Dosti Yaari etc

” कौन होता है दोस्त? दोस्त वो जो बिन बुलाये आये, बेवजह सर खाए, जेब खाली करवाए, कभी सताए, कभी रुलाये, मगर हमेशा साथ निभाए.”  !!

So here comes tale of colleagues to friends to travel mates & then to one of the best friend  & finally to mommies.

You could find many friends on this earth but the grasp of true friends who are not just besides you in the happy times but there to second you every moment, whether good or bad are the true friends whom you back on forever.

Such is our friendship, which started from normal group washroom gossip from dresses to bosses to in-laws ;). It was indeed a very slow motion friendship moving ahead with having lunches together to playing Table tennis in free office time. Suddenly we cracked some familiarity with each other, from the basic nature to the end objectives of life, all seemed to match with each other. Good liasoning was the main factor which made us both close together.

Yes both of us were married by then, but suddenly my husband decided to make a move to another city & so I had to follow him. But moving away from each other never left us shattered, we continued our long gossips in whatever meager time we had.

Meeting each other had become difficult hence we thought to enhance our friendship circles & drove it by planning a quick getaway trip with our better-half’! As the luck would have it, both the males instantly got along with each other, rejoicing every bit of our journey from hiking to playing to swimming to rafting. Not even for a moment it felt that it was the first outing & meeting together. This was the point which actually strengthened our bond all the more.

There was no turning back; we all started having small trips together, enjoying each other’s company all the more.  I still remember it was in Jan’2014, evening 7 pm when all of a sudden both of us spoke instantly..”I’m expecting”.. What?? What?? Yes, OMG you too.. WOW, that was really brilliant, our minds & hearts were all in such synchronization & not to miss, both of us had nearly same dates, just 10-12 days of difference!

Our bond grew more close, sharing the baby bump pictures, caring more for each other, sharing our doctors conversations, what to eat, what not to.. Suddenly the world had changes so much, those are the months when you are at your maximum emotional turmoil’s & then it was I realized ours as a true friendship.. No grudges, No qualms, just understanding & caring for each other.

Delivery date was shivering me, it was she, who was herself in that mode but always encouraged me to be strong, to have the feeling of motherhood, to be positive & within the span of 15 days both of us gave birth to lovely boys, Arham & Arjun! It’s said that motherhood is a new birth for mother as well & indeed it was a re-birth of our friendship as well. If it brings out the other side of a woman in the form of compassion, love, tenderness it also brings us across numerous challenges & you know there needs to be a strong support apart from your family who understands you & I can proudly say that it was her for me!

It’s been 2 years now that our babies are in our lives, relations take a toll, but for us nothing has changed. We are yet the same pals who care for each other, still plan trips together with kids now, eat, laugh & play together. Life has become happier with you dear friend!

Dedicated to our friendship …”Jab life ho out of control, hoton to karke gol…Seeti baja ke bol…All is well”, we know we are & will be always together & till the time it remains , life will be always be in

“All is well” mode!

Thanks for the entire bouquet of love dear friend!

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REady to go

When first it was showcased conceptually in 2014 Auto expo ,it felt something crazy is soon to hit Indian roads & yes it going to be true soon in just few days more. Yes guys it’s about All new “Datsun Redi –Go,(associated with Nissan).

I haven’t been lucky to take it out for a ride, but I’ve been following it up with respect to its expected prices, features, comparison with similar segment cars as Kwid & Alto.

Look for the city beginners is bound to drive you crazy ,it is a perfect combination of “Compact Crossover & Urban hatchback” ,as quoted by Datsun ,and why not ,this car from the Japanese brand maker is actually a “Ready -to-go car for the first timers or budget people .

Many reviews are already quote at various sites but I would love to feature down few points why it is a CAR of My interest:

  1. Ambitious styling : Crossover like body , Lovely character lines running on the sides ,stylish day time running lights ,”D-cut grille” with perfect honeycomb pattern framing the Datsun badge gives an extra edge .

Scintillating fresh Lime green colour with perfect hues gives a sense of freshness. Although it is believed that it will be available in other colours as Ruby Red ,White ,Silver & Grey but this lime colour does gives a sense of freshness.


  1. Spacious Interior: It gives a comfortable 5 seater space with luggage space (much better than Alto) .The dashboard is actually something to boast about! An unconventional dashboard, digital tachometer gives a fresh sense again.

Light shades of grey in the interiors give a calm feel.


  1. High Fuel Efficiency: With a claimed 25.17kmpl, the 799CC engine gives a great fuel economy. It’s so simple just pull out the car & enjoy the long ride without any worries


Not just these 3 distinguishing features, it also has a very small turning radius, very apt for city people & even for crowded metros like Delhi. With a full turn of just 4.7m turning radius, it’s certain to emerge us out of the narrow lanes in Delhi. It will certainly drive us out of city blues!

It does have driver seat Air bag for safety as well and the best of all, it is expected to be priced between 2.5lacs -4lacs bracket.

Isn’t it a game for “Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback “

For me with these great efficacies, I would definitely love to test in on Delhi roads for Mileage & for never letting me in a fix on the narrow lanes.

Do check the detailed feature study @ ,for Datsun Redi-GO to be launched probably on 7th June’2016.

Sizzling 4G

So the life has become a “Google page”, with the change in technology & upcoming apps, we have actually become handicapped to this World of Internet. What has started mattering is-Oh! Again I’m on the verge of Slow speed .., Oh, My Data pack is about to finish. This world has transformed to using thumbs more to browse, chat, share, visualize every moment of one’s life.

With such a phenomenal dependency, telecom had to swiftly change from 2G to 3G & now with 4G becoming a reality in India, we all need to experience the speed .With Reliance Jio sparking up the expectations, it was Bharti Airtel, who made the first of it, again this time, proving their sustained leadership!

Brief on Benefits of 4G compared to 3G:

  1. Hi –Speed – While 3G offers max.3.1Mbps speed (averaging between 0.5-1.5Mbps) ,4G claims to have 100Mbps (averaging somewhere close to 12-20Mbps) speed .
  2. The Peak upload rate which 3G can give is 5Mbps, while 4Gcan offer upto 500Mbps ( although these are far away from actual scenario’s ,which depends a lot on external factors as no. of users sharing the tower ,no. of cell phone towers in vicinity & many others .)
  3. The Peak download rate which 3G can offer is 100Mbps while 4G offer 1Gbps ,isn’t it very Hi-speed guys?
  4. 2G&3G networks are more related to better Voice quality offerings than Data but this is not the case in 4G, which offer superior access to Mobile Data.
  5. Quoting an example to know the actual benefits of 4Gover 3G –
    1. An average length song can be downloaded in 2.5seconds in 4G compared to 8.2seconds as promised in 3G
    2. A great move for Movie maniac’s ,complete Movie download in just 9minutes on 4G ,compared to 41 minutes in 3G

It can be easily concluded that all Movie lovers can now just sit, download & watch multiple movies a day..That to without buffering &with better resolution! What a great time saving technology 😉

Why Airtel 4G? Ready to answer –

  1. First telecom operator to launch 4G across 296 cities spread across Pan India.
  2. Best part is the ease to get 4G SIM (If your Handset is capable of 4G) .With no hassles of queuing up in front of stores, tweet (#GetAirtel4G) is just a step you got to do to get the SIM home delivered or one can even click on Airtel Free SIM if you have a 4G handset.
  3. Another amazing reason is “Controlled Pricing”, so now you get 4G plans at 3G price only, that’s the best for people like usJ ,In Delhi you can get 1GB data at just Rs 299 or opt from any of their good range of “Infinity Plans”.
  4. Don’t be sad if your handset doesn’t supports 3G, as a strong competition between the operators have forced mobile manufacturers to bring out best of their devices in the range of Rs5,000-Rs45,000.

Now comes Why do I choose Airtel 4G?

The wait was finally over for a handset freak like me, carrying a 4G device with 3G SIM from past 8 months, when my 4G Slot was supported by 4G SIMJ

The list was big for me to experience 4G speeds, which I actually got close to 12Mbps in my area.

  1. A big movie buff, but what happens when you have a year old kid who doesn’t allow you to enjoy theatre? Well the answer is Airtel 4G ,since the day I owned SIM ,I’m downloading 1-2 movies per day & enjoying their watch as per my convenienceJ
  2. My lost passion of reading ought to rejuvenate ,so I have started downloading & purchasing my loved novels once again ,with the ease of downloading & reading on my small –but 5” screenJ
  3. My regular social interaction has become too instant guys, here I send a ping & there it gets delivered.
  4. Pics, Videos have much better resolution & yes I forgot what does buffering means to me 😉
  5. Even shopping has become more mobile with Myntra going just the Mobile way & Flipkart adopting the same soon ,so my happiness knows no boundariesJ
  6. For future, I do see my Kid downloading ample games on my mobile, which cannot be actually restrained.

It seems the world is just a click away, thanks to Airtel 4G! Check out more at

Enjoy 4G until 2020 wherein Registrations & licence have been allotted to pilot 5GJ

Perfect Social Manager!!

Facebook ,Twitter ,LinkedIn ,Blogger ,Pinterest ,Instagram ,You Tube & What not.. So many social media accounts, so many friends, followers …Hush hush…Checking every moment, switching between all these social networking sites..Well this is a daily part of most of us now, but along with day to day operations  demanding lot more time in Profession or at Home ,the update/check frequency dips many times ! How to keep track of followers on my Blog regularly, what are the analytics reflecting my gaining or declining popularity level? Who all connect with me the most? Our Brain cannot store there stats daily, hence here comes the requirement of this social media manager, the so called “ThoughtBuzz” !

So to start with, just link your social accounts & get panorama of features as:

    1. Get in touch with Real time trending of Instagram or YouTube or Twitter either globally or wrt any specific country or City.Isn’t that cool to find all trend on the same screen & can even be compared city by city & yes they ensure no relevant data is missed from our eyesight 😉download
    2. Hashtag’s have become an inseparable part of our lives ,whose tracking is very easy using this app. Along with this ,one can also do social media tracking like trending keywords ,which could be used to keep our social status updated. This can be very well used by bloggers to help them engross people across the world.
    3. An Impressive all –in –one inbox from various social sources to have a streamlined view of conversations .It’s easy todownload (1)
    4. Not just managing of a single Inbox ,it also empowers one to import active & highly interactive followers ,to maintain major information & prepare a database which can be of great use for business profiles or to interact with your active fan pages & deliver them what is actually required by them to ensure your (2)
    5. Various social media management tools as Customization of your feed of various social accounts in a single window, you can add /delete feeds, check out existing feeds, view the posted updates & even schedule the updates on all or specific accounts …That’s pretty interesting feature & even hassle free, also scheduling will keep your profile live & active even when sometimes you might not have time to engage in social (3)
    6. Wrong post updated…Nah…Now just prepare drafts, view & post the perfect one.. NO hassle of editing or deleting later on. Further view regular notifications reflecting actionable items for you to act upon quickly.
    7. Further, not analytical person in nature, unaware of tools required? But, interested in your social media analytics? Then this is the best platform ,which will summarize & share with you stats on comments ,tweets ,shares ,engagement of blog posts.Not just your stats ,you can also get to know the insights wrt main keywords played around ,comparison of any specific corporate brand or your brand with competitors ,volumes received ,major trend required to be on top.

      download (4)

      Guys do drop by their site & all social geeks & business seekers should once try out & understand the panoramic options available ..