Only an Indian could have done this


It seemed to be a dull evening as I gazed out of the window to see the evening semblance.  Sun was setting ferociously in the sky, spreading its orange hues all over. But that day, Orange didn’t seem a pretty festive colour to me, rather that ferociousness strained me all over. Chirping of birds was no longer heard as they started flying to reach their home back in time. City chaos reflected packed bags to reach home. A Tea stall outside the office premises began shutting down post a day’s business.

But what had happened to me? Why did I not want to return back home? Why heading back & confronting tomorrow to my team could be a “Black day”? I expected tomorrow to be a murky day, a beholder to some crushed dreams & crippled hopes. I wanted this sun to never set & wanted to hear the birds warble. Thinking that the city chaos would come to an end, my apprehensions grew more and more with every tick of the clock in my cabin. This summer day was something not with good vibes.

How did that happen?

After all, all the discussions had failed to give any proper solution. The deadline was not going to be extended now. We were mammoth some 3years back in the budding Social media market. Even after getting a 4th round of funding from investors last year, we had failed to bring back the revenues on a YoY basis. From past 2 years we were literally bleeding. We 3 friends started this company which rocked the charts for initial 3 years and then was taken over by a strong European firm with presence in 5-6 countries. The future looked bright enough and it was a huge celebration:) .

But how did it slip all of a sudden? Who was to blame for it? Just we employees? Or the management who took over post merger? Or the wrong decisions of marketing & product strategy which prompted to make significant investments but no return in the Asia pacific market?

Complete team, ranging from young geeks to mid aged office helpers, had witnessed the struggle. From senior management to the guards had seen QoQ changes & numerous cost saving initiatives. But the strategy to overcome just failed. It seemed as in “We were destined to confront this callous day”.

I wanted to object to the Bitterness…

Just an hour back, we had received a final letter cutting the “Resource budgets” from our European parent. It was a 50% cut and instructed that nearly 50% of the employees had to be terminated tomorrow with immediate notice. No severance packages could be thought off under those circumstances.

Tears rolled out of my eyes to see the name of one of my team member in that list who was on leave due to sudden attack. How could I break this news to him? Had the destiny turned me that selfish? Was me being CEO of my Indian arm a bane? The economy was as such getting saturated. There seemed to be very few jobs in the market. The pain continuously gripped me, when I finally took a decision to stand against it, no matter what.

The Clock started ticking…

Immediately, I called an urgent meeting of all of my employees. My Indian culture had taught me to be transparent enough. I threw across the complete crisis to my employees and started to discuss on the quick fix instead of termination.

We are all a family and family doesn’t abandons anyone”.

“We can eat less on our part, but will always give food to the needy”.

“Let’s hold hands firmly in the time of impasse”

“Didn’t we study crisis management? It’s time to apply in real life”

“Let’s have justice to each & every employee of this group”

“It will be a united game, if one is asked to move, we all will back & resign”

It’s so rightly said in Rigveda “Whole world is my family”.

These were some of the thunders roaring in the meeting room. As the moon popped out, it gave us all a sense of calmness & more harmony amongst all 100 employees of the “Family”. Family values had won that day. It reflected that “a personal touch” still exists in the world of professionalism.

Together, as a team, as an Indian Team, we worked out a solution with cuts in salaries, on a case to case basis. We worked for hours judging the package basis the experiences & need factor. Numerous cost initiatives were taken. Senior management prompted to abandon the extra benefits given to them. They wanted to come on the same level as the other colleagues.

And it was all so voluntarily, so gladly just to let none go back home empty handed. The given budget by the parent team was touched. The room was booming with the claps. We had finally got an explicit key to the big Lock of future. I was ecstatic to return home & passionately awaited for the morning to discuss it out with our parent group.

It was a beautiful morning, with no clouds in the sky. Perfect morning gives rise to a perfect day. Indeed the meeting with the European parent was successful. It was not just successful, but we got an outstanding ovation for imparting a sense if strength, ownership & morale. After all these were the Indian sentiments of working together as a “Family” which had won the hearts of all. It was soon announced to apply the same practise across other offices globally as well.

The determination to be together wins; The strength to love all triumphs; Tenacity to support & help those in need scores above all! That’s what the “Profession is not about” but this is what “Indian Profession is all about”! This is what was taught to us “Unity in Diversity” & yes we Indians stood for it! Proud to be Indian by thought, by words. All hands join to make a heart, a broken chain can never form it. Think from Heart, react from Mind!

Indian thoughts

As quoted in Vedas “If a householder moulds himself according to the circumstances just like the nature moulds herself according to seasons and perform his “Karma”, then only shall he acquire happiness”. Indeed we had acquired subtle happiness!

And this is what this lovely Lufthansa TVC has got to say with India’s growing global influence & the adaptability of Indian culture & ethos. It sums up saying #MoreIndianThanYouThink. And it stands so firm, we are & will be more Indian by our values. Our values have made us stand strong against the storms encountered.

Watch Lufthansa TVC, Think like Indians to succeed!

Men =Women

Well that’s a heart –rending 20th century, when everybody is trying out their hands on some amazing gadgets from a 2 year kid to 80 year old, with some incredible innovation going across, it still answers as “yes” to the question if Laundry /household chores are the tasks of women? Well that’s the ugliness of mindset in lovely Indians even today. I do acknowledge the fact that I was born in a typical family with a “gender equality” outlook ,where I did see my dad & uncle working in kitchen to clean the dishes ,leave Laundry ,which seemed to be their favourite time pass twice a week;) ,but the surroundings differed drastically from our family . I could always see aunties in neighbourhood brushing thoroughly kids dresses ,ironing them ,polishing their shoes ,cleaning the house ,which actually made me question my mom when I was in class V.. “Ma ,why in every house, all aunties do these chores while men just sit in the garden sipping cup of tea & reading papers ,is only women responsible for kids & house? “& an amazing answer I received.. “Just wait for next 10 -15 more years & you’ll see vice versa all around” .My mom was working since I was born & dad had to help to her out in every chore so as to main a harmony & share off the load..They both were a perfect role model for me.

Years passed on & I was married…Well marriage was a knock on my class V question, wherein there was a perfect demarcation of women doing household chores & men relaxing & earning money..That was absolutely hard to digest then & even now since nothing has changed ,it’s this mindset in India which has led to a scintillating figures by a survey conducted by third party for Ariel which revealed the below stats : Its really astonishing for a developing country like India & needs immediate change of thoughts in the budding trees !

Just sharing a hilarious conversation with my friend.. “My wifey asked me to do the laundry but my luck had it, I found another pair of underwear to survive a day moreJ

Well gentlemen, This is a washing Machine…much easier to operate than Video game or may be X-Box, just pressing of few buttons with some commonsense will work outJ Try out once & I can guarantee you won’t die …Neither do you have to leave the remote /keep your eyes off the match for long, nor do your friends need to know of the newly developed skillJ

What we wish to achieve is Gender Equality; Men can do the laundry, they can even cook, they can stay at home & nurture the babies, who say’s they can’t? Women can pay for their bills, they can propose a boy, they can be CEO of a company, they can go all in Olympics & be what a man can be…It’s just a matter & game of mindset & willingness to opt for feminine role & excel in it J .Women are not born working their house hold chores but they are trained, so can men get trained, if their parents wish to make them master of all instead of feeding them till throat & asking them to relax & gain kilos ;)!

Guys, isn’t it a perfect time to break upon all the deeply rooted stereotypes in our minds? If women can multitask & excel in all fields why can’t these gentlemen prove & have a sense of sharing the load? Leave the older generation who won’t agree & arrest all our thoughts of seeing their boys work, but don’t leave them in blind fold with these “labels” .Yes being a working women & a wife to an amazing person ,seeing me work all the time has changed his outlook & he is always by my side helping me out in all things ,be it laundry or cleaning dishes or any house hold task ..It’s such a feel good sense to have such a partner who believes in supporting you, who wish to see you happy & not engrossed in these daily tasks..It’s our generation who need to read these lines & change these statistics .It’s not just we wish to realign ourselves ,it’s our moral responsibility to inculcate these values in our kids minds from the beginning.

Kids learn & do what they see, so be a role model to them, give them the right values of “Gender Equality” ,make them hands on to do laundry when you are occupied, let your boys clean their dishes only , let them tidy their rooms ,make them a responsible citizen of a growing nation. Let them not take the bun , sit & relax but ask them to share the pie ,that’s what I saw in my paternal home #ShareTheLoad .Sharing is a way of caring ,to more you share ,the more you care ,educate the boys in all these tasks to ensure a secure & happy future for them.

World is progressing fast & so is India changing, it’ll be a setback if these things remain un-catered. Vouch on; it’ll be no biasness but neutrality you’ll be driving!

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.



Not so Glorious

I’m a Strong Woman,

I can break all the stereotypes

                                      Don’t judge me by my looks..
                                      As I’m a beauty with Brains

                                      Yes, I’m a multi-tasker,      
                            I can be a Mom or a Model or a CEO,
Change your thoughts & let our fraternity give our dreams a fly, well above all the on-lookers
Wow, that’s like my daughter, you’ve secured highest in Class 12th, one of the best in Biology, I’m so proud of you. You know Srishti, I always wanted to be a Doctor but I could never become one, I really want you to be one, work more hard in the Medical entrance & give my dreams a fly.

But ma ,I don’t want to be a Doctor ,rather my interest lies in pursuing high in Biotechnology & become a scientist ,I wish to do researches on Onco-genes ,which are cancerous cells .Since you are also aware that till date there is no 100% cure for cancer & so many people across the globe lose their lives ,I want to work to give such patients a life of heaven & not hell .

Srishti, that’s fine, but do you know you are an Indian girl, pursuing all these will take so much time of your life, a PHED will itself will take close to 4-5 years & such tedious researches may take many more..Further, I don’t even feel that there are many such institutes in India which can help you pursue your dream.

Hey mom, India does have, but I’m as such targeting an International university which is already into it.

Srishti, I cannot allow you to go abroad.

But why mom? What’s the harm in it? I’m going to pursue something good for human race, I wish to go to US bringing back something innovative & curative attributes .I’m not going there to enjoy or burn out my efficiency in roaming around.

Shrishti ,try to understand beta ,you have 4-5 years to study & then we plan to get you married to some good guy & then pursue what you wish to..What will the society say that we have sent our young daughter all alone?

Mom, your dreams went unfulfilled, now you wish my dream also to remain dream?”

The rugged conversation ended with a deep silence!! Somehow that conversation had a break there but destiny wanted to shower goodies to Shrishti, as she was pretty successful in convincing her Dad, who had always wanted her to nurture her thoughts & fly high!

So a month later, all found her engrossed in filling up the applications for the Entrance tests & with her perseverance she got selected in one of the best universities in California ,where she wanted to be ! Next 3 months which involved in all the preparations, arranging for Student Visa , & packing up the bags ,as she was ready to flyJ

But those days filled up the place with numerous gossips & minds with many agonizing judgements.

See aunty is sending Srishti all alone, she is so vulnerable, they don’t have any known there, how will she cope up?

She just knows how to make a coffee for herself, who will do all the rest for her?

How can they believe the foreigners, just have a look at their culture, I’m dam sure she will come back a ruined child..

You know she could even marry someone & return back..

Blah Blah..What not all did I hear? For the very first time, I felt myself ridden in this stereotypic society, with such a negative blend of mindsets surrounding us. Had it been a boy or for that sake my cousin brothers, these insomniacs would have been clapping & boasting, see he has gone foreign for higher studies.

It happens & yes you have to be strong enough to completely ignore these buzzing bees around, affirming these lines, I moved on to foster my mission .I got the opportunity to work with the best people in this world, which not many people get .Not just professionally but leading a hard life there made me lot stronger personally as well. I learned to cook, clean my dishes, and sanitize my room along with the research for mankind. It had been close to a year I was settled there, when my mom along with one of my aunt longed to visit me . Happily I made all the requisite arrangements, not just to stay but researched a lot to ensure they enjoy travelling around .I had gone completely extrovert, a bold girl sustaining herself to accomplish her dreams.

Welcoming & hugging Mom & Aunt made me a happy being; I longed for an emotional touch & waited for a year to sleep in mom’s lap. But It is often said, people don’t like changes & so my aunt !

“Shrishti it seems you always roam around in a tee & Jeans beta ,don’t forget our Indian Traditions .You’ve also started driving ,in our home town its usually our mates ,the males of family who drive you. I’m not trying to make the environment gloomy but beta don’t forget that you’ll return back soon to Jalandhar & have a different pie of life.”

I couldn’t resist myself , “In India does wearing jeans & Tee ,driving for studies by a girl is looked upon as a disaster? If yes ,let me do the disaster ,I’m still the same Shrishti with respect for elders & people in heart ,I dress up soberly ,I drive for my studies & not roam around ,I’ve learnt to prepare meals ,the one I didn’t for past 16 years ,I’ve learnt to be self dependent in every term which my home didn’t made me. I’m a very much Indian by heart & yes I know where my roots lie at.”

Nothing looking back, I could just see my Mom hugging & praising me all the more!

This was one of the worst stance in my life ,wherein I had to prove to my own family ,It did hurt me ,but yes that’s the challenge in a stereotypic society & I had countered it humbly ,stating that #IAmCapable J ,A girl is capable to handling everything ,she is a multi-takser ,she is an image of Godess ,never ever under estimate the power a woman carries.

It’s actually not shocking to see the way a women is judged, few startling figures that the Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable survey conducted by Nielsen India reveals:

a. 69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks.

b. 64% of women agree that the judgments passed on them have affected their ability to reach their true potential.

c. 70%of women agree that majority of judgments on women are from family members or friends rather than strangers.

d. 72% of women agree that working women face more judgments on their looks or their clothes than housewives.

Girls, let’s just bang on & break all these classifications, let’s pledge & change the mindsets that people bring along with our physical attributes.

“I’m breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing my experience for the #IAmCapable activity at BlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals.”

Check out one of Nihar Naturals’ #IAmCapable stories in the video below!


Blog for #FundAhamBhumika : The kids need you

Well briefed!!

Dew Drops

Writing is a passion. Blogging, a platform to read and be read by like-minded writers.

Through this medium, I have realized the true power of words. They can make you. They can break you. I am here only to make. Make friends, gain access to different perspectives, learn newer things and to be a fundraiser for genuine causes and projects. This is where being part of blogging groups helps.

How content you will feel if you’re able to fund food, education or basics for underprivileged children? The true joy of giving. I know we are all cautious when we hear the words NGO, fundraising, donation or charity. So here’s a rural school for which we are fundraising through this group blogging initiative by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Project – #Ahambhumika | Bhopal



Here’s a brief  about the rural school.

Aham Bhumika’ is an NGO, a group of like-minded people based in Bhopal, a city in the…

View original post 425 more words

Aunty Reeta, Uncle SAM & their TV Plight!!

TV.. Remote..Fight..This has been the sequence in my life since I was a little Kid ,then was the time to have fights with Bro ,gradually me being constant ,opposite party kept changing from brother to mom & now to Husband (yes sometime’s Mother-in –law & Mum too when I visit them;)) . So just rejuvenating the past reminiscences, rather Grand fight memories , beginning this topic with few of the amazing ,all time favourite entertainment /drama series one should have in their busy schedule (How ?I’ll for sure share with you soon..)

Guys, don’t think that it’s me who is a pugilist, rather post you get hold of my all time favourite shows, you’ll be on my side to view them without a missJ

  1. Game of Thrones –A MissionJ

Majority of its viewers must be wondering like me why the show was not named as “Winter Is Coming “,as every character keeps chanting this phrase across season just the way Gabbar made ” KAB HA HOLI ?? ” famous.

GOT is based on Book series namely “A Song of Ice and Fire “written by George RR Martin and takes its name from the first book in the series. Story revolves in the fictional land of Westeros where a number of individuals and noble houses vie for control of the “Iron Throne” which rules over the realm. The series broadcasted on HBO has won 26 Emmy Awards and had completed 5 seasons till date. It has set path-breaking records in terms of viewership and has billions of active international Fans. Won’t you gonna check on it?

2. I shouldn’t be alive – Frenzied Thrill J

Yes, generally every married couple ask this question to themselves every second day wondering how they are still alive on this earth ;). Jokes Apart, this show is nowhere close to Husband – Wife tussle but re-enactments of stories in form of extraordinary tales of human survival against the savage elements, adverse climates and physical hazards. Broadcasted on Discovery Channel, this show is a dramatic version of how people in such adverse situations, fell into the hands of “Yam” & how their struggle got them back to life ,to lead the life they wished to . In simple words how common man turned into “Bear Grylls”;). I sincerely wish no one ever gets stuck in such situations but the series is definitely a must watch ,it’ll definitely thump your heart ,arouse your sensations & will urge you to join hands to see the ones enacting get out of the snag. It makes you learn the extreme of humans desire to survive and learn skills in such situations.

3. Big Boss – Eventual DRAMAJ

  • Love ,Hate ,Jealousy , Witty ,tricks ,hook or crook ,is all what you get to see on this entertainment show..Anything true will also seem false to us;) Yes, that’s how this Reality show is .With many stars volunteering to be in the Big Boss house without the basic necessities (Mobile ,TV, no venturing out of the house ,Work hard to earn food that too in a very limited edition & many more things),sometimes this show will make you laugh to its extremes & sometimes you’ll be running after to shut your TV ,that’s how it goesJ .With Salman Khan hosting this show on Colors ,it has attained consistently high viewership (except the last season)

    It is an Indian version of Big Brother first developed in Netherlands & it 8 seasons have already got rolled out, 9th season coming soon!

    4.Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma – Critical FunJ

    Crooky nooks, cranky smiles, hate for Brother-in-law, love for neighbours (wifey; -Jetha -Babita)),kid’s hungama ,this is an ultimate hilarious show getting featured on Sony Sab.

    It is bound to leave you in pangs, hold your stomach laughing & along with that every day there is an ultimate message for all of us to learn & act in our lives. Don’t expect something happening or of highly influential lifestyle from this show, but this show completely revolves around main 7 families living in “Gokuldham” Society, their daily struggles (enacted & presented in an ultimate fashion), the learning’s. On Air since 2008, this show has high TRP & is loved by millions of viewers.

    5.Tom & Jerry – The ULTIMATE FUN J

    “Dil toh Baccha Hai Ji” ,no matter my age ,I’am & will always be an enthusiast of “Tom & Jerry” ,just to re-live those early innocent days ,to overlook & put all chaos of daily life behind & see the Tom Cat –Jerry Mouse exquisite fights & comedic races;) An American animated series created in 1940’s ,but still can beat many such series created recently ,numerous spin offs have been made & aired on Television every year on one or the other channel. Just as husband can never catch is wife ;), same goes with Tom, always being after Jerry but never able to catch, due to the alertness, cleverness, shrewd & wily abilities (actually a perfect comparison of husband-wife). So, do kindle up your lives, enliven it up by must watching this amazing series.

Well ,there could be few more on my list as “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa ,Indian Idol (Junior) ,The Voice India ,all the more great reality shows ,but ..but…but a smart player to catch hold of all these.

From Fantasy to Reality to humour to life threatening adventure. Isn’t a complete serving on the plate? Don’t drop your jaws …Just grab these shows …Worried of the similar fights of TV & remote? So harmonious, so peaceful would’ve this life been with these amazing entertainments all around..But I guess most of you are worried just in the same manner our dear Aunty Reeta & her family is..Catch up the interesting read right hereJ

Is it a Kahani Ghar Ghar ki of an old Traditional Indian Family…? Every family with Uncle SAM, Aunty Reeta & their Kids, Bunty & Babli..Who are still living in the world of viewing their favourite serials on the TV channel’s at the specific times & they all end up creating a havoc daily..

Aunty Reeta, not to spare her “Sasural Simar ka & Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma” to Uncle SAM, who cannot resist cricket matches being a big buff & close watcher of mind-blowing political debates 😉

So, the curse begins daily as soon as the evening sets in, from remote grabbing to switching channels amidst advertisements, to finding reasons to send either of them out of the TV room..All hooks & crooks 😉 & to worsen up comes the entry of Bunty, who wants to glue to his favourite Cartoon channels, as a dossier recommended by Mom, post finishing homework timely 😉 LOL…Seems the house is on fire!! A big fire & none to pity poor TV, with a feel of urgent availability of multiple remotes of one TV!

Well, summarized is the case, to which all of us can easily connect to J

Laughing..Naughty..Smiling from the core of heart??? Remembering your many similar days too but getting anxious as well how to swoop my “Ready –Must –watch shows “list?

This chaos, daily blowing battle of TV & its remote has to come an end to, with an Intelligent consultant (Like me ;)). To let this debacle come to an end to, here goes my suggestion to Uncle SAM & Aunty Reeta & to all of you Gals & guys … It’s the TATA Sky Transfer..

Wo..Hoo.. Yahoo.. Got this? Calm down ,unwind yourself & view GOT sitting on the Roof top early morning gazing at the stunning sun rise on your tablet ,yes your very own tablet..You’re the master so just order TATA Sky transfer for recording & transferring of your startling shows to your laptop or Tablet or Mobile & you just need to sip coffee while viewing & leave rest all fighting 😉 Ha..ha ,no you need to share this mantra with all well wishers as well.. Remember, one good deed will pay you many more back!

Load lena ka nahi..Dena ka..let Tata sky transfer ,transfer the Recorded content (even HD),Stream on tablet or mobile (it works on Google Play or even iOS),View the recorded content anytime anywhere ,or transfer the shows to your Hard disc & view anytime you wish to..While travelling or waiting for train /flight/or during relaxed moments. Just carry your favourite shows in your hand & transform the world of Television..Courtsey..Tata Sky+ Transfer!

So quickly visit the page of Tata Sky transfer ,get amazed at the advertisement embedded Tata Sky Transfer ad on Youtube, get up & order the very next moment to handle Aunty Reeta’s family elegantly!

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