Selling..Made simpler by Quikr !

E-Commerce in India has grown exponentially & so has the service providers be it from Flipkart to lenskart to Quikr , with respect to their positioning, engagement, consumer preferences.

Similar is with Quikr, one of the largest, online classified platform, who in recent times has introduced some good features to make the whole process of buying & selling all the more easy & convenient & yes ,it has worked hard on making it a success.

One such new feature introduced from their end is “Quikr Nxt”, a superb “Chat platform”, which allows the prospective buyer & seller to discuss their interests & details using the mobile app or on website, without making any calls ,Isn’t that interesting?

I’ll let you know why is it important for me ,the major negative factor for people like me ,specially girls & females is when few unwanted calls would land up, just for mock, without any serious business interests ,when we used to post the ad along with mobile no. Since buying & selling platforms have grown manifolds, sharing the mail ID/Phone no. ,had become all the more difficult ,as with 90 genuine calls ,10 calls in pipeline definitely irritate you & act as a demotivating factor.

This factor has been completely ruled out now by the launch of Quikr Nxt ,as one can list their ad ,keeping the mobile no. or mail ID private . Hence, your listing would be there, but without sharing your personal details & you can be available via chat to the prospective buyers.

Further, convenience matters! Initially ,you had to pick up the calls always the with point of missing out the buyer whether you are driving /attending a feast /in grooming session or Office meeting ,but most of the time the calls landed unanswered due to any of these reasons. Not just the calls at that time might distract you, but you could also lose a good buyer, with opportunity loss of not being available at certain times. Chat on Quikr Nxt definitely poses a convenience ,to discuss at a favorable time ,to not just chat but also click the pics of the utility to be sold off in all possible ways immediately , as desired by the buyer in case one needs to be sure of the product being bought. Also, with it, there is no need to maintain the database (as details of prospective buyer, prices quoted, and any specific desire by the party) ,as chat history can be retrieved any moment.

Some 6 months back I’ve learnt car driving& was using my dad’s old Maruti 800 for hands on, before I pounce on my new one. And, it’s the time, I’m about to upgrade to my new Hyundai I20 & intend to sell my old Maruti 800 on Quikr only.

It is very interesting & simple with Quikr , following simple 3 steps mentioned below .

  1. Copy the URL & click on “Post Free Ad”
  2. Select the Category & Sub category : Cars
  3. Fill up the Car details, seller information & do tick the check box “maintain my privacy”, as that will enable buyers to contact you by Quikr Chat & then post the advertisement.


So here goes your posting .Isn’t it easy ?Enjoy hassle free times ahead ,as you are bound to receive multiple queries & you can respond & chat using Quikr Nxt. Forget answering calls ,as this feature has definitely made life simpler for both the parties. Once you figure out the buyer, mobile numbers can then be exchanged for closing the deal.

I’ve tried Quikr Nxt recently & found it very impressive, ready-to go utility. Really feeling proud of this scaled up service from Quikr.

Although, this blog has been written for Quikr in association with Indiblogger, but to be very true, I have used this service before & encourage this feature over the phone .All the things remain same, same big platform with ample ads ,superb listings ,quick sell off anytime ,but just with added security & convenience.

So the saying goes unbiased.NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR (by Quikr) .Check out more details at


Tipi Tipi Topp!!

Motherhood ,is definitely a lovely phase of one’s life ,a phase involving ample joys ,cheers ,tears of happiness as well as pain, immense hard-work to nurture a kid ,but the end result of all these emotions ,of this hardwork is the smiling baby ,which gives ample pleasure & satisfaction in our life!

Bedtime or Night time has been the most struggling phase in this journey especially for little kids. I have a kid 7 months old ,& I was a consistent player of the question – Does he sleeps well at the night? Does he cribs throughout? With all these questions overflowing from many near & dear ones ,It felt in the beginning that the basic attitude of a kid was determined by the temperament during the nights .But my study spoke of something else. Nights are the duration of the kids highest uneasy times ,the time where the kid needs warmth of a mother ,a cuddled up sleep ,lots of love & above all a fixed ritual to be followed to give a good night sleep to the baby.

As the time passed from the birth to some two months ,wherein setting up a routine was too difficult ,but gradually this herculean task seemed to be sorted out. A per-defined routine has been set across to be followed daily for my kid ,which has ensured the warmth & a good sleep with fresh smiling mornings:)

This bed-time routine starts from 9pm ,wherein we ensure that he gets tired enough ,but this is accompanied with lots & lots of laughter ,as my kid enjoys playing with us ..NO ..not those simple games ,but those high rises in the open sky ,all forms of jhula’s which are enjoyed by us parents as well as the kid .Some 20-30 min of these highly active play makes Johnny tired:)

The play is then followed by a tight massage with light oil during nights ,which my kid enjoys a lot! Followed by little exercise which tends to provide flexibility to their bodies .So,this is an act of enjoyment as well as a path towards healthy body!

Massage of 15 -20 massage is then followed by a tight diet ,so that the kid doesn’t feels the hunger pains & have a tight sleep for 3-4 hours at a stretch. Massage & feeding I feel are very personal & intimate moment in mother -child relation which involves lots of pampering ,love ,as along with the main activity continues my babies lullaby time as well. He loves looking at my face & hearing out new lullabies ,some self -formed ,some pre learned during the massage & his feeding time .Cuddling him up affirms & creates an assurance & bonding of love among us.

This activity is then followed by “DRYness” in my kids night by tying “Pampers Dry pants or Active Baby To be very true ,diapering is an important part in baby as well as Mother’s life ,Right Diaper ensure a kids rash-free health as well as happiness for baby. Many diapers prevent dryness outside or starts leakage once full ,but does not indicate timely to the parent & even discomforts the kid. Pampers Pants & active baby on the other hand do indicate wetness inside which can be relied upon for changing the diaper. Also ,in my case one Pamper active baby or Pant =1 Dry night ,This has actually resulted in my smiling baby in the mornings 🙂

So for me , pamper = Comfortable nights & happy mornings!

{Although this blog has been written for pamper in association of Indiblogger ,but my blog is not biased  ,my actual experience & moments have been penned down for this blog. }

Check out the link & try out Pamper pants even for sample –

Do check out the video ,to bring a smile on your faces:)

The Lost Journey…Enchanting passions

A dream doesn’t becomes reality through magic ,it takes sweat ,determination & hardwork !! Colin Powell

Dreams ,Hopes ,aspirations ,wishes, vision ,all play an important role not just in our lives but also act as the biggest mentor to achieve & accomplish these dreams. Who haven’t thought of getting on road on Rolls Royce or going to Mars ,well many of us would have wished to but yes we all live in a world which is full of constraints ,which is full of ambiguity towards life .

Every step marched ahead needs to be carefully looked into with the responsibility of someone dependent on you, with the accountability of your deeds towards your family. Sometimes ,a dream gets vanished for the sake of happiness of family ,sometimes it gets loaded with so many other aspirations that the road for its completion is almost lost ,or sometimes it just sits awaiting for the right moment (which might last from few days to few years).

Whatever might be the reasons ,in this hustle bustle of our lives ,with the cultural values we have been pinned into ,many a time dreams entangle itself & remain in our dreams only . It takes guts ,challenge , a bold spirit to deviate from the destined path & let your dreams come true ,after all we have the freedom to see ,nourish & cherish those lively dream of ours:)

Same is the story of me ,an Indian girl ,a girl brought up in a modern family ,very naughty, jovial ,lively ,full of happiness, but lost somewhere in the path of success ,a path to become pride of her parents ,a path to fulfil their dreams & to make them happy ,& yes she succeeded in this resolution. My excel & numerous Gold medals in higher studies brought accolades to them ,they were being congratulated upon every step I took forward & excelled. But, amongst this tiff of my heart & mind, I almost lost everything, every small dream I had ,be it from plucking my favorite daisies ,to roam around every week & explore new places ,to visit the world some day ,laugh with the nomads ,fight against anti -female protagonists ,to enlighten the world with a single word “Humanity” !

Well ,all these seemed a beautiful lane passed through ,as I entered into the world full of responsibilities ,a new world ,a new family post marriage. But ,my little world ,my husband ensured that I live every dream of mine ,with the same ecstasy ,same naiveness which I had before & slowly I began my journey to enlighten myself. Definitely ,all of my dreams ,some weird ,some vague to start up ,have not been given a momentum to ,but yes my journey to fulfill my lost ambition has definitely begun!

This topic of “Befikar Umar bhar”,actually rolled out my thoughts in a reel ,trying to again see my weirdest of the dreams to come true ,if I were actually “befikar” ,If I had just me in my life (& no-one dependent or with no responsibility towards others) ,so here goes my 5 cravings from my life :

1. A journey to Space -Since kid ,I was so curious to explore the kids ,staring into the dark night ,with those starry affairs ,thinking of the Milky way , plotting out planets(Mars ,Jupiter,venus) & stars ,constellations ,Big dipper & so many other things. This galaxy has always fascinated me & till date,I dream of foraying into space someday .Dunno the probability of returning back or the state of affairs there but still this is the biggest dream I want to nourish

2. Swim & Cross English Channel :One of the most iconic Open water Swim ,but currently one of the most challenging swim ,with the water temperatures varying between 15-18 degrees ,harsh air temperatures, when you get to know that it is more warm in water than outside,when you know that even 3-min of feed per hour can make you a target of those immense tides against youJ But yes ,some day ,I’m bound to cross it braving the adverse factors.

3.Marathon on North Pole : Well sounding too shivery ,but yes I would love to conquer the world with this coldest Marathon ,amongst that Icy world ,too close with those beautiful creatures on the snow:)

4.Own a part of Bora Bora island in my name – Well that’s where I need ample of Pocket money;) ,Let my networth increase & allow me some funding ,I’m gonna do it even when I’m 80;)

5.Finally to be an Entrepreneur ,registering my company “Adventure Locks & Flocks” ,a company to cater to all Adventures of life ,ranging from the simpler ones to the most weird ones .

Although I need to mention my five befikar dreams but my list goes long ,as I see a new dream every day ..I love dreams ,to be in dreams ,to think of making them a success & agreeing to the Quote “ The future belongs to them ,who believe in the beauty of their Dreams .. Eleanor Roosevelt”

Insurance is one such product which helps one re-live the dreams ,hence this blog has been written for IDBI federal Life Insurance Co. in association with indiblogger .

Check out the link & video embedded to have a “ Befikar Life”

Startling Cupid :: ASUS Zenfone

India has seen an exponential rise in the shipments & sale of Smart phones QoQ from past three years ,while from past two years ,it seems everyone is ringing on the bells with the launch of new smart phones with little changes in the specs wrt Screen size or Core or Camera pixels creating a furor in the price segments.

Amongst all this ,ASUS came as a strong brand with a very segmented & systematic marketing approach with its series of “Zenfone” to capture the Indian hearts. Indeed ,the launch & the success story of Zenfone in this cut-throat competitive Smart phone segment will definitely steal your heart out . A series  packed with most desired features in it & that too at the most competitive price band.

Love is unconditional & as a brand I’ve always loved the perseverance of ASUS & for me nothing else could have been more than a Zenfone being my most prized possession this Valentine( One who is Good Looking , Smart , Customised as per my needs , high on memory , fast in executing my wishes and orders , click perfect selfie’s of me :)! Well amongst the famous of Zen4,5,6 launched in India ,I’m personally in love with Zen 5 & 6 ,So let me be my own Valentine by presenting Zenfone 6 as my asset & flaunt it on this love day ,and let me tell you as why it is one of the great possession for a mid-sized pocketier like me:)

1. Love at first sight, a first look at the build quality is sure to make you fall in love with! Just love the metallic touch for sturdiness reflecting its amazing build. The boxy shape of the handset with the charcoal black colour made it a really prized handset in my hands.

2.Moving on the next feature, which you are bound to explore & play a real angel for these handsets are Intel Atom processor which makes them odd one out & a synonym with the “Speed”, ensuring easy switching on between the applications, gaming windows, making it easier for multitasking social women like me ,who needs FB,Twitter ,IB & many more all side by side without hanging & difficulty in switching the apps.I’m in love with the multiple features it poses on basic Android base ,Intelligent features as :

a)What’s Next, An app ,reminding you with important stuffs along with its suggestions are pretty eye catchers. Well ,not just reminding you with the important Birthday’s ,it’ll also remind you of the celebration you need to plan for:)

b)Just Checked IB & Boss called? Those heavy office work might just annoy me forget my Happy hours. No ,ASUS ensured they won’t with its feature of managing & adding various such tasks which you might forget to ,to the “Do it later” feature ,which will list all such features on my “to work upon list”.

c)The more well off feature of with ASUS Web Storage : An Open cloud Technology ,eliminating the requirement to download ,store & heavily pressurize your phone memory ,is the one which has integrated Google Drive ,Drop box ,Microsoft one drive into ASUS App .This will help one ,by directly using this app for streaming pics ,songs ,instead of saving them on the phone memory & blocking the space.

4.Don’t you a Selfie ridden persona? Well ,yes I’am:) & ASUS has worked upon its Camera ,with its self developed “Pixel master technology” to be proud of ,which has actually improved the picture quality & given a panorama of interesting features. This Camera opts some 18 modes as Night ,Panorma ,Selfie, multiple shots & many more to give you a boost & have a perfect selfie or Lovefie time:)

5.Zen Link & Omlet Chat too are very easy to go with ,while Zen link enabling you to Share link of your pics ,contact ,or any other stuff on your partner or friend’s handset easily ,or it even allows to send to group of buddies hanging together to share . It also has features of Remote control, to take your desktop on remote for few important things when you wish to.

I can definitely say that ASUS has really worked hard & intelligently for bringing around the features in their handsets & are mastering the hearts of Indians in a huge manner & for me nothing else could have been better than this as a Valentine Day gift.

Guys ,check out my valentine Zenfone series from ASUS, with their detailed specs to obtain a reason to buy it out on Flipkart :

Do watch out the video :

This blog has been written for Indiblogger in association with ASUS.

Cupid…Love…Electrifying tenderness!!

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” William Shakespeare

Love knows no boundaries; Love knows no limits.. For me ,Love is the synonym of limitless craziness!!

Well! The fragrance of Love, Valentine, Crush, Romance ,Rosy feeling, Happiness smells so soothing. Wow! This defines a fantasy world in everyone’s life which is sure to sparkle our eyes & create a sense of ecstasy & sensational merriment in our lives.

                                       Here goes the Cupid Play..


Hey gal, how long you gonna just keep those beautiful tender feelings within you..I don’t like bondages..Set me free..Express me out ..Don’t be too late..

   Ah Dear Cupid! I agree, my heart is thumping heavily ,my hormones are gushing ,My eyes are sparkling ,My lips are smiling ,My mind is strolling in the lanes of memoirs, Cupid ,I’m deeply in love…You are such a breathtaking emotion ,so pure ,so live ,you are a bliss ..

Oh yes ,I’am ,I elate your life ,but render the feelings to better half ,What are you waiting for?

  Nothing my angel..Let my proposal have a base of craziness, Flavor of madness, essence of amusement, with the topping of overflowing extra cheesy Love..I’m in search of such proposal to ensure it as the most prized moment of our lives!

Come !Let me go Wild! Let me show you the path of wildness …the path of Electrifying Love!!

electrfying love

So, the word Love entered in my life some years ago,a slow migration from tuition mates to friendship to love. It all started with great sense of admiration wrt studies, solving those mind boggling Physics questionnaires & those Organic chemistry equations .Very slowly these equations started weaving in my life , me considering “My to be love” as a “Fire Brigadier” to all dilemma’s of my life be it Personal & professional ,counting on him for all small mature suggestions in every sphere of my life .Living in different cities never played an evil sport & the cupid started playing the “clever game” ,the more we played ,the closer we got.

Some 2 years passed by posing the relation as of friend but somewhere at the bottom,special feelings had started crawling ,finding moments by hook or crook, to spend some precious time together ,laughing on silly jokes , rejoicing counter choices ,huge impressive shopping sprees .But ,the brick had to crack one day ,those feelings highly nurtured had to be spoken of one day. Cupid is playing games on both sides ..yes ,it seems love is flourishing ,& both of us are just waiting for a perfect moment to relay those precious ,valuable emotions to one another .

The creative mind began its work …sitting on knees to propose the guy ? Create a podcast proposal & upload in the mobile? Prepare a hamper of goodies with a sticky note of “I love U” in it? Call up for a Romantic dinner & propose by note in champagne bottle?? No, No ,No ,none of these struck my chords with the same zeal which I felt inside on having his first look. Something wackier, more crazy had to be worked upon!
Hey Cupid..Let’s have a KINGLY Proposal… in the mid of Jungle with those majestic lions? Guess that would be a thought of immense wilderness & no corner of mind can ever struggle to forget!

crazy love

So this would be a definitive part of my sojourn in our planned “Friends group trip” at the very much Beach City, The exotic Mauritius, Ile Maurice”:)

Boarding the flight, enjoying with some 10 friends,we landed to have a splendid retreat on the Mother of beaches & my bombshell day with stupendous planning woke up;)

The morning would witness something very different, the rays of sun amidst those clouds, will bring in a Red rose & a card stating “Thanks for being in my life” !! That’s definitely gonna create a buzz & expectation of more surprises 🙂

I did steal his Digi camera & headed straight to his favorite spot “Majestic Beach besides the blue green waters” carrying the posters of words as “ Do you Love me? Will you be the special angel of my life” ,A video of them holding each one of the poster in different pose with just my hand & those posters to be filmed by my friend saved in his Camera ..So that would have amuse him all the more…God, would love to capture his expressions, No..It has to be a surprise ,I’ll not be close to him:)


Our Initials:)


Then comes my entry for the KINGLY Proposal ,a twin ticket , booked just for us two (under the perception that none of the other friends can accompany with the fear of Wild), at the “Casella Nature Park “ ,to have a 45 minutes’ walk with the Lions & my ultimate proposal to him!

Well ,the Idea itself enthralled me but the entry in the park questioned my instincts & panic struck me when we were asked to sign up the undertaking form (of our lives) ,with lean sticks as the lone saviors. Literally shock waves traversed throughout my body. Here came,2 guides , to pass upon the directives (Don’t look directly into Lion’s eyes ,Don’t tease or shout ,or make sudden noises). God all these verdicts seemed to be passing through my head, as the announcement came of 2 new Members coming out of the protected area to Join us & take us for a walk. 1-2-3 & here I saw two huge Lions coming out & marching straight towards us ,What a moment that was ,hearts beating in sync (more than 200 beats) ,body shivering & turning pale ,each trying to hide behind another, but at the same moment this fabulous scene made us fall in love with the Majestic beasts & in next 5 minutes ,I resumed my senses & CUPID became strong to ensure my Wildness comes true!


Fear cum crazy Love


Next 20 minutes passed, progressing in deep jungle ,our VVIP’s climbing the rocks ,playing in the field ,trying to get hold of the bait ,we walking besides them ,touching their manes ,gracious tails one by one ,but (as planned) to my mate’s utter surprise, he found that only one of the lion was ahead of him & the troop & he was at the last & could not see me besides him. As soon as he turned, he saw another lion just behind him & me behind the lion so the trail followed as …Complete troop..My soul mate..Another lion & then at the last Me,The bold me 🙂 ,Sitting on my knees ,holding a rose hidden in my pocket ,with eyes full of tears ,of love & fear together ,A fearful smile on my face ,a Hope of love & life in my heart ,& here came my voice trembling Out… I’m madly in LoVE with You sweet heart! Do you love me ? The moment was a bliss ,the lion in mid of us walked past through ,ahead & he could just not believe this impromptu declaration of my Love in the midst of this fearful walk .So for 2 minutes ,it was just both of us ,we ran in each other’s arms ,very silently , very peacefully hugged one another ,reciprocated our love & rest 10 minutes of the walk became simply majestic ,with my majestic better half & those majestic lions!

My Hands wanna you..

My feet wanna run to catch you..

My Mind wanna bind in your thoughts..

& My heart wanna pop out to say..I Love you!!

I may not be so close to you but I wanna get hugged in your memories, to feel you, to sense you, to smell you, to desperately love you!!

Indeed ,I was acknowledged for my act of gallantry ,for the act of LOVE among adventure ,for me ,his love was the best gift of GOD .

Hey Cupid ,you aimed in the centre ,Guess you would be the happiest …You made an electrifying debut Indeed!!


 “I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone” ,watch out the video embedded!