6 Reasons to visit Delhi

Well Mumbai to Delhi ,from one metro to another mostly seems like a biz task ,but let’s take a break & freak out in lovely Delhi (AAP ki Delhi) enjoying some of the best cuisines & wandering like a Delhite:) So let me be the virtual guide & help you guys plan a perfect trip .

  1. Spoilt for choices ,rewards embarks the beginning of journey ,book flight on Cleartrip.com according your convenience ,with close to 248 weekly flights from Mumbai to Delhi ,it has options for all ,morning goers as early as 6:25AM & for late night owls at even 9:30PM. Not just normal bookings ,I’m their regular user & have generated good discounts /cash backs on most of the trips (I believe this adds a bonus & marks the happy beginning )
  2. Spice up your Taste buds: Delhi is heaven for Foodies, the inherent fragrance of Spices make them desirable more than anything else. From amazing BIryani’s to chaat’s to some more than 20-30 variety of Parantha’s ,Kulcha’s ,Jalebi ,Kulfi’s & what not ,I can’t even mention the names. Every Old Delhi lane has something delicious to offer you .With numerous restraunts, one can get taste of all cuisines available in this world, name it & you get it somewhere in Delhi..Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Lebanese, Thai, Mexican & of course India J. Guess the planning has started!!
  3. Love ART & Architecture : The high “Qutub Minar”(dated as old as AD1192) ,some amazing artwork’s from Mughal Era – Jama Masjid ,Humayun’s Tomb ,Red Fort ,India Gate ,Lotus Temple ,Akshardhaam ,they all instil a sense of Indian History. Many ruins of monuments can be seen scattered across .Old Delhi itself seems to be a Must visit area” ,full of hustle bustle ,congested bazaars ,road side vendors selling some amazing gol gappas & Chaat ,along with highly bargained utilities. New Delhi, with parts of South Delhi seems to be in sync with modernization with sprawling hyped markets. “Delhi Haat” is a lovely place to go to ,with numerous art & crafts ,emporium stalls ,many days of the month bear some amazing festivals there which compliment to the wide variety of food from all states of India.
  4. Shopping & Women..Inseparable: Girls you got-a catchy deal!! Well, lot many options, from road side cheap shops of Lajpat, Sarojini ,Karol Bazaar to mediocre “GK M block” market to numerous Malls & brands. From clothing to jewellery …just name anything & you get there, all trendy & yes traditional too.
  5. Cafes & Coffee: Planning in “Dilli ki sardi” Just sip amazing coffees & get that winter out..Planning in summers/Rains ,Cold coffee makes you sizzle:)
  6. Events & fests: Every weekend usually there are events organized in Delhi, from Cultural to Handicrafts to Decors, to Kids fests to yummilicious food fests. There is always something on the plate ready to be served with varied choice.

I guess by now, the bags would’ve gone into “Packing mode” ,just visit Mumbai to Delhi flights right now ,get onto your deal & fly off!

Warm Delhi will welcome you & ensure you have a splendid exploration!


ST+ART -Part 2

Let’s continue the beautification drive 🙂 with the modern age revolution


Yes ,the Revolution ought to be painted:) Our future!!


Future can be in being an astronaut too. Isn’t it? see the depiction of moon & might be galaxy!!


Ferociousness on a hybrid of Bull cum tiger cum “Made in India symbol”. Well let’s not conclude ,just admire the art!


Some 1950’s women in thriller movie?? My perception ,what’s yours?


That’s a colourful handsome “Octopus” I guess in the sea..Is it?


Enjoy ,that’s the end completely upto your Imagination..Jharokha ,Elephant ,Pigeon in window,Chatri..Cool:) Perfect imagination !

ST+ART : Impressive


Guys ,had a visit to ST+ART show at Delhi last weekend & was simply amazed by the unique concept & some lovely art being displayed. Catch on the glimpse of it


So intricate ,amazing work on multiple containers to give it a single one piece look:)


Watch this face closely…made up of so many faces ,wanna see a single face ?


Here’s a close capture of one of the face ..such a depth it is narrating isn’t it guys? Worth accolades!


That’s so much of Indian -ness..Multiple ATLO’s up for Grab;)

Another image for INDIA !!!

Watch out more amazing pics in coming post. Hold onto your breath & enjoy appreciating artists spread across the world.



Perfect Smile

Well, everyone in this world wants their looks & smile to be the most beautiful & glamorous! But behind this smiling face, it is the glittering teeth that actually sparkle up your face.  Oral care is a major aspect which needs utmost attention once we start teething for the very first time & thereafter. It is generally said that healthy mouth is a reflection of healthy body & a good oral care can prevent many diseases.

Poor Oral health can lead to many problems specially swollen gums leading to tooth decay/Loss of tooth, Infected mouth is a passage for numerous bacterial infections which puts less immune people on high risk of various organ damages. It can also lead to intestinal problems as Indigestion, painful bowel, again leading to other organ failures. Mouth Ulcers have become so common, hence utmost care is a must & for that habits need to be inculcated in kids from the very beginning.

Myself being a mother of kid, Teething plays an important role & would get few points mentioned below as a part of daily routine for my kid –

  1. Before appearance of those little white teeth, once your kid starts semi solids, do clean his gums by baby toothbrush. Once ,teeth appear ,it must be a regular habit to brush twice a day ,once in morning & once before bed time (try avoiding any food post brushing has been done)
  2. Flossing can also be started when your kid turns 1.5 yrs or when more than 4 teeth appear ,flossing is helpful in removing plaques which is a must
  3. Try using fluorinated toothpaste as it prevents cavities
  4. Babies going to bed with a bottle of milk /juice in their mouth ,will lead to severe tooth decay ,as particles of formula/sugar remain in the mouth ,stick to teeth ,generate bacteria’s that result in decay. Even prolonged use of sipper/Pacifiers should be avoided.
  5. In case of any medication going on, keep a check if the same is sugary, as this can result in increased chances of decay, so increase in brushing & Flossing is a must.
  6. Diet also plays an important role ,as limit sugary/starchy foods/Chocolates intake as they produce acids which in turn lead to tooth decay .Increase intake of Fruits & foods rich in Vitamin A,C ,which keeps gums healthy.
  7. Regular dental checkup is a must to initiate any preventive action at the earliest.

    However hard we may try, there comes across many reasons as to why we struggle & lose battle towards our Gums & teeth & this is where we come in search of a dental clinic, of a well repute dentist, who has answers to all our queries.

    I would like to mention few of the best dental clinics in Delhi, with highly professional dentists in Delhi  :

    A) Apollo White Dental (Vertical of Apollo Hospitals) ,which has a concept of 7star Dental SPA & when combined with modern techniques ,superb expertise ,professional care .

    B) Max Dental Care – gaining its name in Cosmetic dentistry, with personalized & upgraded technology, one can find solutions to all problems.

    C) Dr. Sabherwal’s Dental & Orthodontic center – Running since 1993 in locations as Lajpat Nagar ,Noida , this is also a noted destination for people with tooth problems.

    D) Dr. Kathuria’s Dental clinicOne of the famous dental Implant specialist, this is also a clinic where one can visit with full assurance towards dental problems.

The list is not exhaustive and you can find many eminent dental clinics in Delhi .