Its time to say #DefinitelyPTE to get that University abroad!

I still remember when I was pursuing 12th standard and preparing for my Medical’s, there was an innate feel to move abroad and pursue higher studies in the some universities known for their amazing work in Human Biotechnology. My dad was always supportive for my decisions and hence I was prompted for 2-3 university examinations as well. Though, I was a bright convent educated, a topper student , with no hiccups when it came to “English” language. But then my mom and other family members didn’t want me, a girl, to study in a foreign country all alone.

So, my dreams had to be cut there and then. But along with me, there were 2 more friends aspiring and they had planned some English tests to get admission in foreign recognized universities. Definitely for them too, the challenges were huge as in, Visa applications and passport validities, getting the right university, detailing of the requisites that foreign universities ask for and more so. But, one of the biggest challenges I could see was “English”. They could barely pass the English language tests and this came out as their weakest point. Some 16-17years back, the English tests were not prevalent much, which could help aspiring students raise above these basic “hiccups” and chase their dreams. And even few were there, they entailed more challenges.

And now when I see my Nephew budding and planning for his future, while in Class X, we researched a lot for his bright future. Since English has to be the main focus, we landed up on PTE Academic, as  an English Test option. It intrigued us all the more, since it is widely accepted by a number of universities and countries (for studies and work both purposes)

Travelling abroad without confidence in English, prompts me for a quote aptly narrated by Nelson Mandela :

“Without English language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; One cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry or savour their songs”

Let’s get to know as to Why PTE Academics is the shining light for aspiring students :

It is the world’s leading , Online computer based, English test for students aspiring to study abroad or for even those who are planning immigration. It seems to be a must for students wherein English, as a language skill, holds a great importance. PTE academics rather helps one achieve the goals in a structured and efficient way.

Benefits of PTE Academics :

  •  Quick : One can schedule it 24 hours in advance and can be completed in 3 hour session.
  • With over 200 Test centres ( few shared For reference below) all across the world, one can appear any day (360 days option available) basis your convenience.

  • Results are usually out in close to 5 Business days, Isn’t that quick to know of your performance levels?
  • Forget any biasness, as its all computerized and doesn’t judges you as a person. You’re judged basis your answered on the English test you appeared for!
  • A test usually gains more significance basis its acceptance.  And as they say PTE academics is –

“Accepted for study applications by thousands of institutions worldwide, as in 100% of Australian, New Zealand, and Irish universities.  96% of UK universities.  A growing number of universities in the USA and Canada. Universities in Europe and Asia delivering courses in English. It is also approved by the Australian and New Zealand Governments for all student visa and migration applications!

Doesn’t that sounds like a “viral academics” by Pearson, accepted almost everywhere we target for? I definitely feel so #DefinitelyPTE.

  • Their questions are based on 3 parts : Speaking & Writing , Reading , Listening (like summarizing the spoken test, MCQ’s and so on, refer the table below)

  • PTE academics have Free Preparation Material as free test taker handbook, which is available in 7 languages, online tutorial with FAQ’s about the test.
  • They also have preparation Books and practise tests, to help students know if they are ready for PTE Academic. You can choose your PTE preparation course here basis your requisites or refer the table below:

PTE academics scoring :

PTE Academic is scored against the Global Scale of English, a granular scale from 10-90. And this includes the overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores of the student opting for the test.

  • Overall Score : It shows the student’s overall English language ability and this is ascertained basis the performance throughout the test.
  • Communicative skills : These are based on parameters as listening, reading, speaking and writing. All these are assessed from the test questions.
  • Enabling skills : Like grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and eve these are based on test questions.

So you can now feel, that the test is build in such a manner, that it acclaims your efficiency levels in all the different levels of English and helps you to know your true stance.

I’m sure, that was a pretty comprehensive read to enable you to get a gist of how PTE academic is really an important tool, if you wish to land yourself in foreign land for studies or incase you are immigrating. Incase you have more queries do visit “PTE academic” or bombard with questions in the comment box. Watch this video to know more :

I would say Yes to #DefinitelyPTE, to help my nephew fulfil his dreams, what about you?

Happy Reading!