A Foodie’s Mission-3F’s!!#FarMoreSingapore

Fun, Food & F1!!My Way to define Singapore! A definition from the mouth of hunger soul…A greedy look from the eyes of a food obsessed & a ravenous fragrance from Food lover!

“We are born to work & to work we need to eat” Do you understand my kid.. Oh No mom..I guess I’m born to eat & work later to digest it ;)”, Various countries have their own significant tastes which bring forward their cultures & I feel my utmost duty towards every nation by contributing to their food economy.” You hungry chap..Go roam around & eat up the delicacies…See, I convinced Mom to initiate my Hunger-o-holic travel to Asia post covering most of the India & relishing the utmost taste from Idli Sambhar & Payasam to Hyderabadi Biryani & Fish curry to Paneer Tikka Masala..


So here comes the Map of Asia, Korea…China…Thailand …Nah…Few destinations for Love birds, few for cultures ,but for me ,a hunger & F1 lover ,It has to be Singapore..Won’t it be a fun watching F1 from the Flyer, savoring on Laksa, Carrot Cake, topped with Ice Kacang? Not a bad Idea at all!


Guess ,nothing can be better than sizzling Singapore street food market or to land at Gluttons Bay to swoop on that delicious Laksa ,the sight of hanging long vermicelli getting filtered out of coconut milk ,Pok with Fish slices has already started giving me hunger pangs …

God ,all my hands are fighting with my tounge ,I want to Grab up that yummy ,thin ,sleek papery figure of “Popiah” & have it fully packed with delicious cooked carrot & beans ,filed with those lettuce leaves ,sausages…Thanks to Qi Ji,Miow Sin Popiah for giving a chance to praise the beauty & taste of it:)

Being a lover of Indian food & why to miss out the indianized version of our very own Roti –Prata? You Crispy Roti..Should I add Ice-cream to you or My red bean prata..You are so crispy, so thin, You have the redness of Beans oozing out of you…& Prata Benedict..Prata so saucy..With egg & Ham…Nothing could have been better than “Prata Place” offering these luscious, most scrumptious mouthwatering foods to my plate!

Why to miss on the desserts…Ice Kacang..You are so colorful..You make my life bright..an icy mountain with jellies,palm seeds,red beans ,drizzled with condensed milk ,rose syrups ,topped with Ice cream…Your look has made me fall in love with you just at first sight..


Thanks to http://discover.stayfareast.com/ ,with wide range of food hosted along with their availability..

Bags Packed from 17-19th Sep’2015, to pounce on a destination synonym for my amazing relishing food & many more can join in being Shop-a-holics or Architecture,Beach, adventure lovers, to a perfect gateway to South east Asia ..It’ll be me.My food, My F1 & my lifetime experience.




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The love of First!!

“The moment I saw you, I wanted to hold you,
The moment I held you, I wanted to use you,
The moment I used you ,I fell in love with you,
I love your sound & the way you touch ,
I love the warmth of selfie captured by your touch,
I love the long life that you vouch,
I love the way you make me feel grand by your curves,
I love the way you make my life colorful by your grips,
I love the fantasy to capture the beauty by twists & turns
& the speed with lollipop to play on phone apps,
From that day till forever I will cherish my First ever Smartphone “

Crash..Sound of glass came across from the floor..I just turned to look what made such a loud thump, only to find it was my dad’s possession, his mobile, his Nokia Asha handset which was into crash by the hands of my younger brother ;). It had been some 6-7 years & this handset had been close to his heart, with all his memories bound in it..Many a times we urged him to upgrade to new smartphone, but he never wished to switch from his beloved Asha ,his Nokia Asha;)

But, now the time was there, he had to upgrade to his very first touch screen smartphone, but how to zero in that one could be a very difficult task. For whatever we zeroed in upon had to be something great, something towards which he falls in love at first sight.

He had always cherished the memories of his firsts in life ,be it his first moped he rode ,first salary (which is still in his bank balance) ,his first gift from mom , so Google seemed to be our role model to guide us & ensure that his very first smartphone becomes his prized possession.

Searching…Best smartphones ..results browsed were very saddening. Highly overpriced Samsung’s ,Nexus just bowed down my head ,since it was his very first ,It had to be one which did not pose a dent in my pockets & had all the very best of this community..I had been actively following tech blogs ,NDTV gadget reviews & other ET news, which gave me a first impression that something called “Moto E-2nd Gen” was on its way ,& me being a smart lady ,took the opportunity to wait for few days . Yes,Flipkart ,tech news made rounds daily on my browser & it was saved as bookmarks ,just when I heard the launch of Moto E ,my most awaited handset . Pledging GOD that it stands firm on the specs it was rumored to be, I just flipped over Flipkart & http://www.startwithmotoe.com/ site, highly impressive, recalling my first expression as..WOW.. Seems I’m on the right track.

So what my dad would love?


His Long lasting Battery:


“Yaar, my battery drained again…No mine too is on the verge of dying, first let me charge, then you can”..Dad was really worn out over our daily cribbing over the battery & fighting over the charging point.He definitely did not want to be amongst one of us but just wanted to enjoy our fight;).So, the very first he would wish that the Battery does not drains (as he had great experience on Nokia multimedia phones) .The very first look ,2390 mAH seemed pretty decent compared to other handsets in this range..

His interesting Selfie Mode :


“Papa…Lemme take Selfie ..Guys ,let’s just have a group-fie(group selfie);)” …God ,he had been hearing these terms so frequent ,hence ,I wanted him to cherish his first selfie from his smart Phone..Flipping on camera points, 5MP, cool..Just twist the wrist & here you get front & there back camera..Ha ha, seems interesting..So here it garnered my next exciting move.

His “App World”


Pic Courtesy :http://media.tumblr.com

“Ma,send this pic on my whats app ,hey bro ,just have a look at that wonder travel app ,mum it would be rainy today”.. All these things had envied dad always as he had never been that techie guy, but yes he would have loved to be a part of it..It would be great to see him starting with Lollipop, & 1.2 Ghz Quadcore processor, helping him to have a superior experience on data & apps with perfect speed.

Chew up the Lollipop;)


Being music freak, all those Kishore kumar & Mohd. Rafi melodies with live streaming would be on the move for him..Just a 3G connection paired with Moto E would rock his life & why not add colors too? Wouldn’t that be interesting to get couple of bands along with it, so that it matches mum’s dress in the function ;)? Fiery!!But yes, that would be amazing for sure. I would love to pair it up with raspberry & turquoise bands to add up splash of colors in his vivid life.

And above all, he never wanted a phone that would be larger than his hand/pocket size, so this would be perfect with 4.5inch, corning gorilla glass & a handy design for a firm grip.

Well, my love at first sight was turning crazy..This smrtphone has all the best of features embedded in it, this had to be in dad’s hands immediately, & it was certain to #ChooseToStart his life’s moment with MotoE, the new 2nd Gen MotoE .

Guys, for a detailed look at the creatively narrated story, have a visit at the URL mentioned below: http://www.startwithmotoe.com/


Moto E Pic courtesy : Flipkart.com


As against the saying –“We are born to work & not just eat, for me the saying goes as we are born to eat & work later”! And yes why to wait for the lunch & dinner for something special when the category of breakfast was rolled out 😉

Well, for me breakfasts’ can be more relishing; they can be more of tongue twisters & can be great when clubbed with nutrition. For me, they pose as more source of energy & give me the strength to work out full day.

I have been a fan of Kellogg’s since I was in class 10th ,Kellogg’s cornflakes has always served as the best breakfast for people like me ,who have always been on the run ,either for education or for work while staying in hostels. Nutrition, hygiene clubbed with ease of preparation has always posed a perfect breakfast.

& now Kellogg’s has introduced wonderful ,mouth watering nashta’s by bringing “Guptaji’s family into picture (@guptajikifamily , #KelloggsWaleGuptaji) .Ranging it from plain Corn flakes to Strawberry & banana Cornflakes or their kewra Badam Kheer ,Or Mango custard or Almond coconut shake ,just hearing out their recipe has opened up my senses ,what all can be done by Corn flakes.. Simply delicious & that too for every person of the family.

Well, be it a public holiday or normal weekday off, whether I have the TV remote or not, I’m for sure goggle out Guptaji’s address for Almond Coconut shake..Milk, Soaked Cornflakes,Almond,chocolate syrup, coconut ,blended all together to form “remote wala nashta”,feels so fresh & yummy.

This shake is got to be my twice or thrice a week energy booster .Also being an avid lover of oats, I would also love to try “Romance wala nashta” with the recipe of Oats chanadal Payasam, a different form given to milk oats. Simple addition of chanadal cooked in water & added cashew ,milk ,oats ,gur ,all healthy nutritional items cooked together to give a wow taste & win the hearts of your loved ones.

Every recipe I read, I feel like I’m already indulged in its smell, its taste, banana Cinnamon cornflakes give me an altogether new freshness for the day.

Not just the recipe, their simplicity to cook & the little time consumed are also a big motivational factors for professional people like us.

Well, this would be a big thanks to Kellogg’s who has made every one of us aware of creativity with taste .My list of their breakfast would never end & I think I would be a permanent guest to Guptaji’s house if such delicious breakfasts keep coming my way.

Guys, I’ve given my feedback, it’s your turn to knock the doors of Guptaji or try out these simply amazing recipe’s by your end.. Just 5 minutes & all ready:)

Check out various other recipes on the links shared

https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

Also ,check out the advert mentioned below ,now just sit & note down these recipe’s

My Memoir

Everyone in this world need love ,an unconditional love be it from Spouse or Parents or Siblings or close friends ,as this love is the panorama which provides immense strength ,faith in ourselves ,it acts as a booster dose to move ahead in life post failures or agonies ,it is the only refresher which motivates one to take the risk ,go ahead & capture the dreams sought after .

However strong one may be ,there is always an emotional side of a person ,which always need expression in some form or the other ,which might be in the form of immense care or it could be just 5 minutes of togetherness which fills life with radiance. Being an ambitious girl with respect to studies & career & post that marriage has posed many challenges in front of me ,there were many instances in my life wherein my parents & my friends ushered a new light ,a new hope in my life ,looking at the negative circumstances with optimism ,fighting against the odds & moving ahead in life. For me, Love & support from them has always been the riding factor of life.

With such a beautiful topic in hand relating challenges with optimism, I would love to narrate one of the incident during the fundamental & the most decisive year in my education life. With high hopes & dreams to have a tag of “Dr.” ,I was deeply & madly engrossed in my preparation of entrance for MBBS .I has given my complete 1 year for the preparation ,with average of 18 hours of study daily to excel & ensure my parent’s dream come true. Such had been the condition, that my house lady pitied me upon, & took special care of me in all terms, be it food, or freshness or love or any of my requisite. Seeing me so much engrossed in my dreams, she herself made a motive to be my endearing support & help me out in all possible manners. From morning till night ,she was there besides me & acted like a second mother to me(in the absence of my mom with me ,as I was in another town to take up the tutorials).She used to check me out in the night ,& even sometimes made me sleep in her lap. Such was her radiance that her one smile made me calm & ushered optimism in me. Days & months passed by ,we had filled up some 3 entrance test ,3 best in India ,but the seats in comparison to the applications has always been a challenge for the top tier institutes but I had a firm confidence in me up clearing the entrances for top notch ones.

The day came to write up the exams, with folded hands, my time either went to pray to God or to just revise my hardwork, & exams did go well &I was desperate to see the outcome of my work. Post writing up my exams, I had moved back to my home, to be with my family & have some quality time. But the phase between writing exams & announcement of the results always kept on hounding me & aggravated my feelings on seeing the frequent discussion about it at home. It was the worst phase ,neither could I laugh loudly nor could I be as I was …For me ,it was just the result awaited which would decide upon my fate.

One month later ,results announced ,1st test I was 4th Waiting ,2nd Test I was 10th & 3rd I did not clear all together ..So shattered I was …No one could guarantee waiting clearance, my mind stopped working, I was into tears, where did I lose? Where could have I been negligent ,How did I miss the most precious year of my life ,How come I not make my parents feel proud , I could not fulfill their dreams?So many How’s & why’s pondered me over..It felt I would lose my mental balance, but suddenly amidst all this, the presence of someone changed my thoughts. My house lady had come over the next day to be with me, on knowing of the result. As I saw her, I jumped & hugged her so tightly & cried like hell..She let me cry..She heard me wailing..She heard all complaints towards God.. & Just narrated one line.. Baba ,you’ve not lost anything ,you’ve not lost me ,you’ve not lost love of your parents ,You’ve not lost love of your friends ,then why to act as a loser? See the love all have in their eyes, see the pain when you are in pain, Is it not sufficient, you will have more chances to succeed in life, give it another chance .Yes, her beautiful words acted as a pacifier to me & I controlled & decided to give myself another chance. But ,I wanted to move away from medical field (as I had so many bad memories of them) ,I consulted ,graduated in Biotechnology from Top Institute in India ,bagged a Gold Medal in my Graduation as well as Post Graduation & today I stand firm a, successful & ambitious professional ,a successful home maker & a mother to 7 month old kid.

Yes life teaches one a lot & mostly few people, their love & their simple guidance pour optimism in life.

For me, my house lady, Prerna aunty was & is everything to me, just like her name!

Similar is the positivity@ Housing.com .Do check out the link https://housing.com/ & the initiatives taken by them.

Blissful Journey!!

Motherhood is an amazing feeling, which imbibes in itself an emotion of love, care, merriment, compassion. But the road to motherhood is not an easy path, along with lovely sentiments, it does brings struggle towards the responsibilities, pouts of pain on hearing the cries, an unknown fear towards the future of child and many more. But not just the challenges begin post bringing the little baby in this world, but for a female, for a working female, the challenges begin much before.

As the nuclear family culture is on rise & joint family culture is nearly eroding, the decision to plan a baby for a working woman is the most difficult task .A female has to compromise on her career, on her ambition & opt for the family route. Similar was my situation some 1 year back ,the questions of continuation of my professional life hounded me day night .None of my family members would be with us for sure & it was just me who had to manage the little child & professional work load. The questions as –Would any of my family be there to support my desire of working post baby? Am I ready to take the responsibility of entering into the phase of motherhood? Can I nurture the child with full justice? My ambition towards my career will anytime be an impediment to this decision, whether it’s taken today or later on. But despite these questions ,one day this decision had to be taken, so, firmly the decision was taken & I welcomed my beautiful child some 7 months back.

My desire to continue with the profession was somewhere hidden for the fear of getting no support from the family for the first 3 months. I just tried thinking day night, but could not arrive at any solution to convince my family. Rather, looking at the strong sense of my in-laws to resign as soon as possible , was too hard for me to digest. How could I leave my career of 6 years behind? Why did I study so hard to have glorious academics & then have a successful career? It was not made for this day, a day that my child would be brought into this world, I would have to quit my other life. No, who so ever may protest, I had to be very firm on my mind-set & find some solution to cater to my ambitions, along with my child.

So the first step I took was to convince my husband ,& to the most pleasant surprise ,he was with me ,he lend me full support not to put a question mark on my career. This gave me immense strength & a confidence to manage up both the responsibilities with 100% justice. The very next day I decided to have a discussion with my management & started for my office.

The feeling of landing up at work place was so pleasant, so warm, a new hope of positivity ushered me.

Not just my husband ,my management was there with me ,so considerate & so understanding .They did gave me a chance to prove myself ,but being a new mom in a nuclear family ,I was allowed to initiate half day work from home. That was the biggest gift my management could have given me. Happily, I arranged for my maid to be with my kid for 4 hours during which I was away from home. For some 15 days I trained my maid on all the basics (although she was experienced) ,desires & naughtiness of my kid .I did gave out some time for my kid to get accustomed to the caretaker for few hours before joining the office. Things turned out very well, it has been 3 months that I have been working in this manner.

I’m with my kid from morning, prepare his meals daily (as he is in his weaning phase), start for the office & come back in 4 hours. Then it’s me, my kid & yes office work in between as & when I get time.

So really GOD is great, for every moment, for every desire he is there along with us .Anything tried deeply from the bottom of heart is bound to work sooner or later.

This was a new life for me, a life which I fought from the elders to live ,a life which I want every working female to understand that to begin a family should never be an obstacle to the hardly built up career. Not necessary one might get the support of management & husband the way I got, but it was my resolution to keep the head high. Even in the adverse situations, one can always be an entrepreneur & design their lives along a new path.

This phase has actually been blissful for me, my kid & my profession.

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