Aunty Reeta, Uncle SAM & their TV Plight!!

TV.. Remote..Fight..This has been the sequence in my life since I was a little Kid ,then was the time to have fights with Bro ,gradually me being constant ,opposite party kept changing from brother to mom & now to Husband (yes sometime’s Mother-in –law & Mum too when I visit them;)) . So just rejuvenating the past reminiscences, rather Grand fight memories , beginning this topic with few of the amazing ,all time favourite entertainment /drama series one should have in their busy schedule (How ?I’ll for sure share with you soon..)

Guys, don’t think that it’s me who is a pugilist, rather post you get hold of my all time favourite shows, you’ll be on my side to view them without a missJ

  1. Game of Thrones –A MissionJ

Majority of its viewers must be wondering like me why the show was not named as “Winter Is Coming “,as every character keeps chanting this phrase across season just the way Gabbar made ” KAB HA HOLI ?? ” famous.

GOT is based on Book series namely “A Song of Ice and Fire “written by George RR Martin and takes its name from the first book in the series. Story revolves in the fictional land of Westeros where a number of individuals and noble houses vie for control of the “Iron Throne” which rules over the realm. The series broadcasted on HBO has won 26 Emmy Awards and had completed 5 seasons till date. It has set path-breaking records in terms of viewership and has billions of active international Fans. Won’t you gonna check on it?

2. I shouldn’t be alive – Frenzied Thrill J

Yes, generally every married couple ask this question to themselves every second day wondering how they are still alive on this earth ;). Jokes Apart, this show is nowhere close to Husband – Wife tussle but re-enactments of stories in form of extraordinary tales of human survival against the savage elements, adverse climates and physical hazards. Broadcasted on Discovery Channel, this show is a dramatic version of how people in such adverse situations, fell into the hands of “Yam” & how their struggle got them back to life ,to lead the life they wished to . In simple words how common man turned into “Bear Grylls”;). I sincerely wish no one ever gets stuck in such situations but the series is definitely a must watch ,it’ll definitely thump your heart ,arouse your sensations & will urge you to join hands to see the ones enacting get out of the snag. It makes you learn the extreme of humans desire to survive and learn skills in such situations.

3. Big Boss – Eventual DRAMAJ

  • Love ,Hate ,Jealousy , Witty ,tricks ,hook or crook ,is all what you get to see on this entertainment show..Anything true will also seem false to us;) Yes, that’s how this Reality show is .With many stars volunteering to be in the Big Boss house without the basic necessities (Mobile ,TV, no venturing out of the house ,Work hard to earn food that too in a very limited edition & many more things),sometimes this show will make you laugh to its extremes & sometimes you’ll be running after to shut your TV ,that’s how it goesJ .With Salman Khan hosting this show on Colors ,it has attained consistently high viewership (except the last season)

    It is an Indian version of Big Brother first developed in Netherlands & it 8 seasons have already got rolled out, 9th season coming soon!

    4.Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma – Critical FunJ

    Crooky nooks, cranky smiles, hate for Brother-in-law, love for neighbours (wifey; -Jetha -Babita)),kid’s hungama ,this is an ultimate hilarious show getting featured on Sony Sab.

    It is bound to leave you in pangs, hold your stomach laughing & along with that every day there is an ultimate message for all of us to learn & act in our lives. Don’t expect something happening or of highly influential lifestyle from this show, but this show completely revolves around main 7 families living in “Gokuldham” Society, their daily struggles (enacted & presented in an ultimate fashion), the learning’s. On Air since 2008, this show has high TRP & is loved by millions of viewers.

    5.Tom & Jerry – The ULTIMATE FUN J

    “Dil toh Baccha Hai Ji” ,no matter my age ,I’am & will always be an enthusiast of “Tom & Jerry” ,just to re-live those early innocent days ,to overlook & put all chaos of daily life behind & see the Tom Cat –Jerry Mouse exquisite fights & comedic races;) An American animated series created in 1940’s ,but still can beat many such series created recently ,numerous spin offs have been made & aired on Television every year on one or the other channel. Just as husband can never catch is wife ;), same goes with Tom, always being after Jerry but never able to catch, due to the alertness, cleverness, shrewd & wily abilities (actually a perfect comparison of husband-wife). So, do kindle up your lives, enliven it up by must watching this amazing series.

Well ,there could be few more on my list as “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa ,Indian Idol (Junior) ,The Voice India ,all the more great reality shows ,but ..but…but a smart player to catch hold of all these.

From Fantasy to Reality to humour to life threatening adventure. Isn’t a complete serving on the plate? Don’t drop your jaws …Just grab these shows …Worried of the similar fights of TV & remote? So harmonious, so peaceful would’ve this life been with these amazing entertainments all around..But I guess most of you are worried just in the same manner our dear Aunty Reeta & her family is..Catch up the interesting read right hereJ

Is it a Kahani Ghar Ghar ki of an old Traditional Indian Family…? Every family with Uncle SAM, Aunty Reeta & their Kids, Bunty & Babli..Who are still living in the world of viewing their favourite serials on the TV channel’s at the specific times & they all end up creating a havoc daily..

Aunty Reeta, not to spare her “Sasural Simar ka & Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma” to Uncle SAM, who cannot resist cricket matches being a big buff & close watcher of mind-blowing political debates 😉

So, the curse begins daily as soon as the evening sets in, from remote grabbing to switching channels amidst advertisements, to finding reasons to send either of them out of the TV room..All hooks & crooks 😉 & to worsen up comes the entry of Bunty, who wants to glue to his favourite Cartoon channels, as a dossier recommended by Mom, post finishing homework timely 😉 LOL…Seems the house is on fire!! A big fire & none to pity poor TV, with a feel of urgent availability of multiple remotes of one TV!

Well, summarized is the case, to which all of us can easily connect to J

Laughing..Naughty..Smiling from the core of heart??? Remembering your many similar days too but getting anxious as well how to swoop my “Ready –Must –watch shows “list?

This chaos, daily blowing battle of TV & its remote has to come an end to, with an Intelligent consultant (Like me ;)). To let this debacle come to an end to, here goes my suggestion to Uncle SAM & Aunty Reeta & to all of you Gals & guys … It’s the TATA Sky Transfer..

Wo..Hoo.. Yahoo.. Got this? Calm down ,unwind yourself & view GOT sitting on the Roof top early morning gazing at the stunning sun rise on your tablet ,yes your very own tablet..You’re the master so just order TATA Sky transfer for recording & transferring of your startling shows to your laptop or Tablet or Mobile & you just need to sip coffee while viewing & leave rest all fighting 😉 Ha..ha ,no you need to share this mantra with all well wishers as well.. Remember, one good deed will pay you many more back!

Load lena ka nahi..Dena ka..let Tata sky transfer ,transfer the Recorded content (even HD),Stream on tablet or mobile (it works on Google Play or even iOS),View the recorded content anytime anywhere ,or transfer the shows to your Hard disc & view anytime you wish to..While travelling or waiting for train /flight/or during relaxed moments. Just carry your favourite shows in your hand & transform the world of Television..Courtsey..Tata Sky+ Transfer!

So quickly visit the page of Tata Sky transfer ,get amazed at the advertisement embedded Tata Sky Transfer ad on Youtube, get up & order the very next moment to handle Aunty Reeta’s family elegantly!

Check the Transferker’s Advertisement


Colour my life!

So this suits me, being a quick changer, an Art lover, an Optimistic mama – wife – Professional.

Same old house for more than 3 years? No rejuvenation? No variation? Same old Blue – white walls saying some old age stories? No radiance? Then, It’s a time for your house makeover. Let this not be a tedious one, but let’s make it sublime. Make it for your happier moments, come let’s join the band & initiate inspirational changes to get you happy!

To kick off, here I share my thoughts on my room to have a makeover, to reflect the brilliance in our lives.

To kick off, here I share my thoughts on my room to have a makeover, to reflect the brilliance with the help of Bedbathmore!

Vivacious Bed-Room:

Vivacious Bed-Room:

How awesome can it be, if the windows open to welcome those sparkling sunrays, and they match to the glorious walls, to bring in the ray of hopes. The mornings would be so fresh for me to have a great start of a new enchanting day of my life, a morning to refresh the past & look for new hopes being brought upon every day. An energetic morning to welcome my tasks to be performed with full vigour, that’s why my bedroom is a must to have an Amber or Magic Marigold ! Since these colours portray a sense of hope, an aroma of liveliness which I love to begin my day with. It also reflects positivity, I believe in. Welcome Happy mornings.

Rosy kitchen:

With a refreshing start, a serene, composed kitchen calls me up for next 1-1:30 hour, to ensure I’m all pleased to carry out tasks as breakfast and lunch with all the love & fragrance of Roses. So what if I try for “Old Country Rose” colour for my Kitchen? The look itself mesmerized me, the feel overflowed the fragrance of freshness amidst mix odours of fresh foods. So this kitchen hour is bound to fill my second slot of a day again with cologne & top up my yummilicious preparations with ample of Love & Sweetness.


Affable living Room:

This has to be envious, this has to have the vigour which I carry in me daily be it at work or Home, so let’s go for “Truffle Surprise” to ensure that drawing room is a bombshell to the “Gangs of Welcomers” & presents appeasing to me. Lit with creative lightings, sufficient to relax ,with a matching sofa covers & ample cushions, holding a glass of Coffee with a plate of Nacho’s is certainly gonna be a portrayal of “Devil’s Greed” for all!

Ensure light Interiors so that the look does not go gaudy. Focus on Comfort, soothing atmosphere for a relaxed evening for yourself also, after a hectic day at work.

I love to relax for at least 30 minutes post returning from work ,have a lovely session with my Kid ,so let there be the sweetness of coffee ,calmness of white sugar & radiance of life(Red) to give a perfect shade called Truffle surprise.

Comfy washroom :

Indeed, a desirous place, so let’s make it with “Rich Desire”, it has the most important place in our lives isn’t it? So shouldn’t it be vivacious along with a charm to unwind us 😉 So I would definitely go for Rich Desire with fresh fragrances of Lavender as a topping at the entrance. I need to ensure the exquisiteness & graciousness similar to my elegance, my feminine trait.

I guess my 30 minutes morning stay time is gonna increase now to have this cosy atmosphere 😉

Kid’s Room :

Oh Yes! A very important part in our lives , our Kids, our Jumping Jacks, our Messy creatures, their room has to have enablers to refresh, calm, soothe them along with a sense of spirituality, emotional intelligence. And all of this is backed by “Turquoise colour” . I’ll land up in tranquillity upon entering this wonderful lively room & expect the same for the little ones, to have the balance of passion & joy. Yes ,don’t forget there has to be some cartoon characters embedded.

So hurry up ,don’t get bogged down by the choices offered from brands, as choices are made to spoilt.  Have a look at the PAINT FINDER, chose the shades close to your thoughts, apply them online on the themes of houses & get that perfect match.

Now don’t you quote that “Matches(Marriages) are made in Heaven”, as perfect matches are even made by “Paint finder” tool not just with the standard ones, but even you have the flexibility to create your own themes, happily admire your “To be renovated” rooms .

Top 10 innovative digital companies in India!

The words –Social, Digital have started occupying a huge momentum in India in past 2-3 years & most of the businesses, established one’s or Start up’s are buzzing out  ,spending high on Digital Media to Get back on the right foot ,capture a high share in their sphere ,turn out to more segmented & focussed customer’s ,enhance the Brand growth & also to retain their Loyal customers.

With India going in a complete “tech-way”, Digital Media Marketing companies are on an all time high, competing along to provide the best solutions, at the cheapest rate, to garner & secure the database.

Few noteworthy Points for Start up’s or layman, as to why has there been a sudden boom in this segment? The Answer lies:

  1. Want an Enhanced Brand presence? Yes, ATL activities matter to ensure sighting of the Brand, to make sure that your products or services are easily accessible to your target audiences.
  2. Want an Enhanced Brand Loyalty? Yes, why will a customer stick to you when there is so much competition in every industry around? Here comes the role of Digital media companies, which create an impact via improved social media interactions, more significance in digital channels.
  3. Effective SEO & rankings? Yes, any brand would want to be highlighted in top searches in the search engines, which would again need, decent traffic, viewership, which would again with the help of these digital companies, will boost up your rankings & clicks.
  4. Cost efficient Manner? Yes, most of these agencies have very phenomenal packages for the type of campaigns you wish to choose.

Well, from Acquisition to Retention, if all solutions can be given by “Digitization” ,why would any business not opt for ..These are major reasons of the boom phase of Digital Media firms who are on a continuous innovative & exhaustive mode to provide a complete frame to their clients.

That’s the basic; let’s have a glimpse of few well known firms in this industry –

1.  Bcwebwise : Constantly ranked in India’s Top 10 Digital Agencies ,it has also been awarded for Excellence in customer experiences .With few noteworthy Client’s as Hero ,ITC,Microsoft,HUL ,sunsilk ,IPSA ,this firm provides robust platform for all Internet media solutions  ,media Planning ,Web development ,advertising ,Promotional campaigns & services ,SEM & many other services are offered. This agency is a must try to create an effective Brand presence.

In India, it is based in Mumbai

2.  Sapient Nitro: Compared to other agencies, Sapient Nitro has a rich platform with well defined solutions from Brand building to brand experience via digital, social,e-commerce ,retail   ,all modes at a go. It has the complete ecosystem to help brands create an impact in the eyes & lives of end user. Starting from Consumer understanding wrt Brand positioning ,SEM      ,Emerging media ,product planning ,Endorsements, Email marketing ,Cross selling & up selling ,OOH,Print media ,& creating experience across Web,Mobile,Print,Outdoor,Broadcast ,it    has all in its lap.

3.  Webchutney : One of the most promising firm of 2015 ,& with many heavy weight client’s as Airtel ,Marico,P&G,Microsoft ,Unilever & also few awards in its basket ,it has been dealing with brands to connect ,engage & continuously build relationships for better loyalty with the huge online customer segment. Engaged in Web designing, Advertising, social media campaigns, mobile marketing, again this is a must firm to be explored.

In India it has offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore as well.

4. IBM Digital: A big Brand in the world of digital media, which allows firms to create customized digital experiences in the most innovative manner to help in the highest engagement with customers, business partners across the world. As they quote “They maximize your digital experience platform deployments and drive rapid ROI and real business results, while minimizing risk and disruption” ,it certainly goes for a pragmatic approach to reach out to IBM Digital for a world class solution &with highly effective  Digital media engagement .

5. Wipro Digital: A digital transformation firm, believing in 4I’s –Insights, resulting in numerous Interactions, which result in ample Integrations & give birth to many Innovations to help transform the businesses. A heavy weight in technology as cognitive computing, cloud, smart devices, IoT, when combined with the strength of designing, strategy, Marketing, Engagement leads to the disruptive solutions in this digital world.

6. Accenture Digital: A mammoth to deal with, in terms of services around Customers, Channel, Market, & the Digital segment encompassing complete Interactive & analytical solutions .With a wide ecosystem, they ensure digital transformation of your business/brand.

7. TO THE NEW Digital: One of the best companies to work with, TO THE NEW Digital is a premium digital services company that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. They are a team of over 600 people which includes technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks who have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. TO THE NEW Digital is also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB .

Ranging from Web designing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Re-Marketing, Mobile apps, video creation, social media creative, influencer seeding, they have the right platform to provide end to end Online Digital & Social media management to create a unique Brand equity in the market. With an expertise into niche technologies, they bridge the gaps & support the essential rather critical applications for web ,mobile ,as mentioned above using technologies as Grails(Web app using Groovy Programming language helping to solve many developmental puzzles), AMC, AWS(Not just to manage & analyze data but also has library of data sets) and MEAN Development.

In India they have offices @Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai & few in other countries as well.

8. Interactive Avenues: A complete digital service firm catering to every digital aspect as Media, SEO ,Goole analytics ,ORM ,Creative ,complete bouquet to meet business goals. It is  a part of IPG Mediabrands family ,which invests some 36Bn $ in Global Digital media & having operations in 127 countries.

In India they have offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore & have prestigious clients as Tanishq ,AmEx,Intel  & many more.

9.BuzzValve : A content Marketing firm ,with clientele as Honda ,Unicef,Fortis ,J&J ,it could be the right choice for Mid-sized & Start up firms to design creative solutions ,digital experiences ,social/mobile apps,penetrate in social communities & many more great value added services offered .

In India, they have their base in Bangalore along with many others worldwide.

10. Pinstorm : One of the highly focussed firm ,with clientele as CCD ,ICICI Bank ,HSBC ,Yahoo ,it focuses on integrated digital marketing providing services like Campaigns ,Social Media Campaigns & their Marketing ,Search Marketing ,all to enhance the effectiveness of the campaigns & to improve the visibility ,directly related to enhanced acquisitions.

With offices located in many countries, they have their regional offices in India @ Bangalore ,Gurgaon & Mumbai as well.

This is not an exhaustive list ,lot many digital media firms are into news every day ,depending upon your Brand/Business requirement ,engaging with any of these agencies certainly helps one ahead of the competitors  .If still now ,you have not engaged ,quickly interact ,appoint & work & see the quick turnover & a niche that get created for a sustained healthy business. To establish you Brand name, catching hold of the actual potential customer, spreading word of mouth, enhancing traffic can all be done via Social & Digital media marketing. So be the “TO THE NEW Digital” & stand apart amongst the crowd.

Lost Essence …Paryushan!

Since ages ,since I was a Kid ,I saw “Paryushan” as a very important occasion in the life of “Jain Community” ,Being born in a Jain family ,who actually never adopted Jain methodology ,except my Mum ,who started believing deeply in last 10-12 years ,the concept triggered through me in adolescence.

The purity of this festival , significance is so very touchy ,pure ,authentic ,which demands & ensure that you vow not to throw envious attitude towards anyone ,(be it human or even animals) ,which makes you realize & asks one to bow heads towards past deeds wherein one might have hurt anyone ,be it small ,big ,younger or elder or even to animals. With such an important message, which makes our soul pure, guilt free & empowers us to follow “Humanity” in a direct sense, when I see the world today ,I put myself in dilemma &I’m unable to determine the fact behind it…

To me the above quoted message was the utmost memo which made me a deep believer of this festival, but in past 3-4 years, I definitely see the losing essence..But Why??

  • It has become a more fancy term ,people getting involved in fasting not just for a day but for 7 days as well ,during the whole course of the festival ,restricting themselves from the dietary part ,reading the “Jain grantha’s” ,doing Pratikaman’s but then what?? The very next day they sit & bitch about third person, about their cousins, about their daughter-in laws or vice versa…Their selfish interests arise immediately in every deed, their ego comes across everything & the next year they follow the same trend & ask for forgiveness from the same people?
  • People fast& call for huge programs, big lunches or dinners are organized to let people know that they have fasted & done “Tapasya” ..But I ask, is this called tapasya?? Jain religion or in fact any religion can never call for a pomp & show ,all preach for humanity & that too without any shows..Isn’t it said …”Karm kar..Fal ki iccha na kar…Dharm kar…But bina kisiko pata chale”..If the act you’ve done is getting announced just to ensure your popularity, how come it is an act of good deed…Yes people donate & shout of it but that’s wrong, Mum used to tell me that do good towards a person but don’t trigger the announcement.
  • Now ,its E-Greetings time ,in past 2 days I have received dozens of “Micchami dukadam greetings” ,even from people who have not been in contact for years ,is it of any relevance ?After looking at this, it again gives me the pain that people just follow things without having a deeper insight into it..

“It’s the meaning which one has to follow, a deed of envy or wrong towards anyone should not be repeated if we are so sorry of it..But there lies the discrepancy..We do such things every year, infact we hurt the people most close to us the max., we do harm stray animals, we even kill few organisms, but then why do we follow Paryushan? People say not to eat green veggies or underground foods during the course of 7 days, but why? Because of the rainy season there are ample little living organisms in these foods ,but that is not for 7 days ,that is for complete rainy season ,so why just bar in these 7 days? Further, looking at the purity & farming modes of this generation, should this be restricted to just one off season? I certainly deny…People leave cold drinks for these 7 days? Why, did God send some message or he wrote some grantha saying avoid these drinks during the “Paryushan’s”..How funny..It’s just human who made everything, every rule & now ask everyone to follow it without diving into the actual aesthetics of it..”

In the past 3-4 years I actually have seen so much of this false following mechanism, false preachers, that my thoughts have completely got vanished.. From a deep believer, I now don’t even wish to observe Paryushan .

It’s today that I realize my dad’s words ,There is just one religion—HUMANITY ,do good to all ,pray goodness for all ,have guts to say sorry just after you realize of your wrong deed (instead of waiting for Paryushan’s to end),& vow never to repeat that mistake again… That seems to be more practical, you need not go to temple & ask GOD to shower you with the ready list for every visit..Instead your good acts will automatically drive goodness in & towards you!

I might be sounding offensive ,but without being biased towards anyone ,these are just my thoughts ,after looking at the way this festival has moulded .There are many people ,who actually fall into the crux of it ,follow the deep meaning not just for few days but for years & these people are an inspiration to me..But I’m yet to find similar people around me.

Reader’s comments invited!!

Social Media Influencers..

Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Tapping potential followers, Social media..All this has become so interlinked & a part of our lives that we are regularly engrossed to keep ourselves at the top on all platforms ,to ensure that our followers are active & they get what they need on the plate, to identify the hot content ,major influencers & so much more.

With increase in the number of users, many such sites are cropping which poses a reason to know which ones are the best & how they can help us..

Here comes a brief description:

  1. Blogmint: Perfect for bloggers to have their values perceived & do the campaigns of their choice. Within a small tenure they have got many clients on board as AskMe .com, Honda, Coke, Airtel & many more which has created a broad scope for Bloggers of all categories..From tech to Travel, they have got ample of campaigns coming up. Well active on twitter as well, bloggers rankings are based on Alexa & is quite visible on their platform. Top Bloggers are displayed & the best part is you can decide upon your fees to write for a campaign/put a video as required & if selected & approved, you will get monetized accordingly.
  2. Klout :An App & also a site which uses Social Media analytics wrt FB,Google ,Instagram,LinkedIn,Twitter,Flicker,Blogger,Wordpress,You tube ,wiki data & provides the “klout Score” from the scale of 1-100 ,higher the ranking ,better is the a person/Brands Social Influence wrt to followers or content. Higher score definitely comes from the quality & not from the quantity, which directly means that any post should have decent responses & viewership to enhance these scores. Also, higher the Klout score more are the back links to the user’s site or blog. It is also said that it has more than 450Mn users.
  3. Kred: Kred again, a Social ranking tool which picks data from FB & Twitter & ranks individual on a scale of 1-1000 . An interesting thing, it also has a separate scoring on 1-10 scale on “Outreach level, which basically relates how much one engages, responds & spread the message, re-tweets. Further, scoring system & analytics involved in Kred’s ranking are much better & transparent enough. One can very easily understand & relate their scores going up or down wrt tweets, re tweets, FB comments, likes, responses which is must for Social media Professionals /Bloggers to ascertain. Kred scores are in the form of badges with 2 nos. , higher on the scale being Influencer & lower below it being outreach score.
  4. Traackr : Again a similar tool ,to discover the influencers ,connect with them ,& rank your site basis the outreach level ,measuring the actual impact of all engagements you have done & sharing their reports. Best part is even unaware of, one can easily use the tools of Traackr & identify the possible influencers & engage with them.
  5. BuzzSumo : The best part of BuzzSumo is that it shares the most shared or followed content & even shares the best influencers of a certain field. An example, if one wants to search something on solar energy & search on BuzzSumo, it will reflect the most shared content last day/week /month or even 6 months .

    One can even re order the search results basis the social network & filter the videos or articles or info graphics. Not just identification, one can also engage in an analysis of the most shared content & similarly incorporate in your own site, the best identified analysis, as visuals adding on to the increase in sharing or so on.

Exploration of rest of North GOA!! A great “Safar”

Part III

Here comes a complete “Grantha” on rest of North Goan Beaches explored the next day –

After a complete warm up session last day, this morning cool breeze welcomed us …Just gazing at the beautiful sky hovered over with long trees ,sitting besides the pool ,actually made me think of some poetic lines –

“O Mother ..mother earth ,

This nature seems to be so romantic..

This morning breeze seems to be so bliss..

Beneath the clouds playing peek-a-boo with golden sunrays

& The tiny droplets touching my face ..

The world seems so lost to me ,My life feels so worth to me ,

The tranquillity I feel is so amaze ,far away from the city gaze ..

The calmness within me astounds ..

& provokes to forget my past …Stand up & shout in your hands ,O mother earth”

Well !! Broken up by hearing my kids shout 😉 I ran to my room to again enjoy a” together time” & head for the yummy aloo –parantha’s waiting for us J

Full of vigour, we planned to go through our routes & explore some of the gentle beaches – Morjim ,Manderim ,Ashwem ,Arambol & Vagator for the day!

Here we started our bikes ,enjoying the route ,praying to God to somehow get a glimpse of the “Olive ridley sea turtles” as soon as we landed at the “Little Russia” of GOA (due to numerous immigrants ). Surprised to see many Russian sign boards but could relate when I came to knew of this “Little Russia”. Not only is it famous for Russian Trance parties ,but it is an important site for Olive ridley sea turtles,with the nesting sites as well for this endangered species.

Morjim beach is quite unique, the sand specifically is quite different (shiny blackish) ,fully absorbed with sea water… Numerous beautiful ,orange purple colored shells ,very clean beach ,& few locals there made me aware of the breeding seasons of sea turtles & their presence on the beach during Oct –Dec . (Even heard story of how this specie was not declared endangered some 20-25 years back & how locals used to see & even destroy the eggs laid by them)

Although facilities are limited ,less restaurant’s to provide good food ,this beach can be a stopover for close to an hour to just chill ,relax & keep the search button on for sea turtles (Oct –Dec) or have a party there ,but it is a must visit.

Moving ahead to Manderim , Clear blue sea water ,le’ss of crowd ,crystal clear white sand ,very large & clean have a beach walk!! Even the waves are not that high , so enjoy in water ,relax at the sea beds ,have some amazing food & drinks at few shacks available there. I did hear that many Health therapies are conducted here (of course during seasons) . This beach is just to sit , relax ,drink under the nature ,in front of beautiful clean sea & chill !!

The next stopover had to be Ashvem, which is actually connected to Manderim, but has an altogether different aura. For budget friendly people like us ,Ashvem has turned out to be a “Party Beach” (for people not preferring Baga/Calangute) .With plenty beach side huts & club houses ,it seems to be a perfect party place. South side of this beach is also a nesting site for sea turtles & security has been stepped up in the past to save this specie.

“La Plage” is a lovely place to have some French food amidst unwinding leisurely!!

From Ashvem ,we finally moved to cover up the last beach on that route –Arambol ,the route well trailing from mid of Arambol village with narrow lanes which led to the shores of this pretty beach. Being less commercialized compared to Baga & Calangute ,this beach is divided in 2 parts ,the southern stretch with ample sea beds to relax often termed as Harmal or Aramnbol & the Northern stretch generally known as “Kalacha Beach” , which can be accessed by 15-20 minutes of amazing & scintillating beach walk .As soon as we reached Arambol taking the path to kalacha ,we could spot many fisherman releasing entangled crabs ,fishes (lucky enough to catch glimpse of Hammer head also)to sell off to many eateries around serving Fresh sea food.(Also ,Fishing is the major occupation of this village)

As we kept on walking in the search of so called “Sweet water lake / lagoon”( A local at Morjim informed us to not to miss) ,this walk made us fall in love with GOA once again.. Lovely rocky formations along with sand ,covered by cliffs on both the side, & as we came near the rather secluded part ,spotting few stalls selling handicrafts & jewellery ,we were simply stunned to see the nature at its best there..It was such a lovely tiny beach & a fresh water lagoon perfect for swimming, which extends along the valley into the jungle. So unlike & uncommon was this tiny beach, far away from the crowdy places ,a juncture perfect for everyone. Even the cliffs surrounding are considered one of the best for paragliding & dolpinn watching as well. This beach is certainly not to be missed & to experience divinity of nature .

Cons : Not so equipped with professional hotels or restaurant ,so restrict your visit for 1-2 hours to simply relax & adore the place.

The first half of the day had been almost stunning exploring & we did deserve some break for Lunch & a tight sleep..

Pretty fresh, we planned to have spend few hours just on Vagator Beach ,very close to our accommodation but yet not touchedJ

So a very broad beach with many red cliffs & rocks ,Vagator is bifurcated into two two main beaches by a mid seaside headland wherein there are lots of stalls for drinks & snacks ,footwears & clothes . The top of this land gives a magnificent view of the rocky sea, surrounded by long palm trees & gazing at the waves splashing across the rocks. Sitting on the rocks ,keep your camera ready for few lovely sights being offered & then move down to the North Vagator .

With handful of people at 6pm, we could easily see fisherman packing their nets calling it a day…But with a broad base to walk & relax along, we were lucky enough to have a glimpse of a beautiful sunset . It was indeed a lazy evening with an hour of beach walk & pictures clicking ,we ensured that next &the last day we had to be there enjoying & playing amongst the waves .

Vagator houses few amazing dinning places ,the most famous one being ,Thalassa ,with authentic greek food (but it remains shut from June –Sep) ,but not just greek food ,this open air restaurant is famous for the sunset views along the beach. So ,we could just plan for another place – “Waters ,an amazing restaurant /club again with lovely sea side view conducting many parties. Enjoying the place, we had some Pizza’s & drinks .

Imp Point : The way to Waters from the main road is too dark with very few lights that too in a staggered manner ,one even has to cross grassland (it felt so) to reach the place ,so be cautious while driving .(Although sign boards make it simple).

Walking down the lanes back to the hotel ,this was a brilliant day ,heading towards the last day….

The Play of last day!!!

Saddened enough to think of this day being the last one ..Terrified to return back to that noisy crowded place…We vowed to enjoy it to the fullest …

Morning sunrays welcomed us to the pool ,with an hour of chatting & swimming with our besties to freshen up every move ,which was followed by quick breakfast as we had to head for Vagator !

Those 2-2:30 hours were full of fun ,thrill ..Well, what best could we have done with 2 little kids?? Guess…We got a bed-sheet ,disc ,ball ,all food items for kids along…spreaden the bed sheet ,made our kids sleep on the beach & looking at full safety on the beach ,we had a great play in the sea.. little inside.. more…more ..well 3/4th within the sea ,hand in hand ,playing ,running ,splashing waters on each other ,freaking ,shouting with joy ….It was absolutely stunning !! With no people around ,kids deep in sleep ,lovely weather (with no sun above) ,we enjoyed to the fullest .

Refreshing we returned back to our nest;) to play some beach volley ball ,disc ,till then few people had started approaching vagator . Little later with kids waking up ,it was a family affair ,to walk in the sea with kids ,make them touch water ,get them close to the nature..

Indeed it was such a thrilling end on so close & very less crowded beach.

Facts of Vagator:

  • Located in the North with apprx. 1hr travel from the Dabolim airport ,this beach is more occupied by Western Backpackers ,as it has ample places organizing trance parties .
  • In 2013, one of the most famous “Sunburn festival” shifted from Candolim to Vagator which made it more famous.
  • Many restaurant’s offering sumptuous food along with sea side view.

Returning from the Vagator at around 12pm ,saw us packing our bags & then leaving for a walk close to Anjuna Market to have”Coconut Water ,Bhutta’s” followed by Lunch .

Yes ,I was lucky enough to spot Cashew & Almond tress & just disclosing here..I did pluck few of them hanging from the tress out of curiosityJ

Returning back to Hotel ,it was time to bid adieu ,catch flight back to Delhi & face the “Honky Morning” ,far away from the pleasant ,calm & cozy mornings of past 5 days!!

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Goa –Part II :: Way to Sinq ,Candolim ,Calangute !!

Morning sunshine hidden in the clouds, Massive dark clouds sprawling over the skies, partially hidden with huge swaying palm trees …Sitting besides the calm waters ,I felt blessed with such a serene morning..So calm, so placid..Amazed at the tranquillity which filled me with an energetic auraJ

Yes ,trip with 2 infants had to somewhat different & this day made us travel all through from our Hotel to Mapusa (To visit Child Care) ,but that ride of approx. An hour was itself a kick ,to see dramatic change in the lifestyle from the outskirts of the very awe-inspiring ,calm Goa to somewhat hustle bustle of city life (@Mapusa) ,a similar story –Kids boarding buses from schools ,people shopping / running for their daily chores ,but still it was far away from the crowd ,noisy ,polluted cities i had encountered & was living in .People were so friendly ,so warm at every step ,which made us fall in love with GOA once again not just for its beauty but then for housing charming GoansJ

So ,post quick visit ,we turned from Mapusa to the most scintillating ,Sinquerim ,Candolim & Calangute Beaches ,all in one side.

The path leading to those beaches were incredible & weather playing a “big cupid” 😉 ,Lush green grasslands ,it felt so on one side & huge palms ,swaying with all windy forces on the other …Riding at a speed of close to 80kmph ,both hands swaying along & I couldn’t resist to sing “Khamoshiyaan..Ehsaas hai…” & my kid really enjoying (I think he too was amazed) ,giggling & excited enough for these terrific trails J

Singing & dancing & shouting we first hit @Sinquerim, to have an initial look from Fort Aguada (& feeling jealous from residents of Taj Village just overlooking beach & gigantic massive sea). Exclaiming, WOW!!! Simply amazed..Cool breeze blowing off my hair, hitting my face hard to have a look at the stunning mighty waves hitting across the rocks & splashing water all around. Indeed, it can be certainly claimed that SInq is one of the magnificent beaches in Goa (It does have International level facilities for Para sailing, Scuba Diving, Wind surfing …but none in our plate due to off seasonL,Don’t pity on us ,next “ON-Season” trip would be soon coming up;))

Walking along the beach following into Candolim was a “Showery affair” ,sudden rain hit us hard & made us run a Km to the only shelter(a Restraunt) available close by…Restraunt owner rejoicing looking at the boost of his Fish Curry sale;) ,But “short of words” to express the strong thunderstorm & the striking look of the sea in front… Gazing at the droplets running down on one side & brawny downpour hitting the sea..Simply amazed, this day made worth of all “Off season tag”. God’s grace, in next 30 minutes, weather had normalized & we re-instated our beach & sea walk, hand in hand.. Those shells, numerous star fishes, fluorescent crabs amidst the waves & a gracious sunset to explore..It was the best ever moment & memoir to remain for in our lives..We continued our walk even when the night fell in, but by 8pm, we then decided to leave for the hotel .But yes, a wish remained in my heart, to explore the starry night, counting on stars, locating Mars, constellations & explore the galaxy along the beachJ .

On the way we did drop in @Calangute, yes it gives a feel of a royal beach looking at the crowd ,ample of eateries (even in the way along),count of hotels few big ones & few small but with great artifacts, many showrooms..But the beach is not the best of all. Although it was an off season ,yet it had maximum crowd ,ample shacks close to one another .Beach was not clean, even absence of swaying palm trees made me feel that it actually isn’t “Queen of all beaches” . Truly speaking, we felt that Baga & Calangute have been more exaggerated, due to shacks & many other facilities around them, but the crowd, cleanliness do make these beaches on a downside in my list. But a plus point, many Dolphin trips & water activities are conducted here in the season head towards them ,get your adrenaline rush high with these activities & spend a pleasant & cool time @Sinq J & other beaches.