Honey..That’s Yummy Honey!!

The key to be healthy life is Regular exercise + Nutritional Diet + Meditation +Happy Feeling.
Well, out of this, a lot more focus is on the diet part these days, with the problems of obesity highlighting frequently in the youngsters. Reasons, mainly Junk food, lack of outdoor activities, ignorance towards whole grain foods.

Since kids ,we have been brought up in a very open environment but when it came to eating part ,it was a very strict routine with all nutrients to be taken in one form or the other .Since then ,a balanced diet played a very important role in my life .

Few of the reasons citing importance of a Balanced diet :

1. Happy Mind & Soul : What we eat ,have a direct relation on the brain & its activity .Reason behind -foods release many enzymes ,few of which enhance the moods ,energizes it, while few do not add any value except increase in Fat content. Healthy food means better quality of re-fuel to the brain so, better the quality, more is the productivity.
2. Immune Development & Lesser Stress: Vitamins, Minerals, Fats, Proteins are all essential & certain quantity has to be taken daily to have a balanced body & metabolism. Also, some foods help relieving the stress as foods rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega-3 by releasing stress reducing hormones & giving a feeling of freshness.
3. Important for maintaining a better weight : increasing the intake of diets as whole grains ,fruits, sprouts ,light boiled vegetables help one maintain optimum weight ,as it reduces the intake of fried & low-nutrient eatables ,which just increase the Fat & Calorie intake while providing zero nutrition.
4. A healthy heart :Above mentioned foods as whole grains ,fibres ,fruits ,not only control body weight ,but also maintain an optimum Blood Pressure & reduce Cholesterol leading to healthy heart!

It’s very popular these days, with the absence of quality time, most of us instead of refraining to Fried /Junk food, are more into it. Hungry? Here we go to have a cheese burger & sip soda/cold drink .These heavy breads ,oily foods ,chaat corners are not just providing enough sensation to taste buds but these are the major reasons for an unhealthy heart & when the waist line starts to increase we consult with our friends & pounce on “Crash Diets”.
So what are crash diets & how do they “Put body in stress” rather than making it healthier?
Sudden aerobics, fasting or relying just on protein diet, or just a lemonade diet or some soupy diet, detoxification programs are a part of crash diets & they prove serious damage to our body.

It can lead to –
1. Improper Metabolism -restriction of regular calories result in lowering of the metabolism & turning of blood fats into body fats & this starts working against us. After a while when one switch to normal eating again, you bounce back & gain more weight because of the low calorie benchmark which was set earlier.
2. Loss of Good Fat: crash diets not only cut on bad fats but good high level fats as well, which might impair the proper metabolism, resulting in loss of essential fatty acids which are important for for wear & tear.
3. Increase in Insulin: Due to low calorie intake while on crash diets, there can be a dip in the blood sugar level, resulting in increase in the hunger. Increased hunger can lead to extra intake of carbohydrates if not fats, which trigger body insulin levels & again an increase in extra fat storage.
4. Impact on Heart: Crash diets have serious impact on heart if done very frequently by increasing the risk of dehydration, heart palpitations & sudden cardiac arrests along with damage to blood vessels.

So with that much of scientific knowledge, let’s turn back to healthy lifestyle & follow the diet our elders did..A glass of lemon juice or Lemon juice & honey in the morning ,Fruits & milk for breakfast ,healthy (not extra cooked) green vegetables for lunch ,curd ,whole grains ,all should be an important part of daily lives.

Honey, (Natural Dabur Honey) a great & natural ingredient with many properties should be a part of your system.
Check out various delicious recipes, Fitness tips, more details & importance of Honey or you could even take an expert advice at http://www.daburhoney.com/ ,Honey Diet.
Enjoy Healthy life!

Notorious little Gangsters


“Hey!U naughty spot..U gonna GO! Ha..ha ..ha…Old stories ,old days ,I’m not gonna go anywhere ,but I’ll just sit on your nose ,face & see this charming world to catch my next victim ! Oh , you better soon get hold of someone more beautiful than me ,release me please! Hey you girl ,are you mad? I was hungry, you fed me so much with my favourite food aka dust, oil& now you want me to go, very ridiculous!!

MOM…Help me ,I’m freaking with this not-so-petty little ACNE !GOD, save me ,help me get rid of this nauseatic feeling .Why baby ,Shopping for hours in this misty humid weather ,hanging around in whole lot of dust & enjoying famous Street oily junk food ,was an invitation ,why not face it ? Oh Mum ,It pains ,scars scares me,I get bouts of silly comments , I’m on the verge of getting called “Endangered Species”, I’ve learnt the lesson ,I’m definitely gonna find some intelligent way out to get rid of these bugs on my oily face .

Ha ha ha…See I’m favoured by all!! I’ve won the battle, me and my many friends are gonna conquer this sweet charming face of yours to play the golf around! My wickedness starts now;)

You wicked devil , pls don’t ..pls don’t play peek –a –boo ,leave me for God’s sake!”

 Well ,I guess ,these fiddly state of affairs ,primarily get the highest degree of attention & are being faced by most of us, we the “Oily Skinner’s” , the best friends of Acne,& this battle of words is a part of daily war without any affirmative sword!

These little Pimples or as I would love to call them “Cunning Balls” (who keep playing on the beautiful ground ) are eminent personalities & famous for immense nasty qualities destructing my lively life vis-

  • High level of Embarrassment in the society – Oh, You’ve got that pimple ; Babes you better be more hygienic ; Are you taking any treatment ?Did you rush to dermatologist? God!! Why the damn I need to answer these people for this havoc created in my life.
  • Attention seekers – Damn sure they make their presence when you gonna plan to put your best foot forward , weighty function or close friend’s marriage (Could be the cause of rejection of Crush;)) ;Last day of exam ( Don’t rejoice ,Now deal with this sticky examination)
  • Superb timings to show their presence – Immediate hiring – MBA’s to prepare database & populate the tragedy graphs pertaining to rejected proposals ,Offers due to these vicious creatures 😉
  • Devastated Confidence level – Ahh, it ensures the aura of inferiority complex & a sad ,gloomy face
  • Ample of Pain,  with dots of Blood -Terrible feeling, filthy on seeing Blood oozing out..yak!
  • Remains as reminiscent Scars – (Tum nahi bhula paaoge) ,How can we forget them ,when scars are their immediate successors ?

& where is my Selfie mode gone? Gone for the moment as they do ensure we are laughed at!!Ahh, I’m sure no one will deny this maliciousness in this world. But how the hell we wish to come out of them , ghastly feeling even after trying & GPS’ing numerous dermatologists ,spending some thousands ,ACNE’s are your permanent companion ,it’s just the frequency of their handshake goes from weekly to quarterly ,but yes ,they haven’t forgotten the “Special you” 😉

ACNO-pedia – Science & Reasons behind ACNE –

  •  In general ,it is basically an infection resulting from blocked pores resulting from (less you allow your skin to breathe ,the more dangerous it can be) accumulation of sebum from notorious sebaceous gland & followed by those amazing bacteria which grow on them & result in inflammation!
  • Nature as Breeder: The weather also plays a havoc in breeding these ACNE’s,High humidity ,allergens in the changing weather ,extreme low temperatures are perfect time for them to break out!
  • Intelligent Human as Breeder: Stress ,an important factor miss balancing hormonal regulation with anti effect on Immune system ,Those tongue relished delicious Junk food with high Glycemic index as high sugars or starch or carbs ,greasy food,play as ICING ON THE CAKE 😉
  • Thanks to the high pollution & CO2 , NO & other oxides level’s in our city air ,the quantum of dust & particulate matter ,which helps the pores to clog & in popping out those pesky balls,& we ,the feminine always eager to wear those heavy makeups ,not allowing the skin to breathe creating a perfect ground for the ZIT players;)

So the very much heard of Quote “Prevention is better than cure” goes out for these ZITS ,better follow some serious tips as-

  • Do keep your face clean ,wash it frequently
  • Moisturize with products that minimize dryness or have non-comedogenic label
  • Sparingly use those heavy make ups , Natural looks retain your beauty girls 🙂
  • Keep hair healthy with gentle shampoo & conditioner
  • Avoid high intake of carbs & junky food ,Do exercise & take ample fresh air
  • Chill out guys, the best remedy!!
  • And in case ,you have encountered those Zits ,better try some face masks involving Basil ,Aloe Vera ,Lemons ..

Do check out few engaging & curative remedies at https://www.rewardme.in/beauty/skin-care/article/fight-pesky-pimples-with-nature-s-power

Enjoy ,exercise ,sleep & relax , let others take stress for you;)

“Oh ,its irritating ,why am I burning? Who is there in this world who dare to put me ablaze ?AcneGOD , I’m Dying ,You girl ,what have you done ?I’ll not leave these curative masks ! Just wait & watch, I’ll come back one day, when I’m resistant to it “..Gone gone gone! Yippe, here come my blissful days, not days ,now I’m on the boat of years & years of happiness:)

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

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Natural Shine!!

Beauty, Flawless skin, presentable looks are a vital part of our lives now a days, be it winters or scorching summer heat or pouring of rains in rainy season.

To attain that perfect beauty & glow today’s youth run from pillar to post from getting facial surgeries done to uplift & have a glamorous skin & face. But, are they into correct mode to attain that? When we have so many traditional means, Ayurvedic means to give a radiant flawless skin? Even today “Grandma” tips if followed stringently can rule out those artificial surgeries & prove a better mode of shiny skin:) & yes an inexpensive mode too!

Beauty industry is a $300Bn empire & is rising every day ,every hour with increase in the average expenditure & simultaneously increase in people opting for the parlor routes for reasons as simple as Acne attack or Black heads or even simple massage or to have a glamorous look at the parties .This perfectly gives me a sense that world is shouting ..Hey guys, earn money, spend your precious time, hard-earned money & sometimes even risk your health for what?? Just to be sensuous & appealing enough?

So, here I suggest, be natural, go for natural tips & enjoy a life of luxury.For your sake, few Tips of “Grandma” worth working& which have been used since centuries have been mentioned below:

Tips for lustrous Skin:

  1. Aloe Vera – AloeVera ,also called plant of Immortality , is one of the best herbal remedy for Dry /burnt skin/ageing /tanning or for one having acne . It is well-known for its healing ,moisturizing properties ,this natural moisturizer when applied (gel of Aloe vera ,post removing the hard green part of the top) ,releases various essential vitamins ,enzymes ,supplies oxygen to the skin which in turns helps to increase the Skin elasticity ,strengthens the inner tissues ,maintains the PH balance as well of the skin.Further, it has enzymes as Auxin & gibberellinoxidants, Vitamin E to improve the tone of skin.
  2. Honey Face mask –Honey has anti-bacterial properties & just using the honey on face or by mixing it with raw milk/Banana +Lemon , keeping it for next 10-12 minutes , will cleanse your face & enhance its glow. Mind it ,all these tips have to be followed regularly to see a significant impact
  3. Raw Curd – Is a wonderful moisturizer for skin or scalp, mixing it with lemon can also help in curing dandruff.
  4. Natural Scrub : Coconut oil +Honey +sea salt +Lemon juice +little organic sugar when combined together ,massaged for 1-1.5minute & washed off ,are a perfect remedy for soft ,cleanse skin ,exfoliating the dead skin(sugar) ,softening the skin (honey & lemon) ,moisturizing the skin as well (coconut oil) . Isn’t it a quick & wonderful remedy, which can be used quite often, without any huge expenses?
  5. Black heads Removal – Put 6-7 drops of honey on lemon slice & rub it on your face for a minute or so, leave it for next 5-8 minutes & then wash off with cold water. Continuous use of this remedy will force black heads to leave your face & provide enough freshness in this summer.
  6. Almond Oil – A great lubricant, very light & nearly non –greasy, is apt for dry, chemically acted upon skin. Full of vitamin A,B ,E ,sweet almond oil not just cleanses the skin ,it also ease irritated skin ,provides body rashes ,delay the skin ageing ,improves face glow . It can also be added with honey to give instant glow.

There is a huge list of similar remedies(depending on SKIN type) ,but the most important is Be happy & healthy ,exercise regularly ,drink ample water & enough of liquids in summers ,lessen up oily & spicy food & focus of meditation. Along with these, when natural remedies are combined, they can give you the sensational feel of mind, body & soul as well. So why not leave go natural in these least expensive ways.

Even Ayurveda can be tested, with enhanced product ranges from Vicco using products as Turmeric, Sandal & many such natural ingredients which are bound to improve your skin quality.

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Check out the video –