your pulse, as you may skip heartbeat while traversing on this amazing highway. From the overcrowded capital of India to an untouched pristine canvas crafted by God in form of Leh, this trip is one you would wish to take repeatedly. Don’t forget to take your friends along. It is one of the world’s highest motorable roads. With those amazing landscapes, be it snow clan mountains or stretches of white cold dessert, be it flowing streams in the grasslands or witnessing the Himalayan Fauna, you’ll be spellbound with the beauty this places offers while riding.


Driving across the valley, this is a ride straight out of the heart. Some curves are worth dying for a lifetime. This 75 Km long stretch is a puzzle of turn and twist with breathtaking views waiting to be explored on every corner.


Whether you love Geysers or glaciers or glacial lagoons or Hollywood inspired Volcano, this 1300 Km highway has everything you need for a roller coaster ride on the road. This road trip is something, none in this world should miss, for it’s gonna be an adventure driven ride.


While South America is famous for its Tango and Salsa, a car drive across this pass may get you some boulders falling from mountains turning the SALSA mode ON during your ride. A railway track runs parallel to the road and steers right through mountain Andes. This mountain pass is at an elevation of 15807ft above the sea level. Since the surface of the road is asphalted, snow tyres or chain tyres are required nearly all through the year. Its more than spectacular, but do not drive this pass if you have any heart condition! Read more about  Does Snow Buildup Cool Car Performance ?

Let us know which one is your favourite pick or suggest one and we might end it adding to our bucket list as well.

Till then, keep the spirit of driving and exploring ON!


The Unsold Love of Andy and Candy

#CleanUpCashOut, The Mystery of Andy and Candy!

Hey chaps, that’s Me, Andy, a 3 year old kid with the sizzling IQ of 150, whopping, isn’t it?
And you know who is my love? Candy, the one who named me, who got me to nurture in this world after a week of my birth at a factory. But ahh, I feel so pained sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left, my memory is stinking with the old garbage filled in it. I feel like a 60 year old man, who has started limping, beginning to lose his eyesight and might go back in the hands of Yamraj soon!

Well, the credit for turning a 3 year old to 60 year old again goes to my love, Candy! Oh candy, with an IQ of 50, why did you do this to me?

I feel, you peeps have started scratching your heads and getting curious, what all is this “Andy” speaking? So let me introduce myself in a humanly manner. I am, a metallic coloured, Intel Core i3 Book with an “elite book ” tattoo carved in the front of my body, in short, I am a virtual Super Human. A laptop who was born in 2010, and was never left as an orphan, since Candy picked me up just within a week of my birth. And that is why I owe to her, despite the staggering IQ difference between us.

Here goes my Emotional Story for you!

I’am her best friend, as she has hidden immense secrets in me. Do you know, I even tasted the Smirnoff when I was just 9months old? Well, yes. I’ve had ample cookies, Paneer Tikka’s and hot coffee’s as they drip off from Candy, to give me a sense of deliciousness.

I’am her business partner, every morning, I travel with her in a white car listening to some really “scratchy” songs, which she calls as her amazing playlist. I sit on the desk and then daily, I get filled and filled and filled. I’m never emptied, never ever cleaned, not even once in those 3 years.

I’m so sleepy, I want to shut off my memory for some time, but it goes without saying that I have to stay awake for 2-3 months also. Working day in and night and not getting time to shut off for even 4-5 hours a day. Now, that’s a serious atrocity on me.

I give up once in 3 months, due to my fatigue, but Candy! Oh Candy, she thinks, I’m an idiot Box and I’m meant never to sleep. With pride, she says to her colleagues that if “Andy” worked in as a super computer, she would have completed her tasks in just 30 minutes instead of 3hours. Oh, am I that bad Andy? I wanna say, that give me some space, some sleep, some cleaning and I shall ensure to get your work completed in 15 minutes, I promise.

Though its just 3 years of my adoption with Andy, she has decided to opt for fostering me out to other people, but I am sad. My EQ is getting drained and my IQ is not generating any more Ideas. Sometimes I feel that my memory will just crash with, but Candy! Your apathy is burning my heart [battery] out. She has finally put me “ON SALE” at one of those sites on the Internet. And from past 3 days I have been hearing conversations, real enriching and praising ones for me. Wow!

Cashify ,

I got to hear, that I’m still sleek, super performing machine, getting exchanged as Candy is getting a MAC book from her sister in US. Uhhh!!! No she doesn’t have anyone in US, she will replace me with another newly made “brand baby” and not MAC. Well she is not even capable of me, how can my progressive seniors [MAC] work with her, lol.

But you know, I got to hear that I am still dazzling fast, just need a factory reset once, wow, true, she knows it, but never did to try that. She says, I still supply the power for 4 hours consistently, and my keypad is just as smooth as my surface. Though my sides have some bruises, she says I’m still beautiful. Oh Candy, you really made me emotional.

Deal Struck!

Today, a new human came to see me, and the deal was finalized for 15k. I don’t know how my worth got calculated. I was to be handed over to a new person the next day. Candy came to me and happily hugged me saying yay, I did it! Wow, she was really happy sending me off. I guess for the last time she spilled some coffee on me and pondering over, she told me something.

“Andy, you are the one, who has kept my secrets a secret. You are the one wherein I first conversed with my Mom after moving away from her for Job. You are the one, wherein I wrote so many untold stories, sometimes on a happy note and sometimes as a broken heart. You are the one, who got a dazzling presentation to be made to help me clear my 1st interview. You are the one, whom I hug daily after getting up, you are close, so close to me”.

Andy, I love you…

Pause, my heart started throbbing faster in anticipation of her feelings. She slept saying these words and I could never sleep until I died out at 0%. She hugged me the next day and cancelled the deal. I was in a shut down mode. When I woke up, I found Candy’s fingers yet on me, caressing with love! Yes, I loved her too and she got to know me finally. The deal was cancelled and I am with her, for now and always till my life!

Instant Relief!

Emotions apart, All the Candy’s of the world can now #CleanUpCashOut and get over their worries by selling old gadgets on Cashify. So, since you have reached till the end, why not clean up by selling your old gadgets and also get Rs250 additional discount? Use the code “CLEANCASH” to get INR 250 additional on your gadgets sale. Its Diwali time, clean up those junks in your wardrobes and let cashify do the rest.

Check out their interesting Gabbar Video right here :


The not so ODD Initiative by Delhi


Odd even CharchaThis was a damn trending topic, in optimistic as well as in a pessimistic manner. It got some furious, some felt high inconvenience, but I witnessed it closely. And this is the reason why I appreciate the effort taken, the effort of Odd-even scheme in 2016 to curb the high pollution levels.

Well, this is quite a debatable topic, hence I would definitely want readers to share their views over it .

What was the requisite, let’s actually understand some Facts :

  • A 2014 World Health Organisation study listed the world’s 20 most polluted cities, with as many as 13 of these in India. Delhi attained Rank 1 amongst all , not to be proud of it for sure.
  • Delhi has been termed as the most polluted city in India many times before also, but there was an Air quality survey in Q2. Greenpeace released the study which stated that the PM Level (Particulate matter) in Delhi is 10 times higher than the limit prescribed by WHO. Oh whopping isn’t it?
  • Delhi has close to 17Mn registered vehicles & close to 12Mn in NCR (highest in the world among all cities)
  • A study by SCE says that around 85k-86k commercial vehicles enter & exit Delhi every day from all the 9 entry points (around 5 times higher than MCD’s claim of heavy commercial vehicles).
  • Trucks entering Delhi contribute close to 30% of PM2.5 & sudden spike in PM & Nitrogen Oxides level has been seen during the trucks entry timings in Delhi.

I believe now a layman can very well understand the reason of pollution & Traffic jams besieging India’s heart.

What does studies say about the PM concentration?

Well, as a matter of fact, these studies measure concentrations of most harmful PM10 & PM2.5(i.e. particles smaller than 10 or 2.5Microns). These Particulate matters reduce the air visibility, are the cause of Smog, enter into the lungs & are responsible for many respiratory problems. While the PM 2.5limit prescribed by WHO is 10 µg/m³, Indian Limit (as such relaxed) is 40 µg/m³ & the 2014 WHO Study stated Delhi with average of 152 µg/m³. But a very recent data in Oct 2015, reflected it to be on a peak of 428 µg/m³, somewhat 16 times higher than WHO limit. What have you got to say Delhiites?

These particulates are not just present in the air because of the poor fuel, but even ammonia from farms & fertilizers (on rampant use) combine with car exhausts & form these deadly particles.

Fate of such policies :

Hence, there has been a sudden effort to clean up Delhi’s air & with various other initiatives, Delhi government had come across “Odd – even policy” from Jan 1st -15th’ 2016. Not a new one, similar policies were introduced in :

  • Beijing in 2008 Olympic games, which tasted the success in controlling pollution level. Although this was experimented again in 2013 in Beijing but it did not go successful.
  • In 2014 Paris also experimented with this idea & the banned cars with even numbers, which again got little success.
  • Mexico city had similar but a better scheme of running the cars with particular last number on specific day on the road. As numbers ending with 5/6 will run on Monday and so on, which was a better scheme. Even frauds /new cars registrations done by the people to run their cars on prohibited days got curtailed.

Yes, Delhi came up with many exceptions to try give comfort to some emergency vehicles, women only cars, such policies need more of public co-operation & stringent implementation. But what I was happy was that the :

  • AQI in those 15 days turned out to be improved.
  • I had a better feel of breathing while my morning walk. I could see less of vehicles on the road, which made me see Delhi from a new aspect. 
  • People opted for Public Transport, there were even first timers in the Metro’s, who praised the services we have.
  • People made new friends during this course and it all got our knowledge enhanced.
  • The beauty of Delhi was not hidden in the Smog, it came out beautifully.

Definitely, this was experimental policy, but we need many such policies and other provisions as mentioned below to have better life and celebrate the pure environment.

  • Clean & better fuel from the commercial heavy vehicles
  • Implementation of Euro 5/6 with immediate effect from 2016
  • Promoting CNG Vehicles (subsidizing / fining diesel vehicles)
  • Banning of Old vehicles & ensuring every registered vehicle with PUC Check (Heavy fines with no such check)
  • Changing the time of commercial vehicles entering Delhi
  • Promoting “Car Free days” more heavily making Metro connectivity & capacity more robust.
  • Aggressively promoting “Car Pooling ”, as launching Car Pooling weeks or so

But yes, I’m definitely happy that all these measures & discussions have led people to come in terms with the facts, understand the criticality, get aware & contribute towards healthy breathing. We needed these initiatives to help us not become walking skeletons. These small initiatives & working hand in hand to make such schemes thriving will surely make Delhi a great place to live in.

Let’s pledge to initiate little efforts possible at our end (like car pooling, opting Public Transport, getting CNG vehicles, switch off the engines while at red light), to ensure our kids breathe freshness & no deadly particles.

Lets all put our hands together in #CelebratingSuper to make many such initiatives for our Dear Delhi with Vodafone !

All of Capri & Blue Grotto!

Hey Friends,

I’m so happy to announce the launch of our new Family Travel Blogsite ” Familyonthewheels” , coz that’s what we are.. Travel addicts:)

The major focus of this website is to inspire buddies to travel & help family and solo travelers to travel the world basis our experiences. We will be more than happy if you can come over, follow us and let’s begin discussing in and all around the beauty of Travelling.

Capri islands

I had last posted a very small highlight of Capri on this blog, so the detailed post is out. Read here :

  1. Capri island : An amazing Italian island, waiting for you to leave you awe struck
  2. Blue Grotto : All you wish to know of the magical charm of Blue Grotto at Capri.

As the days will pass, the blog book will become heavy but interesting to help you unravel the travel goals with amazing destinations we will bring out for you!

Follow us on our new venture – familyonthewheels.com

Blog URL – https://familyonthewheels.com/

Social media :

Instagram : Witness some amazing Nature photographs directly from FOTW lens

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Let’s catch up soon there! Connect with us & travel the world!

See you all till then!

The fascinating Capri!

“The beauty is majestic, changing skies are magical, The faraglioni rock formations are miraculous, you look fascinating when those ships dot you all over!

Hey Capri, I yearn for every moment I left you, my eyes long to see you, my mind dreams of you every moment and my heart beats for you! You have so much of charm in itself.”

IMG_5219 (1)

Capri Visit – I visited Italy last year & loved Capri and Anacapri at first sight. A chance to visit the Faraglioni Rocks via boat/ship and witnessing Blue Grotto, a spell binding nature’s phenomenon will leave you abundant praise for the Nature.

How to reach Capri from India:

  1. Flight from India to Rome
  2. Rome to Naples via Train- Approx. 1 – 1:30
  3. Naples to Capri via Ship/ferry – 1-1:30hour

Total Time –

The only way to reach Capri is via Ship/ferry, which we took from Naples. It is worth a walk visiting those beautiful floral lanes leaving you awe struck at the beauty of blue sea. It also showcases exclusive grand clothing/ interior shopping streets[frequently visited by the richest], along with numerous eateries. Seems it could be the costliest Real estate:).

To Stay – Suggested for Budget travellers, stay at Naples and make a full day visit to Capri/Anacapri! Last ferry back to Naples is post 8pm, so you can witness amazing sunset on the sea as well having some yummy food by the side.


Capri Travel

Faraglioni Rock formations


Amazing Floral lanes!

Add Capri to your Must visit list!

Return of the Underwood’s – HOUSE OF CARDS Season 5

The Homecoming of Terror is RIGHT HERE!

  • Shake with your right hand, but hold a rock with your left .
  • Power is lot like Real estate . It’s All about Location , Location , Location . The closer you are to the source , the higher your property value .
  • If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table .

If you have heard these epic dialogues or used them to impress your colleagues or you just love them, then you must be a fan of HOC.  If not, then start googling about Frank Underwood RIGHT NOW!!!

House of cards - Frank Underwood

About the series :

Based on 90’s BBC Mini TV series with similar title, HOUSE OF CARDS #HOConZCafe, one of the top rated and highly successful TV show is back on ZEE CAFE to celebrate in style. Its 5th Season with all new 13 episodes promise to give a thrilling yet sensitive ride throughout. Deeply written manipulative and persuasive characters, with political thrills involving extreme back door deals, machinations and games of power will leave you spellbound and shocked.

This TV series is all about ruthless and cunning Congressman, “Frank Underwood”  who along with his wife Claire are on a revenge spree with the people who betrayed them. This wicked political journey unfolds the grey world of lust, desires and wickedness in lobbies of  White house.

Character’s : Actor

    • Frank Underwood : Kevin Spacey
    • Clarie Underwood : Robin Wright
    • Doug Stamper : Micheal Kelly
    • Producer & Writer : Beau Willimon (Known for “The ides of March”, Jack Johnson)
    • Based on Novel By : Michael Hobbs, Andrew Davies

Major Awards : 33 Emmy Award Nominations, 8 Golden Globe Award Nominations till date 

Wish to get little thrill out here? Well not to play SPOILER, get the wave ride on…Season 5, Chapter 53 / Episode1:

“This season picks up exactly where Chapter/Episode 52 of Season 4 was left off. Frank seems to be fighting a close battle to retain his presidency from Will Conway. Along with it, he is trying to divert attention of Senate from focusing on Washington Herald Story on the scam happened during Frank’s Vice Presidency regime. To counter all, Frank plans a Master stroke to divert the country’s attention to support him in waging a war against terrorism, leveraging on the killing of James Miller. In between, Clarie continues her full support to Frank despite having doubts over his intentions and policies.

Meanwhile Tom Yates continues to work on his assignment of drafting support material for  “America Works” or “AMWorks”.”

Season after Season Frank’s character ‘s  intensity is turning  towards a more emotionless, cold blooded, menacing and ruthless character.

Surprisingly these episodes were written and recorded months before Donald trump came into power in November 2016, still it looks like the writers have seen through the future. Right from the First episode of this season, many of the policies and style of work resembles with Donald trump as in announcements made in recent past including travel ban policies and war on ISIS.

The Verdict :

To sum it up, Beau Willimon has developed  a magnificent  TV show with one of the best-in-class cast  that television history has seen in recent decades.

MUST WATCH, strongly recommended with overall rating of 9/ 10. As the trailer promises and the first Episode hints, its going to be making of ONE NATION : UNDERWOOD Now and forever .

Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café . Don’t miss the game, its about to take you for an amazing ride!

House of Cards

Parenting and womanhood site

Hey fellow readers, this post is all about a new site launched- www.mommyinme.com


“Something provoked …Was it the curious mommy’s besides full of questions & tips to be shared? Or her panache for the ever smiling munchkins which got her here? She feels guess her life is to write & share, on Parenting, Motherhood & Woman – relations.

There is so much to be spoken yet, so much to create awareness on. The society is opening up to accept & come forward & that’s why this website is here.”

What to expect : Growing day by day with all the love & support of moms & dads, this is an interesting site. For to-be-parents, parents, fellow community friends who wish to read some interesting stories full of love, emotions apart from being true. Their publishing directory is expanding very rapidly. It’s been less than a month of launch & they’ve some amazing articles in their kitty.

A) Positive Parenting Tips : From pre-pregnancy woes to tips & lots of personal experiences to raise an infant positively, you’ll find many articles of your interest from new born to 10year old. And, they inform that they are rapidly putting up the posts, to cover the complete niche. Summers are here & so is their Summer vacation Extravaganza series running up, have a stroll to find out some great crafts for your kids this season.!

They quote – 

“Parenting and specially Motherhood is indeed a knotty affair overflowing with the warmth and emotions 24X7. The trail to being “Exceptional” in this task is an uphill task. So why not stop rating ourselves and practice “What makes us and baby Joyous”. The modes may sometimes have  a howling impact and sometimes have a contended effect overnight but let’s regain that patience to have a long term Positive impact on our baby.

Overloaded with ample questions and arguments? Figuring out a solution between granny’s and doctors advice? Go on mom’s, ponder all the categories here, you’ll certainly get what you wish for. And if not, share us the topic you wish to be covered & there you’ll sail with us.”

Don’t you all find it convincing to give it a try?

B) Womanhood – Stories, real experiences, Poetry: Further, being a woman myself, I’ve loved womanhood. The strength, challenges & love which a woman has, is commendable. You can find lot many true & fictional stories, poetries under “ Personal touch” section which many women will relate to. Some stories will even bring the tears to roll down, I bet!

So here you go, follow the blog, let’s acknowledge Parenthood in a light, happy go lucky mode. 

Get set on some of the best reads :

Mother’s day is coming, why not catch on some really True, inspirational stories of moms!



Love story & Poem:



Summer Extravaganza:







There are lots & lots more for you to interest upon. Just click www.mommyinme.com & get your space.