Get those braids with human hair

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Just after attaining Motherhood, there were numerous changes physically and mentally, which actually took a lot of time to get back on their normal pace. Indeed mood swings was one, but I had a severe hair fall and thinning postpartum and it took close to 2 years for me to stop that spree. But by then I had lost all the sheen and I started looking for alternative modes to enhance my personality quotient.

With so many functions, corporate get together’s, I desperately needed those beautiful braids, some free styles. And this landed me to something very close to natural – crochet braids with human hair for my bad hair days or even when I wanted to up my personality quotient.

The best part of the braids are that they don’t seek for much maintenance, they vary and give you the style you wish to. There are numerous styles that you can create , along with having some amazing colours to match your outfits. Be it for a special presentation in office with coffee coloured braids or some fun with my favourite pink during vacations or that blonde look for that bridesmaid party, Divatress, a leading ecommerce portal. offering amazing wigs, braids, hair care items, has great options and styles.

Divatress Crochet braids

They also have some unique braids to help you style for African braid, braid bun, criss-crossed cornrows and much more.

Crochet & Loop Braids :

Initially, I was not a braider, so crochet braids were a natural choice. Having numerous options from Wavy Faux Locs to Water Waves, they seems to be an instant hit. The skill one needs here is proper installation, so that no one can even know that you’re wearing braids. They are very close to your natural hair and hence you have the added advantage.

Many crochet braids are coming up with pre-looped holes to bring across numerous more styles for the end users like us.

Divatress Crochet braids

Conclusion :

To me, Divatress has been a great support to help me set in that unique look, well loved by everyone and helping me come close to the natural look. It has matched my personality and brought me more confidence . So, why not, try it for yourself once, Shop Divatress braiding hair collection!

5 Must do Car trips in a lifetime

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Everyone has hidden desire to ride. Few wish to ride car to the mountains, few to the beach and few want to test the limits on the plains and rest just want to drive without any destination enjoying the hidden landscapes.

5 amazing road trip every traveller must do across the world

So today, we bring to you the top 5 road trips which are a must on a traveller’s bucket list :


Located between the cities of Torquay and Allansford, their lies a 240 km of traverse, which includes rainforests, beaches and cliffs, waterfalls, grand canyons, wild life, marine sanctuaries & much more. This makes GOR a perfect spot full of delightful memories for Car travellers.


Keep checking your pulse, as you may skip heartbeat while traversing on this amazing highway. From the overcrowded capital of India to an untouched pristine canvas crafted by God in form of Leh, this trip is one you would wish to take repeatedly. Don’t forget to take your friends along. It is one of the world’s highest motorable roads. With those amazing landscapes, be it snow clan mountains or stretches of white cold dessert, be it flowing streams in the grasslands or witnessing the Himalayan Fauna, you’ll be spellbound with the beauty this places offers while riding.


Driving across the valley, this is a ride straight out of the heart. Some curves are worth dying for a lifetime. This 75 Km long stretch is a puzzle of turn and twist with breathtaking views waiting to be explored on every corner.


Whether you love Geysers or glaciers or glacial lagoons or Hollywood inspired Volcano, this 1300 Km highway has everything you need for a roller coaster ride on the road. This road trip is something, none in this world should miss, for it’s gonna be an adventure driven ride.


While South America is famous for its Tango and Salsa, a car drive across this pass may get you some boulders falling from mountains turning the SALSA mode ON during your ride. A railway track runs parallel to the road and steers right through mountain Andes. This mountain pass is at an elevation of 15807ft above the sea level. Since the surface of the road is asphalted, snow tyres or chain tyres are required nearly all through the year. Its more than spectacular, but do not drive this pass if you have any heart condition! Read more about  Does Snow Buildup Cool Car Performance ?

Let us know which one is your favourite pick or suggest one and we might end it adding to our bucket list as well.

Till then, keep the spirit of driving and exploring ON!

End of Black & White era

This idea sucks! It completely sucks! This society will not let me live in peace, so what it means an Old mansion for me. Life has struck 12’0..n there is a deep silence.. Neurons aren’t working, Mom’s extra “almonds” are paying off no results, it seems I am in Pre-Edison life, that dark life.

Health has begun taking a toll, BP is constantly on a rise, Migraine is a perfect companion not willing to take divorce, Doctors have become best friends & clinics my new “Pub”.

Suddenly, on the other side of the hi-chair, a lean freaky voice tried giving a sobbing advice.. Go take the pain, I’am the survivor of it! Forget “Life is a heaven for next few months, get you house renovated & painted”. Huh, but how to get rid of those seepages, who seem to give me the showers more than Cherrapunji?

And a dark silence broke..I had no solutions, deal was locked in the mind..I tried calling our yesteryear “Kisan Uncle”to take over the mansion for next few months.

I was willing to take an adventure break – right out there in an opposite park! People awarded the adventurous girl with a really “Tainted tented days”. Just some days on & my mansion had turned into dusty unhealthy jungle ..Wished I could measure the AQI then.

Kisan uncle had painted more of the furnitures & side bars rather than doing over the walls. It all seemed so tortured, it felt I had some magical spell ,a perfect black magic the day I took that decision. I shouted for a help this time from the core of my heart.


Society is so much willing to help people post disaster, so much empathy & advices poured in. “Ram has a wonderful hand…Meera kaki will clean up all the task…why don’t you go for self-making your room..blah blah” .

So this time, an intelligent women woke up, doing her research & taking some professional advice. Soon the ratings & reviews were gossiping a lot about “Berger Paints & their Berger XP service”.

  1. Faster, Cleaner, Better, with express painting service…magnifying lens made it clear, I read correctly..woof!
  2. World class painting experience .. No dust(credit-vacuum suction enabled sanding machines), dirt, paint spillage, wonderful finish !! Was it some God sent?
  3. Reduced man hours..High on automation, 40% faster than my very own “Kisan uncle”… God damn it, is it true? 
  4. Trained Painters sparkling up your home with NO ADDITIONAL COST ! Brows frowned , how could that be?

Scrolling..Interesting ..paint industry has innovated & evolved that much? Courtesy Berger Paints!

  • Sanding Machines: with regulated speeds , to have a  dust free painting.
  • Muti-purpose Mixer: No Hassles in mixing, Putty & texture mixing.
  • Auto-Roller: Adjustable, Auto paint pumping, amazing finish.
  • High pressure washer: Pressure & nozzle regulator, hi-speed pressure wash
  • Airless paint Sprayer: Quick & uniform application, supporting water based paint & primer
Long Pint roller

Automated Paint Roller

Sanding Machine

Sanding Machine

Too much tech? Scratching heads? Then go for one liner ” Aa gaya hai Painting ka T20- Express Painting. Painting now innovates into enjoyable experience..Forget 5 years , get living room painted now.. go for dinning room a month after, because painting homes has become hassle free & overloaded with fun , with the best of one tap service..

Just call/SMS/raise on their site, Berger executive will be on the way to hand over bag full of dozens of happiness , your home is the new adventure place.

B/W era ends, welcome colorful wold!


Thanks Berger Paints, for bringing most of the innovation to our homes. #BergerXp.

Its not just my story, read out their success stories and check the TVC

It was a great Indiblogger – Berger paint meet wherein Creativity met painting revolution and the sort of activities did make me understand as to why “Berger Paints” occupies the fore front when it comes to innovation & best in class services, keeping the Digitization alive in their field.

Some pics of the memorable event :

Working out lost passion!

Working out lost passion!


Re-ignited Team Work!

Re-ignited Team Work!

Amazing Bloggers!

Amazing Bloggers!